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Ok…true confession time…

…and not just for me, but for YOU too.

So tell me…have you ever been all alone in your home and put on your favorite vocal CD; grabbed a wooden spoon, ketchup bottle, or a hair brush…and lip-synched to the words?

(and please don’t lie…because your nose will grow)

I started lip-synching as a kid, whenever my parents would go out; leaving me alone on a Saturday afternoon.

As soon as the car pulled out of the driveway, I would run into the living room and throw on my favorite LP of West Side Story and perform the entire show.

And I got so good at it, that I could actually lip-synch all the parts at once!

You haven’t LIVED until you’ve sung both Tony AND Maria in the song Tonight.

(It felt gloriously schizophrenic)

And sometimes I would even put on my mothers' wigs and clip-on earrings.

(but PLEASE don’t tell anyone that, ok?)

Anyway…I must confess…I did this a few nights ago, while listening to a CD that my younger brother had sent me for my birthday.

It was a compilation of Michael Buble songs.

(don’t you just LOVE Buble?)

Anyway…I was lying on the floor with my head propped up on several pillows and I had my head phones on, so I could listen to it real LOUD. My eyes were closed and suddenly my mouth started moving to the words.

And without even thinking I jumped up, ran into the bathroom; grabbed my hair bush and ran back into the living room, where I started lip-synching to the song Sway.

And not only did I lip-synch…but I started dancing.

As my left hand held the CD player and my right hand held the brush…my hips began to sway to the rhythmic calypso beat.

I suddenly turned to face the three wide-open windows…as the entire city of Philadelphia became my audience.

I swear to god…you’d think I was performing full-out for the finals of Star Search.

I felt possessed!

God… it was EUPHORIC!

And as the song came to a climatic crescendo…I belted out….

Like an ocean hugs the shore…hold me close, sway me more!!!!!!

And then…THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE and BRAVOS could be heard from within my own feeble brain.


It was a lip-synching night that I’ll never forget.

P.S. Oh, and by the way…I came in second place, because the judges took off two points for not wearing any pants.

However, I think they were just a little envious of my legs!


  1. Why stop at lip synching when you can just belt it out?

    <-- Guilty of singing in the car like a maniac.

    But pretending to be singing when you CAN sing--whywouldya? LOL

  2. Morning Ron..I imagine you are sleeping in after your wild stage appearance last night. :)

    Okay I confess. My sister and I did lip-sync while our Mother and step-father were gone. We were VERY bad because we dressed up in Mother's negliches (sp?), jewelry, and heels!
    Occasionally we took our show outside where we did the actual singing. It didn't matter that we lived in the country...we had our own stage. A high wooden bridge that ran over the creek was a perfect stage..our audience was the fish in the creek, farm animals, and surrounding forests (trees make an excellent audience).
    My sister can actually sing..I confess, I cannot. :O I was more into the dancing and costumes part of it! Somewhere I have a picture of me in a bell bottom jump suit..with huge flowers on it (remember flower power). My bestfriend and I created the matching jumpsuits to wear to a school dance.
    So even back then I was into the visual and the drama! hee, hee

    Ah..Monday morning memories with my Ron, my good friend. Thank you for a good laugh!

    Love Ya!

    Ps Hey, someday we might very well put on a show together never know we may end up in an assisted living place together. :) I can lip-sync, but if it is live you will have to do the singing. I'll be your back up dancer. I'll have to make a new bell bottom jumpsuit though, because I traded my original for my first micro-mini skirt!

  3. Hysterical Ron!!! I would have paid money to see that performance, pants or not!!
    Yes, I confess. But I don't lip sync, I sing for real. Mostly in the car, which is really embarrassing when I am at a stop light and I realize the person in the next car is watching me.
    And at home, I don't try to hide it. I just sing if I want to. I turn up the music and sing while I wash dishes. The kids sing with me.
    Speaking of West Side Story, which I love by the way, I have to cry everytime I watch that. Did you ever see the movie Anger Management with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler? Jack is Adam's anger management therapist and he makes him sing "I feel pretty" when he gets mad. It is hilarious!!!

  4. Oh!!! FFS, Ron!!!! Coffee just shot out of my nose all over the place. Thanks for starting Monday off with a HUGE, snorting, spurting laugh!

  5. I do it all the time!

    I was doing it in my kitchen this morning during the beginnings of my thanksgiving cooking frenzy!

    Of course, I do it to spanish songs... maybe someday I'll figure out what I'm lip-synching.

    Oh.. I'd give you EXTRA points for not having any pants on. Unless you were wearing black dress socks with those weird suspenders... that's just wrong.

