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I would like to end this weeks posts, by answering a great question that Linda left on one of her comments a few weeks ago.

She asked…

"…ron, I know you don't make this stuff up - it's too out there for that, but how do you think of it to write about it? "

Well…as crazy and lunatic as some of my more humorous posts read, everything I share with you are things that have actually happened to me.

I think my friends who have spent a great deal of time with me and also read this blog, would tell you that how I express myself here, is how I express myself all the time…

naturally over-the-edge.

So when I share a story with my readers…I’m over-the-edge.

All of us experience life differently. And for me, I’m always aware of the “inner dialogue” that goes on in my head; things that I’m thinking, feeling, and also things that I would liked to have said. So when I write a story…those are the things that I infuse.

And as far as how I think of what to write about…

…these stories just come to me.

This is why I always carry a blog topic notebook in my backpack. Whenever anything happens to me, which I feel would make for a good post, I write it down. I also write down experiences that I may suddenly remember from my past. If I don’t grab inspiration immediately, I will end up forgetting.

I’m very much an observer. And not only do I observe myself, but I also enjoy observing the people around me - how they look, act, and unique things in their mannerisms.

I think my time spent as an actor, has taught me to always notice everything.

Now when I sit down at my computer and begin to write a story, sometimes it will all come out in one sitting, however, sometimes I will go back in a day or two and continue writing.

I quite often have three or four posts going at the same time.

I will also try to stagger my topics, so that I share a bit of variety.

You may have noticed that I also like to share a photo or two within each post. I do this, because I feel that the photos helps tell the story and convey my feelings. It creates a beginning and an ending.

I present each post as if you were watching a scene or a “take” of my life within a movie.

One of the reasons why I commit myself to posting three times a week, is because it enables me to stay focused on producing something. In the past, when I’ve simply allowed myself to post whenever, I found that I would become uninspired, however, by setting a posting schedule, it helps to keep my creative juices flowing. And for me, three times a week is very doable.

Not only do I enjoy having this blog to socialize and connect with people, but I also use it to practice and improve on my writing skills, so it also serves as a teaching tool.

Having this blog brings a great deal of joy and fulfillment into my life. It’s my little space in the world, where I can produce something of my own personal sense of quality and commitment, and then share it with those who will read.

So there you go, folks. I hope this gave you a behind the scenes view of how I create for Vent.

And thanks for your great question, Linda!

And I would also like to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time…

…to view my life.

*popcorn, coke and twizzlers are served in the lobby

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Make mine a Coke Zero...hold the butter but add furikake to it. :)

    Now...turn off ALL cell phones, duct tape the talking people/ screaming kids, and for the love of DOG, all the freakishly tall Amazonias up front: can you slouch down in your seat or sit in the BACK ROW so us short people can watch the movie about Sir Ron Connery and his technicolor life?

  2. hi ronnie, thank you for explaining how you invent vent...I am not surprised you need to keep a notebook of the things that come up so as not to forget...I would need to carry laptop probably to write as much and in such detail as you do...I completely love your posts and always get over here to read them as soon as possible...keeping a writing schedule might be an idea for my haphazard way of posting at the present time...I like the idea and then you could write and schedule them and it's done and you have time for other things, replying to comments, which you are the master at, and maybe get some art, what a thought!

    kisses...have a good weekend... ;)

  3. Gosh you're organized.

    And focused.
    And nutz. LOL

    But I do so enjoy the opportunities to be a wee part of your life.

    Popcorn, please.
    What the heck.......buttered!


    I got that link in an email very recently asking for participation in a research study on personality and blogging. Maybe you might like to check it out?

    I've been terrible at blogging lately. I go around and read some of my favs, leave comments, etc. but can't seem to get enough of my own thoughts together to even post every couple of days. I'm working on one now, but it's hard because it has to do with a personal situation that is painful. I'm usually very happy. But this has been weighing on my mind for some time and I think maybe talking about it would be good... almost therapy in a way. Eh, if not I've got a couple pictures to post.

