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Saturday night while having a glass of Pinot Noir, I went through a box of old family photos and decided to share a bit of my family tree with you.

Please forgive the quality of these photos, but after all, they date back to the pre-historic age of 1955.

(Fred Flintstone BC)

So let us begin where it all started…my mother and father...

Mom and Dad

I had to place two photos together in order to show you my mother and father, before I was born.

(both of my parents are on right, in each of these photos)

Wasn’t my mom sexy? And my dad a stud puppy?

My Christening

(my sister, godmother and godfather)

I’m actually inside the little white bundle that my aunt is holding.

(and notice how she's holding the blanket over my face…because I’m almost SURE that I was probably screaming at the top of my lungs)

Lying Around

This is me lying on my parents bed, contemplating on whether or not I should tell my mother that I just shit my diaper.

Notice how my mother twisted my hair into a point on the top of my head, making me look like the Gerber Baby.

(look the expression on my face…I look like I’m BORED out of my friggin’ mind)

Private Conversations

This my mother and I having a deep conversation, that one day, I would be starting a blog…and would most likely be showing all of you this photo.

(notice the fabric pattern on that sofa…it looks like a fake backdrop on a movie set)

Music Lessons

This is my mother teaching me how to play the maracas.

(I think she thought I‘d grow up to be Ricky Martin)

Brotherly Love

This is my older brother and I.

And what the hell is that HORRIFYING look on my face???

I look as though I had just seen a poltergeist hovering over the photographers head.

The Little Drummer Boy

This is me playing my brothers cowboy drums.

I look like I just finished off a bottle of Robitussin Cough Syrup…with CODEINE.


This is my sister and brother sitting in front of our fake fireplace.

They looked so cute didn’t they?

New Years Eve

This is my family subjecting me to the drunkenness of their New Years Eve Party.

And the totally POLLUTED man in the center is my uncle…right after he fell on my mother.

I’m the one with the pointy paper hat, thinking to myself, “Get me the friggin' HELL out of here!”

(My brother and sister are on the right)


I have no earthy idea who these three freakish people are…

…but they scared the SHIT out of me!

(I wonder if the woman on the left is wearing a bra?)

My First Date

This is me on my first date.

(there was a bit of a "height issue"…but we were able to move past it)

My Family in Color

This is one of the first colored photos of my family.

(and I think the film only used one color…PINK!)

My First Job

This is my boss and I during my first job at K-Mart.

I was a checker.

(and do you think I could have possibly gotten that tie any WIDER?)

It looks like a surfboard hanging from my neck!

Well… there you have it folks.

A rare and exotic glimpse into the family tree of the author of this blog…

…and it’s no wonder that I call it…VENT!!!


  1. OH I have tears in my eyes from laughing my ass off. I almost spit my diet coke zero on the screen when I saw the part about the bra...or lack thereof. I still can't stop laughing.

  2. Forgot to ask, was this before the famous Tommy?

  3. What FANTASTIC photos!!!

    The new years eve one reminds of what my poor boys probably go through!

  4. Hi Ron,
    I just LOVED it !
    I totally freak out when someone in the family shares old photos that I have never seen.
    You all look so cute( maybe ecepting the freaks ;)1yes, yourself included.

    Was that in the Phila suburbs ?

    Maybe my family reunion & Genealogy stuff rubbed off on you a wee bit.

    Thanks for sharing my friend; it was so nice.
    Big hugs xxxxxxx

  5. Ooh, I just love Pinot Noir. Doesn't it just make you do the darndest things???? LOL
    Like giving one the push they need to share old family pics with the entire blogging community! hehe
    Actually, Ron, they are ALL fabulous. I loved each and every one. The party one was really funny. You drumming, delightful. The color version, very cool. (I swear, I have a picture of my parents old house painted in a salmon or raspberry color too!)

    Your Mom was and must still be very, very beautiful!

    Now, I have to get my pictures out and put some of my own up too because this was such a great post. I'm sure you enjoyed going thru them.

    Thanks for sharing your trip down memory lane.

    p.s. Diane Lane is awesome. Must Love Dogs was on again recently. Of course with John Cusack and Dermot Mulroney in it, I hardly noticed her but I'm sure she was real good just the same. ;)
    I loved her in Under the Tuscan Sun. Also really liked Unfaithful. And Walking on the Moon... terrific! She's great.

