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I actually got the idea for this post from a good blogger friend of mine, Diane.

So thanks for the inspiration, dear lady. And I just want you to know that I think your prom dress was so much prettier than my tuxedo.

*and if you’ve never visited Diane before, please do yourself a favor - as soon as you’re finished reading this post, head over and introduce yourself - Diane is a super lady and has a super blog.

(especially if you enjoy martini’s)


…most of you already know that I’ve had off from work this month, and have been going though boxes in my closet; finding all sorts of fun vintage things. A few days ago I discovered some senor prom photos that date back to 1974.

And the only thing I can personally say about how I looked in these photos, is that I totally blame it on 1974!

It kind of scares me though, because you know how they always say, “Style repeats itself?”

Well, I’ve got news for you…

..I’ll go to my senor citizen prom NAKED before I’m ever seen again in this DÉCOR.

Ok, so here we go…

Now be honest with me…when you first looked at this, which two people in the photo suddenly POPPED out and caught your attention, because what their wearing looks as though they stole it from the Wayne Newton and Liberace Museums in Las Vegas?

Did you figure it out?

I don’t know about you, but when first I looked at this photo, my eyes suddenly BULGED out.

This photo was taken in front of my house, just before we all got into my fathers’ car and drove to a formal dinner at Denny’s.

Now as far as I’m concerned, I think both ladies look fabulous, because what their wearing is simple, classic and is not causing my eyes to have detached retinas.

However, the gentlemen look like a cross between a Las Vegas Act and two funeral directors from South Philly.

Tell me…now what’s WRONG with this picture?

To me, it seems as though the two ladies and the two gentlemen are about to attend completely different social events. The women are going to the Ritz Carlton, and the men are going to the CIRCUS.

Now if you look closely at my tuxedo, it’s so long, that if I had belted it, it could almost pass for a quilted Chanel mini dress.

And my best friends tuxedo PANTS…well… I can’t even find the words to described them other than, “Get them the HELL OFF!”

And our bow ties? comment.

Ok, moving on to one more for the boys…

This next photo was taken in the living room of my best friends house.

And what I find interesting about this photo, is how who ever took it, felt the need to include the hanging crystal chandelier, rather than our legs.


Notice how we’re standing in front of a window curtain, which cleverly made us look like the opening comedy act for Sammy Davis Jr.

Oy vey

Well, the only thing I can say is this…

…thank god for evolution.


  1. OH...MY...GAWD...BECKY...look at his pants!
    Ron honey, if I were you I'd be so thankful that A) that wasn't YOU in those Starsky and Hutch pants, and B) you have much better taste in fashion since then!

  2. yeah , your pockets are kind of in the wrong place, aren't they? *grins*

    really ronnie, you just get better looking as you get older so aren't you glad? why is that .... it's not fair because I looked a whole lot better when I was THAT age!!! omg, the body, the wrinkles, the chin line, the body, the body, the teeeth , crap, how depressing is this...even my hair is, well, actually I like my hair more now, I like the color alot better than then,when it was it's pretty much white mixed with highlights and silver and blond but less and less roots as I get to be ancient...geez, ron, did you have to do this to me? how my husband keeps looking fabulous so what's with that? not fair at all...

    going off to bed to weep...


    btw, dear man that you are, so many thank you kisses for your last comment on my mini breakdown on my blog...your words meant a lot to me ;)

  3. The pants did it for me.

    Now, I'm not sayin' what they did--but......

    OMGosh...there's a chunk of fashion that I hope doesn't cycle back around.
    Though I do agree with you--the ladies look splendid!

    Denny's, huh?

  4. OH they are some NEAT photos!! LOL Fashion was very hit or miss back then, wasn't it? haha

    You guys looked like you were about to have a really good time though. So did you?? Do you remember that long ago? I've tried to block out some memories of high school. LOL The first prom I attended was okay. I was only in 10th grade and just went with someone as friends and then went to Great Adventure the next day. For my junior prom, I actually wore the SAME dress as the year before. LOL Shows how much I was into going, huh? The guy really liked me and while he was totally nice and funny and all, he certainly wasn't the ONE. And most of his friends hated me so the next day at the Jersey shore was pure torture. I was wearing a funky little ensemble of purple parachute pants and a matching animal print t-shirt top with a white belt and white canvas shoes. Thank GAWD there is no photo evidence of THAT. LOL I remember not feeling at all welcomed at the house party we went to so I sat in my dates car and waited for what seemed like an eternity for my girlfriend to come pick me up.

    Did you remain friends with anyone in the picture?
    Happy flashback!!!

