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A few days ago, I rented one of my favorite movies…BIG, which stars the charming Tom Hanks.

And I don’t care how many times I watch this film, I ALWAYS get choked up and teary-eyed in the final scene.

(it’s definitely a 2 tissue ending)

For those of you who may have never seen Big…

…it’s a delightful and touching tale about a young boy (Josh Baskin), who makes a wish on an amusement park arcade game, called Zoltar.

His wish is to become BIG.

And his wish is granted.

The story takes you on a magical adventure of how Josh struggles to adapt at being big, and how even though he’s a grown man…we see that his child-like heart shines through and deeply touches the lives of those around him, reminding them of the joy in be a kid.

There’s a famous scene in the movie, where Josh is in New York City’s F.A.O. Schwarz, and plays Chopsticks with his feet on a huge piano keyboard on the floor.

The scene is priceless!

Eventually, Josh realizes that being BIG isn't all what he thought it would be and begins to miss his childhood.

And so he returns...

I’ve probably seen this film at least twenty times or more. And yet, each time I view it, I always notice another enlightening message for adults.

This time, I was reminded of how life is like taking a journey.

And the journey must be taken in steps; never rushing ahead.

Because each step, is a life-experience that brings us to the next step…and so on…

I think like many children, I always fantasized about being big. I couldn’t wait to grow up, so I could do all things that the people ahead of me were doing; never staying fully “present” on the step that I was experiencing.

To live in the moment.

However, the message in this film that I am ALWAYS reminded of, is this….

NEVER EVER lose the “child” within us.

For it keeps the heart…forever light!

Wishing you a “child-light weekend” everyone!


  1. Thank you.


    I needed the validation this morning.....and I found it.

    Thank you.

  2. Ah, it's been some time since I saw that movie, but remembered the piano scene!!! What fun.
    I think maybe I dressed up as a little girl for Halloween this year, complete with pig tails and ribbons and kitty cat jammies, because I like to bring my inner child out sometimes. Either that, or I was just too cheap or lazy to buy a real costume as that one I only had to fall into bed with after the party.

    At the bookstore the other day, they had a stack of books by the register for their holiday reading drive. You can purchase a book and it goes into a big display and come Christmastime they donate them to children. There was one in the stack that I remember reading and have even read as an adult. It's called "The Phantom Tollbooth" ... I think Norton Juster is the author. Anyhoo, it's about a boy who's bored and comes home after school to find a package in his room. It's a tollbooth and when he constructs it and drives his play car thru it, he ends up in magical worlds where he learns neat stuff and is no longer bored.
    Well, just seeing the book there took me back to childhood.

    I just wish to be THIN as I'm BIG enough thank you. ;)

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I miss the Tom Hanks of this movie.
    Ron, you are such a kid! and i know exactly why you enjoy this movie, and it's a great one! i couldn't agree more!!!

  4. ronnie babe, this is one of my fave movies. I'm a Tom Hanks fan anyway, this is a wonderful story.

    I love when he goes to that party in that suit that is totally different than everyone else...and starts to eat that itty bitty corn... priceless and when he crapes that cavier from his tongue. ha!

    Oh and when he is in his apartmeent in the city and you think he is watching some crime movie (sirens and guns shooting and people screeming) he the televission off... and the same noise is outside his window...ha!

    Sorry..I'm just remembering all the funny parts.

    Okay...just one more...okay. When he is playing tennis with that associate and they get into a disagreement and that guy tries to take the ball from him...I so used to do that with my older sisters...I'm laughing out loud now...hehehehe.

    I think I'm still young at heart because I'm constantly told to grow up.

    Ciao rock again. :D

  5. Good morning, Mel!

    You're so welcome, dear lady!

    For some reason, I was very "tickled" to write this yesterday.

    This movie ALWAYS touches my heart!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Mel!

    And keep sharing that magical "child-light" within you.

    It's SO enjoyed!

  6. Good Morning Crystal-Chick!

    Isn't that piano seat in the movie the best???

    I always want to stand up after they're finished and applaude!!!


    Hey, if you'd like to see the scene, just click on the word here CHOPSTICK...and it will take you to a Youtube video!

    That book you shared sounds WONDERFUL!! I think I've actually seen it at Borders in the kids' section. The next time I'm in there (which will probably be TODAY), I'll pick it up and look through it.

    Thanks for recommending it!

    I LOVE childrens' books!

    Thank you for dropping by this morning, M!

    Hey...can you believe the warm weather we're getting right now?? I heard that today is supposed to get into the 70's!!!!

    Bring on the SNOW!!!!!

    Happy Friday...and enjoy your weekend!

  7. Morning Lady Sorrow!

    You're so right, dear lady...

    ...and I think that's WHY I identify with this film so much!!!

    The "child within me" always wants to play and act silly!

    Dear should see me at work!!!

    Everyone always tells me I remind them of a monkey!


    Thanks oodles for dropping by this morning, Sorrow!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    And remember... around your living room with a dish towel on your head today!


  8. I love a film with a good message :)

  9. ron, I cried so much in this movie and it's supposed to be a comedy!!! it is hysterical as well but the message is actually, exquisitely deep but touched very lightly in it's of our favorite movies of all time and doesn't everybody wish to be bigger than they are?

    I KNOW I do :) but I never wish to lose that spark of a the little girl I have been in therapy for 20 years to find again........I love you, ronnie, dear.