  6. LOL I think I've seen the man without pants singing into a hairbrush in Philly before. You've been making the rounds, haven't you?? Rittenhouse park last week, weren't ya?? LOL

    OH Ron how fun that must have been, just letting go like that. Enjoying the music and having such great fun. I know exactly what you mean. I would never do karaoke or anything where I knew someone was watching or listening.... but in my car!!! YES! I'm totally singing along.
    If I'm listening to tunes at the computer and a really good one comes on I get up and boogie for a bit. It's such a high! A couple of years ago, while on a diet, one form of exercise I used to do was dancing but it was only after everyone had gone to bed. I'd put my headphones on and totally pretend I was either at a party with my friends and I was the best dancer, or I was the winner of a dance contest and everyone was oooing and ahhing at how great I was. LOL Now turn the lights on and I'd have been horrified having someone see me flailing around like that. But I was queen of the disco many nights in my dark living room and my fans/friends adored me. ;)

    I wasn't really familiar with Buble, but I checked out your link and listened for a bit. He's very talented, I can see why you enjoy his music.

    Have a great week!!

  7. Morning Mel!

    OMG....I use to do the SAME THING in my car when I drove!!!!

    And it's GREAT, because you can BELT out any tune...and no one can really hear you...

    ...especially when the windows are closed!!!

    Oh no...I DO actually sing.

    (at WORK!!!)

    AND dance!!!

    But lip-synching is a whole other thing....'s for those special moments when I want to pretend to have someone elses voice, but be ME at the same time!?!?!?


    Thanks for stopping by this morning, Mel!

    And I hope you had a FABULOUS perfomance in your car on the way to work today!!!


  8. Good afternoon Dear Gypsy-Heart!

    HOT DAMN, GIRL!!!!

    I can just SEE you in the bell bottom jump suit! And YES...I DO remember FLOWER POWER!!!!

    (very 60's)

    In fact, I had these flower decals that I would stick on all my school books!!!!

    OMG...that's so cute about you and your sister performing outside. I can just imagine all the trees clapping their little leaves, applauding your show!!!

    And time my sister caught me lip-synching while I was wearing my mothers clip-on earrings, and the little BITCH told the ENTIRE family at the dinner table!!!

    (I threw a handful of peas at her)

    And I LOVE your idea about you and I performing at the assisted living place!! We could do either a Sonny and Cher routine...or maybe even Donny and Marie! And we can SING some...and lip-synch to others, want do ya think??

    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by this morning for a shared cup of coffee and a wonderful share, dear friend!

    I ALWAYS these "morning moments."

    (even though it's 12:16 PM at the moment!)

    Have a WONDERFUL Monday!!!!

    Love ya!

  9. Afternoon Nicole!!!

    Great seeing ya, girl!!!


    OMG...I remember actually being CAUGHT several times, while I was sitting at a red light and BELTING out Whitney Houston!!

    "Oh...I want to dance with somebody..."

    And sometimes at work, cutomers will catch me singing and dancing in the isles...and start applauding. One woman, even offered me MONEY!!!

    I enjoying singing too, but lip-synching is different...'s for those FANTASY moments!!!

    And don't you just love West Side Story???

    And speaking of lip-synching...Natalie Wood actually did that for the movie version. I forget WHO'S voice it actually was, but it wasn't Natalies'.

    I did that show once. I had a very small part (Glad Hand). It was a student performance, but they wanted adults in the adult parts. I had a blast!

    And no...I've never seen anger management, but I absolutely LOVE both Nicholson and Sandler, so thanks for recommending it. I'll look for it at the video store!

    Thanks for dropping by today, Nicole!

    I always enjoy talking with you!!!

    Have a great Monday!

  10. Afternoon Lady Nitebyrd!

    ooops!...sorry about the coffee nose snort!

    But glad you had a giggle!

    Hey, listen...I bet you and I would be a GREAT TEAM of lip-synchers!!!

    We could call ourselves...

    ....The GOTH Lip-Synchers and perform the Halloween song, Monster Mash at all the clubs!

    (it would just be a seasonal gig)


    ALWAYS a BLAST talking with ya, Nitebyrd!

    Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have MARVI MONDAY!

  11. Hiya Anndi!!!!


    ...I can JUST imagine you and I traveling the globe as a professional lip-synching act!

    The Libra Lip-Sinkers!!!


    And DAMN, Anndi...I'm impressed!!

    You lip-synch spanish???

    Ok...then you can do all the Jennifer Lopez numbers!!

    And I'll stick to Buble!


    And I totally agree...those suspender/garter dress sock things are so attractive, aren't they???


    GRACIAS for stopping by this morning, Anndi!


    And HAPPY MONDAY, my dear friend!!


  12. Afternoon Crystal Chick!!



    When you's the whole "getting into" the "pretending" that's FUN!! Imagining all sorts of wonderful stuff!!

    Thats FABULOUS M!!!!

    GO GIRL, GO!!!!