    Ooh, are you loving the weather??
    Alot of our school districts (and Philly too) are closed today so I'm going to stay in jammies and have some hot coffee.

  5. You guys take the cake, that's for sure. I thought seeing baby blue tuxes with ruffled matching shirts was bad - but you beat that!!

  6. Blogger's comment section sucks. I have got a 100% record of losing what i have written in this text box when i don't copy it before pressing publish. Anyways here it goes again.

    The snaps are awesome Ron. I mean they do are :)

    The first thing i notice about the first picture is so fully engrossed are the gentlemen in their stylish attire that they hardly notice they are not alone in there. The ladies in there look as if they exist there as a result of another superimposed image.

    By the way, the gentlemen are not to be blamed here. With such glossy attire on, the world is often neglected. And the guy taking the second picture has made sure the things worth neglecting indeed are neglected :)

  7. Aloha Debi!


    You're opening line to your comment was a HOOT! I could actually hear that Valley girl!

    And yes...he did look like Starsky and Hutch!!!


    Thank you my dear...yes thanks GOD my taste has changed, however NOW all I seem to wear is BLACK!!


    ...I still think it's better than that WALLPAPER tuxedo I was wearing!?!?!

    Anyway....thanks for stopping by, Deb!

    Hope the love bird is doing better.

    Happy Wednesday to ya!


  8. Good Morning Dear Linda!!

    So glad to see ya!!!

    Hope all is well!

    And listen, I hear SOOOOOO many women say the same thing about how men seem to get better looking with age, but women do not...

    ....but I personally don't agree with that, because to me...I think women have such an amazing beauty that just eminates from them as they age - and I think it reflects in their physical looks.

    I happen to be someone who finds age very attractive (be it in a man or a woman). Age for me (wrinkles, gray hair..etc) is so sexy.

    So whether it be a man or a woman...I think BOTH grow more attractive with age.

    Thanks SOOOO much for stopping by today, Linda!

    And you're so welcome my friend!!



  9. Good Morning Dear Mel!'re comment about the pants was a HOOOOOOT!!!!

    That's was funny, becaus I was just imagining WHAT they did for you?!?

    If it was ANYTHING like what they for me...

    ....quick, give me a BARF BAG!!!!

    No...we really didn't go to Denny's (I just added that for a dramatic effect to the story)...

    ..we actually went to a FABULOUS restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, that was on the top of a hotel. And the coolest thing, was that the restaurant moved in a very slow circle, so you could view the city as you ate!!

    It was so neat!!!

    Thank you much for dropping today, Mel!!!

    Hey...guess what? We GOT A LOT OF SNOW LAST NIGHT!!!!


    Happy Wednesday!!


  10. Ron you don't look too bad considering it was 1974 but your friend's pants???? Tell me he was wearing them for a bet!

    I would hate for you to see some of my fashion disasters! :0

  11. I don't know, I always thought Wayne was kinda hot.
    Thank you for the laughter...
    I always know right where to go to get a good dose!

  12. Howdy Ho Crystal Chick!

    Yes, you're so right!

    Fashion back then was either REAL BIG...or REAL subtle.

    It's really funny, because when I looked at these photos I DID remember that we had a FABULOUS time!

    My senor year in high school was actually my favorite year attending school. My family had just moved to Florida that year and as "person" I had started to come out of my shell and blossom. Attending school for me was NEVER enjoyable, but during my senor year, something just "clicked" and I suddenly discovered my "voice." Moving to FLorida was very positive for me, and was always thankful to my parents for doing it!!

    Yes, I did keep in contact with two of the people in the photo off and on. Ironically, our lives came together every couple of years, but then eventually we lost contact. God...that I've joined Facebook, I should probably see if I can find them!!!!

    Isn't FB amazing???

    I did attended my 10 year HS reunion, but the ones after that, I was unable to attend.

    ooooh, better believe I'm LOVING this weather!!! When I woke up this morning and looked out the window at all the snow that had fallen during the night...I SCREAMED!!!

    I bet you guys got a pretty good amount out there where you live, hu?

    Well...enjoy your day in your jammies drinking coffee! A day like this is SO perfect for that, isn't it?

    Thanks for stopping by, M!

    ALWAYS to enjoyable!

    Happy Wednesday!


  13. Good Afternoon Kenju!


    OMG..I totally forgot about all those HORRIBLE-looking BLUE tuxedos!?!?!?

    Weren't they HORRENDOUS??

    But your right...THESE tux's were just WAY too over-the-top!!!

    Talk about BUSY?!?!?

    If you had seen the one I was wearing up close, it actually had a light pattern within the quilted material.

    It kinda looked like a MATTRESS!