    I enjoy your blog for many reasons. I like that you post on a schedule but that those posts could be about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. That's fun. I like that you have made the 'behind the scenes' a very interactive place where you comment on everyones comments. And of course it's terrific that you include pictures! You know how visual I am with all the pics on my page so I love looking at snapshots of others lives.

    Keep writing, Ron. You've made your blog a wonderful place to visit for many people. :)

    Happy weekend neighbor!

  5. Your blog is my funny papers.
    It's like the comics i used to read as a kid,
    full of wit and humor, and deep insights into the bizzareness that is us 'human"'s
    Thank you for sharing your "over the top" gift with us.
    It' s the bright smile in many of my days!

  6. Aloha Debi!


    OMG...your comment made me SHIT, because YOU ARE SOOOOOOO RIGHT!!!


    And I'll tell ya, Deb...this WHY I will usually wait for a film to come out in DVD -it's so much more peaceful.

    PLUS...if I need to "pee-pee" I can put the movie on PAUSE!


    Thanks so much for stopping by Deb!

    Always a pleasure my friend!

    Have a MARVI weekend...and don't forget your TWIZZLERS!


  7. I kinda thought/pictured your process that way. It's all too gehnuine and it all flows so seamlessly for it to be anything but relating an experience.

    I love how you described your inner dialogue - I have an inner soundtrack - I got sick of the sound of my own voice so I switched to music - songs will immediately start playing for me, in my head, as I go through something. I'll replay them later and they help get at the essence of what I was feeling.

    Crazy? maybe - but hey - it works ;)

  8. Helloooooo Linda! changed your AVATAR!!!

    And I LOVE IT, it's FABULOUS!!!!

    woo-woo, girl!

    It's funny you mentioned a laptop, because a good friend of mine is GIVING me her old laptop soon! I actually prefer using a desktop when I'm online, but a laptop will be great to carry around with me, so that I can use the word processor to write a story while out and about.

    I think we all eventually find our own way to blog, and for me, this process seems to work. However, who may change. I'm always open to change things.

    For me having a posting schedule does EXACTLY what you shared. It gives me more time to focus on answering comments and visit other blogs.

    Blogging is such a wonderful tool in learning how to multi-task, which is something I was NOT very good at. I can very easy get distracted.

    Anyway, my friend...thank you SOOOOOO much for asking me that question, because it gave me a POST!!!!

    Have wonderful weekend, Linda!

    I'll be by later this evening to catch up on your blog.


  9. Morin' Dear Mel!

    Hey listen...the only reason I'm organized is because I'm Libra with a Virgo rising...and it's the Virgo rising that gives me the organization.


    Sometimes I can be VERY scattered (air sign), so if give myself a basic outline to execute something, it keeps me more focused.

    And I DO SO enjoy the opportunity to have you here, thank you!

    Gosh...I can hardly believe we been blogging together for over a YEAR! Times FLIES when you're having FUN, doesn't it?

    Hope all is well for you. Please know that I continue to share "energy" with you!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Mel!

    And your EXTRA large buttered popcorn is waiting for you in the lobby!


  10. Greetings Crystal Chick!

    Hey THANK YOU for the link! It sounds VERY VERY interesting, so I'll definately check it out sometime this weekend!!

    Ya know, with blogging...I think it's a different experience for everyone. There are really no rules or format, so eventually we find a way that feels comfortable for us and what works.

    Some bloggers really enjoy visiting and commenting, while others enjoy posting more. I actually don't visit a TON of blogs, because I enjoy taking my time answering comments and focusing my energy on conversing with the people who come here, and giving them my full attention - I can't do it all and do it well, so I made that choice.

    I put time and energy into this blog only because it's very enjoyable for me....I LOVE it!