  6. Ron... You are so cute as a kid... I think we might be related somehow 'cuz your old family photos look a lot like mine.. from my mom's side... (Philly) And also there appear in the photos the same kinda-- WHO THE HECK are THESE SCAREY people!!! YIKKESS!! I LOVEEEE your pics and your captions/comments.. The one that made me LAUGH MY HEAD OFF was the one with you and your first boss.. WTF hairstyle is she wearing? And yeh.. big tie, DUDE.. Like surfs up- Let's hit the beach.. heheheheheh
    Gotta love dem famlee shots...

  7. What a little cherub!
    I of course wizzed thru the photo's first, and then went back to read all your cheeky comments!
    Love your prom date! glad to see your not one of those blokes afraid of a older more mature woman!
    This was a delight!
    Thanks for the morning laughter!

  8. Good Morning Debi!


    Sorry about the coke spitting!>@?#>$

    And do ya know what's funny?

    Last night, right before I published this, I happened to notice the "bra thing" and just added that last remark, quickly.

    Glad you found it funny!

    I honestly don't know who they are...but MAN...something about the way they looked...scared the HELL out of me.


    Thanks for stopping by today, Debi!

    Always a pleasure!

    Have an AWESOME Monday!!!!

  9. Hello again Debi!

    Thanks for asking.

    Yes...this was before my father remarried the woman who is now my present mother.

    Tom is from that marrage.

    You may not have read a post that I wrote this year, around Mother's Day... but the woman you see in these photos, passed away when I was 6 years old.

    (if you would like to check it out, the post will be in my May archives)

    I may do another post later on with photos of my present mom and Tom.

  10. Good Morning Trixie!


    Always great seeing ya!

    Thanks for enjoying!

    I always remember my family having a HUGE celebration on New Years Eve. Even as I got older...New Years was always a BIG deal. As well as Christmas!

    I'm Italian, and you KNOW how we Italians like to PARTY!!!


    Thanks a bunch for stopping by today, Trixie!

    Always GREAT!

    Happy Monday!

  11. Hiya Barbara!

    Great seeing ya!

    Me too...I SO enjoy seeing other peoples vintage family photo albums!

    Isn't it FUN???

    Yes!!! Maybe meeting you and talking about geneology sparked my interest to share a bit of my family tree!!

    So thanks, Barb!

    I was born in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia and then moved to Bucks County, when I was around 8 years old.

    Thanks so much for stopping by this morning, Barbara!

    I hope all is well and your settled back into being home.

    Have a wonderful week!!

    P.S. Hi to Didier!

  12. Good Morning Crystal Chick!

    YES, my friend...Pinot Noir is my absolute FAV wine!

    Someone at work gave me a bottle last week for my birthday, so I popped it open and had a glass. YUMMY!!!!

    I had so much fun putting this post together. I only recently have a scanner, so I was never able to do anything like this before.

    So thank you for enjoying, M!

    Yes...and doesn't the PINK photo bring back incredible memories of when we were kids...and COLOR film finally came out????

    And now we have DIGITAL!!!

    Who knew?

    OMG...and YES...isn't Diane Lane just awesome? I just recently rented Must Love Dogs and LOVED the chemistry between her and Cusack. Did you ever see her and Gere in Unfaithful? She was brilliant in that. She's very talented and very sexy. She also did quite a lot of films as a child too! She's one of those actress who is not overly publized about, but is extremely good at her craft.

    Thanks oddles for stopping by this morning, M!

    Always enjoy sharing with you!

    Hey...and doesn't it REALLY feel like Fall today!!


    Have a great week, M!

  13. Good Morning Dear Leesa!

    Surf's up DUDE!!!!

    Hang ten!

    OMG...and didn't you LOVE my boss's HAIR????



    I remember her being a very nice lady.

    Oh that's right...I keep forgetting that you have roots in Philly too!!!

    And you're right...they all have a similar FEEL to them, don't they? Philly has such a vintage feel to it as it is. And when it's photographed...that feeling comes through.