    I can just imagine you as the queen of the disco...dancing with Travolta to Disco Inferno!!

    And using the head phones is really great, because you can play the music as LOUD as you want!! It's actually gotten to the point where I use my head phones, MOST of the time.

    I just recently (the past year) discovered Michael Buble! He sort of like a Harry Conick Jr. He does a lot of older stuff (like Sinatra). He's got the most awesome voice!

    If you're ever in the bookstore, and they have listening stations, try him...I think you may enjoy!

    Thanks so much for dropping by today, M!

    It's always fun pretending with ya!

    (like a couple of kids!)


  13. I would never lie to you Ron. I never lip synch to anything. Hell I just sing out loud! LOL

  14. I had fun visualizing you in all your glory dancing and lip-synching the night away. And all the way from here I could hear all of Philadelphia applauding. It was glorious!

    I think I'm a singer, not a syncher. Maybe I'm deaf, but I persuade myself into believing that I sound as good as the singers on the CD (and since you'll never hear me sing, you'll never know...).

    But there was the time in the 70's when I was listening to Cat Stevens sing Peace Train and I decided that I wanted to hear what I sound like so I put on headphones and sang along to the record while recording only my voice. I laughed until I cried... Very sad...

  15. Holy Cow, Ron!! You were a dead ringer for Tom Cruise when you were younger!!! YOOOSA!

  16. Evening Akelamalu!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

    To HELL with lip-synching...if you've got the voice...LET IT RIP!

    Isn't it FUN???

    And I bet you can do a GREAT Tina Turner...PROUD MARY!!!

    "Rolling on a river...."

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear lady!

    You always bring such beautiful music!!!!

    Enjoy your evening!

  17. Good Evening Carol!!!

    So nice seeing ya!

    HOLY COW...I can't believe you heard the applause from Philly!!!

    Hey...I LOVED Cat Stevens!!!!!!

    OMG...I can actually HEAR his voice right now!

    You just brought back a great 70's memory for me!!! One of my roommates in NYC introduced me to him, while we were in acting school.

    He had such a distinct voice, didn't he?

    And I bet you sounded FABULOUS!!!

    Too bad they didn't have Karaoke back then...I bet you would have WON!!!!

    (a FREE Cat Stevens LP)


    Thanks a bunch for stopping by today, Carol!

    And for sharing your awesome memory.

    Enjoyed it!!!

    Have a great evening!

  18. Evening Leesa!

    Thank you...I keep telling everyone that I was Tom Cruise's body double for all his films...but no one believes me!!!

    (not even Nicole Kidman)

    Thanks for stopping by today, Leesa!

    ALWAYS great talking with ya!

    Enjoy your evening!

  19. Oh Ron ! How I would have loved to be passing in front of your window that day !!
    That must have been wild :)
    I can't believe what a crazy kid you were too ! I did'nt lip sink too much; I was a performer in "private" audiances in front of the bathroom mirror ;)

    I think that the seeds for a career in drama were already planted early on !

    Big hugs all the way back to you in Philly xxxxxx

  20. Great post!
    Yep i lip synch. :)
    I used to sing - which explains why C has his fingers in his ears all the time!

  21. Thanks for the laugh this morning! I lip synch all the time, for me its always the Grease song 'Summer Lovin'. We used to act it out as kids (I always played the role of Danny, I never got to be Sandy!!) and I know every word of it.

  22. Good Morning Barbara!

    Great seeing ya!!! said it, I think the seeds for a career on the stage were planted early on!!!

    I use to LOVE when my parents left the house...because it was my time to stand in the bay window in the living room and perform West Side Story to the neighborhood!!!

    Hey...I didn't even THINK to ask Didier and you if you wanted to see my act!!!!

    Oh well, maybe next time you're in Philly!

    Thanks so much for stopping by this morning, Barb!

    Always a great treat!

    Enjoy your day!

    P.S. Hi to Didier!

  23. Helloooooo Casdok!!!!!


    Thank you for admitting to lip-synching!

    SEE!!! Isn't it fun???

    I actually sometimes sing out loud too, but lip-synching is for those special moments, when I want to reach out..and pretend to be Frank Sinatra or Donna Summers!!!


    Thanks SOOOOO much for stopping by today, dear lady!

    ALWAYS a SUPER treat!!

    Have an awesome day!

    Love to C!

  24. Greetings 80's Mom!


    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Nice meeting you!'re NOT going to believe this...but I USE TO LIP-SYNCH TO GREASE TOO!!!!!

    I use to LOVE performing the duet, "You're The One That I Love" between Sandy and Danny!!!

    But my other favorite was SUMMER LOVIN'!!!

    That's a good one to lip-synch to, because it has all those good background voices!!!

    It's SO good to meet someone who lip-synchs to the same TUNES!!!

    Isn't it the BEST feeling????