    Thank you SOOOOO much for your presence on this blog, M! I always enjoy our conversations, and really appreciate you visiting here. It's been a total pleasure and a BLAST getting to know you!

    I look forward to the post you're writing, and can't wait to read it!

    I may be taking another day-trip on the train, out to Chestnut Hill this weekend. I haven't been there since I was a child, and I hear it's FABULOUS!

    Enjoy your weekend, M!


    P.S. and thank you for your kind words.

  11. Hey Ron, Nice post pal. I would actually take a few notes from this one.

    You see who you were a lot earlier is who i am now. At least on the blogging front i can say. I too scribble my observations wrapping them along in randomness. But one nice point you put in there is about the posting schedule. I need to follow that because actually i do get uninspired at times.

    Your wondrous film named vent is actually a learning project for me. And i hope i will churn out such hilarious and at the same time attention grabbing posts one day. So here i sit with scribble pad in my hand and popcorn on my side. Let the slides roll :)

    Moreover one thing that i would like to know. Have you ever tried your skills at scriptwriting? I know you write nice stories. So just a part-time hobby or something along with acting ever?

  12. Helloooooo Lady Sorrow! are SO darn sweet, dear lady!

    Thank you for sharing that.

    This blog is like good therapy for me. I get to vent, and then share conversations with all you awesome souls!!!

    I mean...what the hell could be better????

    I just recently rewatched the movie Frida. I don't know if you've ever seen it, but it's the story of the Mexican artist, Frida Khalo. And everytime I watch it, I'm always reminded of how the "pain" and "bizzarenss" of human life, whenever shared and expressed through art or so healing!

    It's almost as if sharing these things, allows us to see the familar things within our own lives; revealing the incredible beauty and humor within them.

    If you haven't seen the film, and feel like it, please watch's a wonderful journey through this womens' life that we all can indentify with.

    Thank you for always sharing your "light" here, Sorrow!

    It's so appreciated!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  13. I'm going to try using your discipline technique - plus, I already have a ton of notebooks on the go. What I need to do is cut out being lazy and actually post the darn things.

  14. OMG...Dianne!!!

    You actually shared something that I think is fuckin' brilliant!

    You and I must be cut from the same "crazy cloth", because I hear music too!!!!

    So I know what you mean!

    Isn't amazing how hearing music, will actually propel you into inspiration? Sometimes I'll play a CD on my computer while I'm writing, and it seems to provoke my emotion.

    And what's REALLY funny about you mentioning this, is that I have a post that I'm writing, which I may entitle: The Soundtrack to my Life, which has to do with what you just shared!

    So no're not crazy at all!

    Oh, well...maybe you are crazy, but who the hell cares, so am I. So let's be crazy together!

    I can't thank you enough for sharing what you shared on this post, Dianne!

    That was VUUNERBAR!

    Have an awesome weekend, dear lady!


  15. Greetings Amit!

    I know I've told you this before, but your comments are always such a wonderful inspiration for thank, buddy!

    You always deposit such good stuff.

    Blogging has taught me so many things about myself, its unbelievable. It's been such a wonderful guide in seeing where I'm at...and then showing me where I need to go. And I think one of the reasons for that, is because a blog continually moves I have to move forward with it and grow. And the only way I can do that, is to stick to some sort of schedule, otherwise I wouldn't stay on the path.

    But we eventually find the schedule that works for US. So you'll discover one that works for you.

    And it's funny that you mentioned script writing, because while I was off from work this month, I found a stack of old half-written scripts that I started MANY years ago. So your comment reinforced somthing that I need to look into.

    I just joined Facebook and recently met up with a TON of my theater acting buddies, so I feel something guiding me to move in that direction, and perhaps combined both writing and acting.

    We'll see what unfolds....

    And I thank you very much for your suggestions, because I definately think you have something there!!!

    Thanks for dropping by, Amit!