    Always so nice seeing ya, Kenju!

    Happy Wednesday!

    And thanks for stopping by!


  14. Good Afternoon Akelamalu!

    Oh, THANK YOU for saying that dear lady!!!!

    The 70's were an ODD time in fashion weren't they??? Everything was heavy and over-done, like drapes.

    And friend actually wore those lovely nickers because he thought they looked HOT!

    Oh comment


    I think YOU should share some of YOUR fashion on your blog too...I would LOVE to see you! We're not that far in age, so I bet it's very similar.

    oh...go ahead...DO IT!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by for a little vintage-wear, my friend!



  15. Greetings Amit!

    Oh said it!!

    Bloggers commenting system SUCKS!!!

    That same thing happens to me all the time! So thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to rewrite your comment, I really appreciate that! I'm like you, half the time I always COPY my comment BEFORE I hit publish, just in case!?! always your comments make me HOWL!

    I LOVED your last paragraph about the photographer purposely negecting what needed to be neglected! That was great, because it was probably TRUE!!!

    Oh, hey...and you're SO right. In the first photo, the ladies actually DO look as though they were superemposed in the picture! I never noticed that before. Good eye, Amit!

    True...the gentlemen were WAY so engrossed in their stylish attire, to notice anyone else!


    Thanks for stopping by, buddy!

    You always add such "good stuff" to these posts!

    Happy Wednesday to ya!

  16. OMG...Lady Sorrow!!!

    It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wonderful seeing ya!!!

    Thanks for stopping by to share a comment, I so miss you!

    Oh, and tell you the truth, I actually went through a faze of thinking Wayne Newton was the BOMB too!

    When I was rehearsing in Las Vegas for a musical review that I was cast in during the 70's, I didn't get a chance to see his show, because as soon as we finshed rehearsing we went on to perform in one of the casino's up in Lake Tahoe.

    But I DID actually meet Liberace and he was WONDERFUL. Such a sweet and gentle soul.

    Thanks again for stopping by today, dear lady!

    You brightened my day!



  17. Ronnie...actually you and yourdate match wonderfully. I like the coat and think you are handsome. Lucky girl to be the one that take your hand.

    The best friends pants are wild huh? The volume is up on them. hehehe.

    I laughed with the mention of Sammy Davis Jr. who I adore. I saw film on him...what a wonderful dancer and singer...and comedian. A true performer. Anyway...I saw a Bio show and he danced and sang, he jumped from a Grand piano to the floor doing a split and coming back up to his feet. Oh...that takes strength and talent.

    I loved Billy Crystal when he did Sammy...God the things I remember from my childhood.

    I loved the pics ronnie and that was the style back then, huh?

    You two were in the fast lane of high fashion then. hehehe

    ciao your post,

  18. Dearest Miss Jones...

    aaawww...your so darn sweet, thank you.

    My date was a girl I had done theater with in HS and had played "boyfriend and girlfriend" in a show, so we decided it would be SO cool to go to the prom together, and then right after I asked her, I met a girl who I REALLY wanted to take, but didn't feel it would be right to change my mind.

    This is funny...

    ....the girl who I took to the prom (notice her black) actually had naturally beautiful brown hair, but two days before prom, she felt the need to imitate Cher, so her mother and she DYED it JET BLACK!!! And then she freaked out because she hated it!?!?

    Oy! too, I LOVED Sammy Davis Jr.!!! What an AWESOME talent he was!!! And he was part of the Rat Pack, remember??? I actually got to see his show in Tahoe when I was there. He was very small in stature, but had the most MASSIVE energy about him! He was truly a special man!

    OMG...I don't think I've seen Billy Crystal do Sammy!?!? And btw I really LOVE Billy Crystal too. The next time I'm in the video store I'll look for Billy Crystal DVD and see if it's on there!

    Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for stopping by today, Divine Miss Jones!!!

    Maybe once you and I get our ACT together, we can perform at the Sahara...what do ya think???

    Wayne Newton and Juliet Prouse LIVE at the Sahara!!!



    Ciao bella Prouse!


  19. This is PRICELESS! Ron,the only thing that could have possible topped either of our photos is if we had gone to prom together. My hoop and your pants--SWEET!

  20. Helloooooo Diane!

    OMG!!!!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE???


    We could have gone as Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara!!!

    "fiddle de de!!!!"

    Thank you SOOOOOOO much for not only stopping by, but for also giving me the idea for this post!

    Hope you had a wonderful day, dear lady!

    P.S. Promise me for our next prom you'll be my date???