    Thanks again for stopping by!

    Drop in anytime!

    Hey...and I really like your blog name!!

    Enjoy your day!

  25. Ron, you really gave me a good laugh this morning and as always, I can use a good laugh!!!

    I am still seeing you and gypsy doing the twist in matching floral jumpsuits, you in pink and her in blue, in wigs and earrings dangling and jingling too...

    ahh, what a vision of loveliness is that?! lol! (made a little rhyme for you both :)


  26. Afternoon Linda!

    So good seeing you again!

    Thanks for stopping by for a little "lip-synching!!!"

    Yes...Gypsy and I are in rehearsal at the moment, but plan on bringing our act to Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas show!!!

    We're still trying to find the perfect EARRINGS!


    Can you IMAGINE???

    What a VISION of loveliness is RIGHT!!

    SO glad you stopped by today, Linda!

    Always nice sharing with ya!

    Happy Day!

  27. Sorry I'm late...working on a dog sweater for a customer order.

    Sing it, baby! I couldn't dance for another...Groove is in the heart...

  28. Like Mel, I'm guilty of singing in the car, but I do keep both hands on the wheel. I don't grab my travel mug and use it as a microphone.

    The judges were most unfair in deducting those points. I hereby award this post FIRST PRIZE.

  29. Hello my friend...guess what, I've sang West Side Story. Um...though I didn't lipsync it. Mostly I was a dancer in the play...Bit player reflecting here. :)

    There is a time for us
    Someday a time for us
    Time together with time to spare
    Time to look
    Time to care...Someday

    Gotta love Leonard Bernstein...he was fabulous.

    I do remember as a young girl singing for my sisters...We the younger ones had to learn the songs and perform for the older sisters. I'm from a big family...I had 8 sisters and three brothers...

    I like to be in America
    Okay by me in America
    Everything free in america

    Rita Mareno I can do...dye my hair black, rehearse a little to remember it all...and I'm Rita, chulo.

    Oh...I lips sync at home when my niece is over...Hanna Montana songs. mostly hehehe. She 4 years old and does a fab job. hehehe.

    again my friend you have me rocking in your rock mister. I just heart you honey.

    Have a fab day...Oh and I can't get the song out of my head...I like it here in America....lalala-la-la la. Everything free in America...

  30. Hiya Debi! worries about ever being late, my friend.

    My motto has always been..."People get here whenever they get here"

    But I DO thank you for stopping by!!!!

    Hey... make DOG SWEATERS??????

    OMG...that's so COOL!

    What a great business, I've never heard of that before!

    Do you do turlenecks and v-necks???


    Hey, listen...I LOVE that song...Grove is in the heart! It's got a great beat! In fact NOW that you mentioned it, I'll be singing it ALL night!

    Good luck with the sweater making, and thanks a BUNCH for stopping by for a little lip-synching!!

    Enjoy your evening!

  31. Evening Sans!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Great seeing ya!

    Hey...and thank you SOOO much for the FIRST PRIZE AWARD! I feel MUCH better now!

    Those DAMN judges...what do they know????

    When I use to drive....singing in the car was my all-time favorite place to belt out a tune.

    (and also the shower)

    You always so much better in the shower, don't ya? It's all that echo!

    Thanks again for dropping by, Sans!

    It's always a pleasure.

    Enjoy your evening!

  32. Dear Miss Jones/Chita!

    Girl...YOU SLAY ME!!!!!

    I bet you were FABULOUS in West Side Story too!

    And don't you just love Rita Mareno? I always felt like I never saw her in enough films. She's a wonderful actress! Good at the drama stuff too!

    Dancing was not my strong point as a performer, so I really admire dancers. The choreography in WSS is spectacular!!!

    And "America" was my FAV number to watch.

    Oh...and "Someday" always makes me cry!

    I swear to god...I think I must have been Latin in one of my pastlives, because I LOVE latin music and dance.

    O LAY!

    OMG...I don't think I ever knew that you had such a LARGE family, Spiky!?!?

    Damn...8 girls and 3 boys?????

    Your family could perform the entire CAST of WSS!!!

    HA!'s it going in Aussieland?

    I mean, are you still there?

    Can't wait for your to return, my friend!

    Your blog fans await you!!!

    Thanks SOOO much for stopping by today, Miss Jones!

    I always enjoy our conversations!

    Have a FABUOUS evening...or day...whatever it is there!?!?

    And remember...

    ...."I like to live in America...Everything free in America!"

    (now flip your skirt...go!)

    Ciao bella!

  33. Ron lip synching in his drawers = Super CUTE!!

  34. Hiya Kate!

    Thank you my friend!

    It's amazing how much I look like Tom Cruise, isn't it?


    Thanks for stopping by, Kate!

    Always a DELIGHT!

    Enjoy your evening!