    OMG...did you see all of Barbara and Didiers Philly photographs??? They're freaking GORGEOUS!!!

    Thanks MUCHO MUCH for stopping by this morning, Leesa!!

    You always add sunshine!

    Thank you!!!!

    Happy Monday to ya...and I hope you have a wonderful week!

  14. Howdy Lady Sorrow!

    Thanks for stopping by on this wonderful Fall Monday morning!

    I actually don't know WHO that woman is in my First Date Photo!?!?

    Maybe a cousin, or somthing???

    But when I looked at it, the first thing I thought of...was that it looked like we were on a date.

    I know that it was taken standing in front of my house, but WHY...I have no idea?!?

    Notice how my bow tie is off to the right of my collar!

    Hey far as my eye goes...older, more mature women/men are so attractive! For me, age has such a wonderful beauty to it!

    Like fine wine!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Sorrow!

    Always a DElight!

    Have a MAGICAL Monday, dear lady!

  15. This was priceless! I love memory lane posts. Thanks and Happy Monday!

  16. Monday Morning to ya, Mama Dawg!

    aaahhh...a walk down Memory's fun, isn't it??

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the stroll!

    And a Happy Monday to you too, Mama Dawg!

    P.S. Cheers to Jesse!

  17. Great Photos!!!!! I now know why you have to take to the Pinot Noir. I looks if you were born with the nipple of the grape in your mouth and continued to suckle the sweet purple juice from infancy to present. You display of music awareness is fabulous. I really love the tie though. I have a few of those surf board ties in my day and then we sewed them together to make a trench coat for an elephant.

  18. Helloooo Mr. Dave!!!!

    Holy shit....your comment made me HOWL!!!

    The thing about the tie was brilliant!

    That was GREAT!!!

    Thanks, buddy!

    Hey...and YOU being Italian...I'm SURE have FABULOUS photos!!!

    We were always EATING or DRINKING, right?

    Oh...but how I LOVE being Italian!

    Thanks SOOOO much for stopping by today and sharing in my family album, Dave!

    Always a JOY having you here!

    Hope you're having wonderful Monday!

    Be well, my friend!

  19. I so enjoyed being privy to your family photos! There's no way I'd show you mine! LOL

  20. Evening Akelamalu!

    Glad you enjoyed, dear lady!

    Hey...I've seen that one photo of you as the Queen something or other and you were ADORABLE!!!!

    I bet you've got lots more good ones where that came from!!!

    (you can email me a few...and I won't show a single SOUL!!!)

    Thanks for stopping by, Akelamalu!

    Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

    Enjoy your evening!

  21. Ronnie...I so love you. You are such a cutie...then and now.
    these are fabulous pictures. Your mom is a beauty. Your dad...handsome. You were a cutie pie of a baby.

    Thanks for sharing honey and those cool.

    I just wanted to pop in quickly...I have a meeting to go to now...they will introduce me etc, etc...again. Lots of hand shaking, nodding and smiling yesterday too.

    It will be the spiky show tomorrow. That's when I'm up to bat. Piece of cake...

    People talk a funny here...No offense to any Aussie readers. I had a terrible time understanding this one bloke. I'm catch on though. Oh and that vegamite...Ronnie, that stuff tasted terrible. I guess it would maybe taste better if I had a bottle of wine before went into the waste basket in my suite. :)

    Later sweetie, I'll drop by here and there when I can...

    That guy is waving me over to shut this down...I'm beat and I've not eaten lunch yet. I'm starved.

    Ciao babe.

  22. These are wonderful Ron!! I have scrapbook pages flashing before my eyes. It's a curse! Or addiction! Take your pick.

  23. Dear Miss Jones...

    OMG...are you NOT home?

    I had no idea!?!?!

    You're in Australia???

    I was so busy with work this weekend, that I haven't had time to visit everyones blogs!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by!!! must be exhausted! Have you gotten use to the time difference???

    Hey listen, break a leg tomorrow...

    ...I KNOW you'll be FABULOUS!!!!

    The Divine Miss Jones!

    You'll knock em' dead!

    So glad you enjoyed the photos, my dear friend.

    And thanks again for stopping by!

    Get some lunch and some sleep!

    No worries, Spiky...I'll talk to you when you get back to the States!!!