  21. *psssst* It's me... giggle :-)

    I couldn't find your email address so I popped on over as soon as I put Bubette down for a nap! :-)

    This profile is linked to her blog!

    HAHAHAHAHA OMG Ronnie those photos are BRILLIANT!!! What you talkin about!? Thats a FABULOUS OUTFIT!! :-) *giggles* I hope you kept it! ;-) xx

  22. OMG....Giggle or rather Kayla's Mum!!!!!!

    It's SOOOOOOOOOO freaking fabulous to see ya!!!!!


    I've miss ya sooooooo much!!!!!

    I was so happy to see that you had posted yesterday and was even MORE happy to read that you had started this other blog!

    And thank you for leaving the link, because I'll be over often to check it out!

    OMG...Kayla is ADORABLE!!!!

    *just like her MUM!

    Oh and don't ya just LOVE my prom outfit? No...I didn't keep it. I sold it on Ebay!


    Thanks so much for popping by, dear one!

    You made my day!!!!

    Love to you, the prince, and KAYLA!!!!


  23. Wow! What a hamsome pair you guys were! Your friends pants are now a Tartan blanket that I let my dog nap on. Your 64 inch jacket is just what I would have wanted if I were going to be a magician and pull a full grown horse out of my pocket. Yet, in those years this was COOL. It was us making a statement that our taste was definitely in our asses. Thanks for sharing your photos my friend and your courage.
    Oh by the way I wore a powder blue, blacked piped tux with blue ruffle shirt and a bow tie that could be seen four counties away.
    Have a great day Mr. Tux

  24. This was so freaking funny! "just before we all got into my fathers’ car and drove to a formal dinner at.... DENNY'S".

    BTW: thanks for reminding me about CIRCUS men. Charming memories resurfaced.... WAH!

    I just love you.

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Dave!!!!

    Your friends pants are now a Tartan blanket that I let my dog nap on.!!

    Your 64 inch jacket is just what I would have wanted if I were going to be a magician and pull a full grown horse out of my pocket.


    Tis' true, my those days we all thought we were the BOMB!

    And isn't it FUN to look back and laugh???

    Thanks so much for adding your humor to this post!

    God, that was great!

    Enjoy your day, buddy!

  26. Good Morning Sibyllae!


    I always love coming here and seeing that you've left a comment!

    Yes...the formal dinner at Denny's was SUPERB! We each ordered a magnificent 3-course bean burrito dinner, however, we were all extremely "gassy" during the prom.


    Thanks for stopping by today Sibyllae!

    Love ya!

  27. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! I LOVE THOSE TUXs!!! What a clear sign of the times, Ron! I had a pair of polyester bootleg pants!!! Weren't the 70s just PRECIOUS?!!!!! I think you all look cute! Though it's sooo hilarious that I had to BURST out laughing!! HILAIROUS!! Hahahaha!!!! I can't stop laughing!!!
    Thanks for brightening my day/night!!
    Hugs, Leesa

  28. Bonjour Leesa!

    Isn't it funny, how when we look back at the fashion of yester-year, we all say OMG!!...yet eventually the fashion starts creeping back into the present time.

    Whether it's the style of shoes, belts, makes it's way BACK!!!!

    OH NO!

    And yes...I DO remember those bootleg pants!

    And isn't it a HOOT how everything in the 70's was either made of polyester or corduroy???

    And it was HOTTER than hell!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the flashback, Leesa!

    Saturday Night Fever!!!

    Have a great evening!


  29. Ron, let me know if my comment before this came through.

  30. Hi Nitebyrd! didn't and I'm so sorry.

    OMG...this has been happening to me too. It happened once yesterday and once today while I left comments on other peoples blogs!!


    I'm getting to the point where I copy and paste them now!!


  31. HAHA!! I just came back to read your comment back to me and saw that I wrote BOOTLEG... INSTEAD of BELL BOTTOM.. HAHAhAHA.. And you wrote back and you had totally understood what I meant!!! hahahahha... My pants weren't actually bootlegged... that's when you steal something, right?! Like a bootlegged copy of a dvd... I am really forgetting a lot of my words in English after being here in France so long!!! Take care, Ron ... Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Leese

  32. Bonjour Leesa!

    OMG...that's so DAMN funny!!!!

    I totally thought you meant those pants that went with BOOTS. You know, the ones that are elastic at the bottom so they don't come out of the boot!!!!!!

    OY VEY!!!!

    Anyway, my least we both understood, even though we were talking about two different things!!!!


    Have a wonderful weekene too, Leesa!

    It's FREEZING here today and I spent the whole day walking outside, and when I got home and looked in the face was BRIGHT RED! It looked like I had a sunburn!