    You've inspired me again!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Like you, I too write things down as they occur to me - either a new topic or a memory. My life has been taken over by post-it notes! LOL

  17. Hi Deranged Princess!!'s so freaking GREAT to see ya!!!

    I stopped by your blog a couple of times and wondered where you went?!?!

    I'm so glad to see you back!

    I know...blogging on schedule can feel like pressure when you first start doing it, but then eventually, it kind of becomes part of your everyday routine. At least for me, it has.

    See...I can be lazy too, so that's why I need to do this for myself, or I'd never do it.

    Thanks for stopping by, DP!


    Enjoy your weekend!


  18. Helloooooo Akelamalu!

    See...great minds think alike!


    I know that you must be VERY organized, because I can tell from your posts, and the way you answer comments..and also having to work AND have a family.

    GO GIRL!

    Thanks for dropping by today, dear lady!

    Always a pleasure!

    Have a spectacular weekend!


  19. Ronnie: I have posts that I haven't decided on posting if ever they they will. I seriously doubt it though. I'll just keep them for myself.

    The thing is I may write something thinking to post it but save it for what ever reason and later come back and I'm not in that mood anymore. So it stays as it is, never to be seen by anyone but me.

    The ones I just sit down and write in a matter of 15 to 30 minutes are the ones you will see. It's all about passion with me and blogging.

    I do love your style ronnie.

    You rock...always.

    You have a fab weekend too, honey.

    ciao sweetie.

  20. Hola Miss Jones!

    OMG...I've done EXACTLY the same thing with certain posts!!!

    I write them and yet NEVER actually use them?!?!? In fact, I have some in my documents that need to be deleted because, I when I go back to read them I'm thinking...WTF was I thinking? They seem dry.

    True!...the posts that come flying through my fingertips instantly, are the ones that feel the most passionate and free. No thinking involved...just pure spontanious energy!!!

    woo! woo!

    I ALWAYS love your posts, my friend...ALWAYS!

    Thanks a bunch for dropping by this evening, Miss Jones!

    Hope you have a GRANDE' weekend filled with LOTS of dancing moments!!

    Go Girl!

    Ciao bella


  21. I have to write things down to!
    Great insight into Vent!

  22. Loved your explanations...and your humility. Definitely going to make more of an effort to write things down myself. xox

  23. Hellooooooo Casdok!!!'s SO wonderful to see ya!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!

    Yes...if I don't write things down, I LOSE the thought.

    Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with AGE?!?!?



    Hope all is well for you and C!!!

    Love to you both!

  24. Hiya Hope!

    GREAT to see ya, girl!!

    It's funny, because today I took a little day-trip out to the suburbs of Philly and suddenly got an idea for a post...and guess what?

    I realized that I forgot that DAMN I had to write it down on my train schedule!!!!


    Thanks a bunch for stopping by today, Hope!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  25. Annnnnnnnd. . . Action!

    Another tool you might find useful is one that Lisa got me for my birthday last year. One of those small digital voice recorders. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket or the like, it can go just about anywhere with you.

    I like it because I can just speak my thoughts into it and then add to it later or hit play to remember what I was seeing or thinking about.

    I do enjoy your disciplined M-W-F posting. we always know when to come by for a new post.

  26. Howdy Jeff W Bach!

    GREAT to see ya!!!!

    Hey...I love the new avatar and the W and Bach you've added!!

    GO BOY!

    I can't wait until you unveil the new blog...I'm so damn excited for you!

    ooooh...and this is too funny, but my brother (TOM) actually bought me one of those digital recorders last year and I keep meaning to use it. He keeps asking me if I've tried it yet, everytime we talk on the phone and I have to keep saying...."No, not yet."

    But since you mentioned it, I need to take it out of my desk drawer and start using the darn thing!!!

    So thanks for reminding me, buddy!

    And thanks for stopping by!

    Hope you had a great weekend and got a little rest from your busy schedule.

    Later gator!!!!!!!!!