    Ciao bella!

  24. HI NICOLE!!!!!

    So great seeing ya, girl!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    So glad you enjoyed them.

    I was up til 2AM Saturday night scanning and cropping these photos so that they'd fit. I had a BLAST!!

    Hey, so glad to hear you're doing a lot of scrapbooking!

    That's wonderful!!!

    I'll stop by your scrapbook blog later, to check out your awesome work!

    Hope all is going well for your newpaper blog too!

    Hey...aren't you LOVING the Fall weather? It must feel great where you live!!

    Have a great evening, Nicole!

  25. how cool were the photos!

    See, I'm envious--my birth family's family photos disappeared when my step-mother passed away. The few that I do have (four) are treasured dearly.

    I love old photos--sometimes I wander through antique stores and browse through their old photos and wonder...

    They're awesome photos--even the boss with the bad hair photo. (goes along with the bad tie...LOL)

    Absolutely priceless. Hang on to 'em......

  26. I love the first date photo. She was very virginal in white!!

    What did Jackie Gleason say all the time - "I call you killer cause you slay me"

    I think of that when reading you ;)

  27. Hiya Mel!

    So glad you enjoyed this!

    I know what you mean about old photos. Like you...I can look at anyones old photos and be enthralled with them, wondering WHO they are/were.

    My step-mother gave me these photos years back, so that I'd have memories of my birth mother.

    (wasn't that wonderful of her?)

    Plus...she has MORE at her home in Florida.

    And yea...didn't you LOVE the one of my K-Mart boss? I always remember her hair looking as hard as a rock with all that hair spray. She was a lovely lady and a wonderful boss!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by and taking a look at some of my family album, dear Mel!

    Always a TREAT having you here!

    Have a great night!

    P.S. and just think...HALLOWEEN is just 3 week away!!!!

  28. Hellooooo Dianne!!!

    Great seeing ya!!!!

    Yes...didn't my first date look so PURE and VIRGINAL?

    She wouldn't even let me kiss her goodnight!

    (the TEASE!)


    Hey...and speaking of Jackie Gleason...didn't you just LOVE the Honeymooners? My parents were virtually addicts of that show, and had it on everytime it hired.

    "To the MOON, Alice!!!!"

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by, Dianne!

    You're such a sweetie pie!

    P.S. and aren't you LOVIN' this weather??? This is OUR time of the year, right?

  29. wow - cowboy drums!

    happy belated birthday - glad to have visited as your photos are great.

  30. Greetings TopChamp!


    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by and for your birthday wish...that was VERY nice on you!

    And also...nice meeting you!

    I love meeting new bloggers!

    So glad you enjoyed the photos, because I had such a blast putting this post together.

    Yea...and how ABOUT those cowboy drums???

    They look like something I stole from a country-western band, don't they?


    Thanks again for stopping by, Top Champ!

    Drop by anytime...the door is always open.

    Enjoy your evening!

  31. Ron, I love getting to know you and your family! Since we're close in age, your photos look a lot like mine. Those scary people you don't recognize are my Aunt Hazel (whom I ALMOST got named after!)her husband and his sister. They scared the shit outta me, too!

    Thanks for sharing, hun!

  32. Morning Nitebyrd!

    HOLY SHIT...that's your Aunt Hazel???

    God...sorry about the "freak and bra comment!?!?!"

    Actually...she's kind of cute, now that I look at her again!

    Aren't old family photos a BLAST??

    Thanks for enjoying them, Nitebyrd!

    One day you and I need to sit down and share photos!!!

    Have a nice day!

  33. this was hysterical and somehow shades of my own past, with the relatives, drunken revelry (OMG), sibs, bad clothes, bad hair...I LOVED IT! :)

    found you from gypsy~heart's blog and thought I would meander over...glad I did!

  34. Greetings Linda!


    Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    It's very nice meeting you!

    And isn't Gypsy-Heart a DOLL?? I so enjoy her blog...and also her wonderful spirit!

    So glad you enjoyed these photos and found some similarities! Isn't it fun to rumage through old family photos and remember?

    It's like GOOD therapy!


    Thanks again for dropping by, Linda!

    Stop by anytime you feel like it!

    Enjoy your evening!