  10. Good Afternoon Miss Jones!!

    OMG....ALL those wonderful scenes that you just mentioned are FABULOUS!!!!!

    I LAUGHED my ass off at the itty bitty corn thing!!

    Wasn't that PRECIOUS???

    And the tennis scene with John Hurt just KILLS me! They act like two little boys!

    Me too...I SO enjoy Tom Hanks!

    There's something about him...that's so "at ease."

    He looks so comfortable with himself, and that shines through in all of his performances!

    HOLY too, Spiky! The people in this city always look at me like..."OMG, what ARE you??" I know that my silliness makes them uncomfortable - so I DO IT MORE!!

    I'm so wicked!

    But I LOVE IT! of these days, you and I can play dress-up...and then walk through the city and watch everyone FREAK OUT!!!


    Wouldn't that be FUN???

    Thanks for dropping by my child-like friend!

    ALWAYS a joy!


    Ciao bella!

  11. Good Afternoon CASDOK!!!

    GREAT to see ya, dear lady!!!!

    Me too....

    ...and with THIS film in particular...I always find a NEW message!

    If you've never seen it, please's SOO touching!

    Hope all is well for you and C!

    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by, Casdok!

    LOVE and HUGS to you and C!

  12. Good Afternoon Linda!'re the FIRST person who said they CRIED as much as I did in this film!

    The first time I saw it...I actually had to sit for a few minutes and compose myself before leaving the theater. I went to see the film with a few friends of mine and they were both looking at me like, "Are you serious????"

    I was like a dribbling baby!

    OMG...when he went back to being a boy in that last scene...I was a MESS!

    And like you...I found myself crying in so many scenes.

    For me...the film IS a comedy, but it's also very DEEP. And I think, I (and you) must pick up on that.

    Another film that does this to me, is Edward Scissorhands! Talk about DEEP!!

    Thank SO MUCH for dropping by today, Linda!

    And for sharing in our EMOTIONS for this brilliant film!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

    Love to you too!

  13. This movie holds a special place in my heart too. It was the movie Lisa and I watched in the theater on our very first date.

    Ya just made my whole day!

  14. Hiya Ron,
    That is a great film; I have it on a VHS recording we did a long time ago.
    It does have a lot of messages in there for both kids AND adults.
    And Tom Hanks is so darn funny !
    He is my fav actor :))

    If in years past our generation couldn't wait to grow up, look at kids now! With all the tech they often know more than an adults for make computers,toys or other machines tick !!

    Yeah; how much will some of these teens remember of there younger years ??

    Have a nice weekend, Ron.

  15. I love this film too Ron!

    Don't you wish sometimes that you could go back to being a child? I do!

  16. Ron, I love 'BIG' too. And I love the way a good movie keeps on showing us more every time we watch it.

    The last time I visited FAO Schwartz (the one in San Fran not NYC) I couldn't help but look around for the big keyboard.

  17. Howdy Jeff!!!! wonderful!!!!

    And what an AWESOME movie to see on a first date! It's got everything...humor, romance,....

    Every once in while, I suddenly feel the desire to see this. It's fun to watch eating a bag of Twizzlers!

    tee, hee!

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy!

    Always great seeing ya,!

    Have a child-fun weekend!

    Later gator!

  18. Bonjour Barbara!


    Another BIG lover!!!

    Isn't this film the BEST????

    Me too, Barb...Tom Hanks is one of my favs!

    And it's true what you share about the younger generation and technology. It definitely is a WONDERFUL thing, but I often see how it's detaching too.

    This is why I enjoy watching films like this sometimes.... reconnects me!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Barb. And for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this post!

    Much enjoyed!

    Give a Hi to Didier!

    Have a child-like weekend!

  19. Good Saturday Morning Akelamalu!


    You've seen this film too!!!!

    I think I act like a child most of the time, in my adult life.... I think I've never really left it!


    Have a BIG weekend, dear lady!

    And thank you for dropping by today!

    Always a treat!

  20. Good Morning San!

    So wonderful to see ya today!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I use to live in NY and after this movie came out, people from ALL over the world came to FAO just to see the piano!!!

    We have a very small FAO here in Philly...but there's nothing like the one in NYC. Did you know that at one time they actually closed that store, but then reopened it because the public was freaking out! FAO is like a historical site in NYC.

    And what a FUN store!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, San!

    And whatever you do....act like a KID!


  21. Also one of my favorite movies. His reaction to caviar is classic and priceless.

    This is a movie that definitely reminds me not to take things to seriously.

  22. You said it Nitebyrd!

    I totally agree....

    To NOT take life so seriously!

    GREAT reminder, yes!

    And the caviar scene (as also Spiky mentioned) is priceless. It's one of those scenes that I use the REWIND BUTTON on a lot!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

  23. LOVE BIG!!!! OMG... Yes, I cry, too ... it's a freaky ending, though.. That fortune teller thing really freaks me out every time... EWWWW!!!
    How about Forest Gump? Gotta LOVE Gump!!!!!! That movie is genius!! That and Ferris Beuller's Day Off...

  24. Bonjour Leesa!

    oooooh....and YES, the Fortune Teller Machine IS kind of creey, I know what you mean!


    It's the EYES that freak me out!


    I enjoy ALL of Tom Hanks films!

    His wonderful soul seems to shine through every performance!

    Have a wonderful evening, my friend!