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Hi Folks!

Hope everyone had a fabulous New Year!

Mine was very quiet and relaxing.

When I got out of work Wednesday evening, I came directly home and literally went into hibernation.

After dinner, I lit some candles and took a long hot bath. Later, I called my fabulous mother in Florida, when I once again heard her political speech about how she can’t wait until BUSH get’s the HELL out of The White House, so the United States can finally return to a Norman Rockwell painting.

(you gotta LOVE her!)

Afterwards, I called my good friend Diana in Orlando, while we both sipped a glass of red wine, giggling; catching up on one another’s lives.

And then at the stroke of Midnight, the city did what it always does…went INSANE!!!

Fireworks, car horns, and people body slamming each other in the streets.

I on the other hand, sat in my warm cozy apartment like a character from the movie Little Women, and took a deep breath, while letting go of all the retail stress I’ve been carrying around for the past three weeks.


New Years Day I stayed inside, while Philadelphia celebrated with the traditional Mummer’s Day Parade. It’s a celebration that starts at 8:30 am and goes on until about 7:00 pm. - and the city is VERY serious about it. If you would like to know more about this parade, watch the movie Strut…you truly won’t believe your eyes! It's basically a parade of straight men wearing overly-exaggerated drag queen gowns.


New Years Day in Philly, consist of people drinking LARGE amounts of alcohol, which makes the city streets resemble a zoo filled with inebriated gorilla’s.

(which is WHY I stay indoors)

I spent the entire day lying around, watching a few movies and enjoyed my solitude.

I’ve got the next month off from work, so I’ll be starting a project I’ve been wanting to get to, and also spending time with a good friend of mine; hanging out and maybe even taking a day trip to the country.

I always look forward to this month away from work. It enables me to rejuvenate for the busy Spring season, which starts in February.

So as we begin 2009...I would like to share a special award that was given to me from my longtime blogging friend, Akelamalu @ Everything and Nothing. This lovely lady and I have been blogging together ever since we both started. She actually gave me my very first award two years ago, which made me feel like a million bucks! If you haven’t already done so, please stop by and say Hello. She’s a very clever writer, who is also warm and friendly, which will make you feel right at home!

Thanks again, Akelamalu…your loyal friendship is cherished!

So without further ado ….

This is the thinking behind this particular award:

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Drum roll, please……

And the Friends Award goes to:

Barbara @ Home in France
Spiky Jones @ Bit Player Reflects
Anndi @ Transition

And thank you, to not only these eight award recipients, but to all my friends who stop by here...making my life all the more friendlier!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. ah ronnie, that's so sweet! thank you so much...there's a little snag but eventually I will know *8* bloggers to share it with besides

    wow, it's a crazy place there in philly...sounds like my kind of town, haha NOT! would love it here, where I live, NO PEOPLE! I am a hermitess (is that a word?) of the maximum intensity and so, hate cities and big people-crawling celebrations...I don't even like restaurants unless they are very small and very quiet and very expensive in general, which is why they are small and quiet...kind of goes with the territory I suppose and I live near SF, which is so expensive anyway, so it's not hard to find, BUT it's a big city, well, small compared to where you live, but still a city so I stay home...

    am so glad you finally have some much deserved r&r to play and stay home and do nothing if you want...I'm still laughing over your buns of steel, rip-off undies post :D ...

    so, thank you much, dear man, I love you very much too....


    ps: I will toddle off and check out all these wonderful people soon...knowing you, I am sure I will like their blogs too ;)

  2. Helloooo Linda!

    You are so very welcome, my friend!

    You deserve're a GREAT friend!

    And worries, take your time. You can share this award whenever you decide to do so.

    Yes...Philly is very much a ZOO!! It's not a BIG city, but it's totally chaotic (a different type of chaos than say, NYC). I'm at a point in my life where I would like to move. I enjoy city life, just not here. Philly has a very strange energy. I've often thought of Chicago. I'm going to use part of January to do some research. I would like to move somewhere, where I would have close access to the city, but also a bit of nature around me.

    OMG...and yes, I work with a girl from SF and she's alway telling me how expensive it is to live there, but that I would LOVE the weather because it NEVER gets HOT.

    So glad you enjoyed the buns of steel post!

    tee, hee!

    As always, thanks for stopping by Linda!

    Have a MARVI weekend!

    Love ya too, dear lady!


  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww...thank you hon!!!!
    I will get to work on it tomorrow...right now it's time to G to the F to the O from work! One more 12 hour day tomorrow...
    a HOT HOT HOT HOT bath sounds good to me. (last night the pups & I just went to sleep, just like you, fireworks, car alarms, sirens and all. Then got awoken by the sound of rain. Sheesh. I mean, OY VEY! ;)
    Thanks again for my very first blogaward, dahlink...nitey nite XOXO

  4. Thank you, Ron! I'm so touched. YOU are definitely a great writer and friend. (((hugs)))

    Akelamalu is also a fab writer, it's because of you I started reading her blog.

    You had a great New Year's "celebration" just like mine. My son, the party animal, was even home and let me finish his bubbly wine! After a year like 2008, quiet was good!

    Thanks, again for the award. I'm looking forward to 2009 with wonderful friends like you!

  5. Awwwwww....*blushing* Thank you sir--too kind....

    And I'm glad for you to have a day of nothingness before you delve into your time off and the 'further adventures of Vent'.

    ((((((( Ron )))))))
    You just enjoy your time away from the insanities.

    And thank you, sir.'s a lovely little (huge) thing--thank you so much...

  6. I had a very similar quiet New Year - I rented the entire season 4 of LOST and got about half way thru before my DVD player decided to take a rest - WTF!?

    even inanimate objects give me grief!

    I look forward to a new year full of whimsy and wit - all my love.

    and congrats on the award :)

  7. Aloha Debi!


    You guys and gals all ROCK!

    Take your time sharing the award, there's no rush. But in the meantime, place it on your blog and ENJOY!!

    Thanks for being a great pal, Deb!

    And good luck with your last 12 hour day at work!! Shit...I know how you feel! Hope you have some time this weekend to just VEG and relax!

    Talk to ya, later!

    P.S....and goodnight...ZZZZzzzzzz!

  8. Hiya Lady Nitebyrd!

    It was so much fun sharing this with you, Sis!


    And isn't Alelamalu a lovely lady? And an awesome blogger!!!

    See...and we EVEN spent the same kind of New Years Eve!!! It felt SO wonderful to just spend the evening quiet and cozy!

    ooooh....and you had bubbly wine? I've never tried that. I either drink, Sharaz, Pinot, or a mild Cab.

    I'm so looking forward to this new year. I feel really good about it!!!

    Have a great weekend, dear lady!


  9. Morning Mel!

    You're so VERY welcome!!!

    You're a great friend and such a wonderful it was a pleasure passing this on to you!!


    Oh feels SOOOOO great to have this time off!! I'm so EXCITED!!!

    Hey...and guess what?? We FINALLY got a little snow this week! And I say "a little" because it only lasted 15 mins. Whoop tee doo! However, it's been VERY I'm grateful for that! It finally feels like WINTER!!!


    Hope all is well with you!

    Sharing much "good energy" and love!

    Enjoy your weekend, Mel!


  10. Ron m'dear you were very sensible to NOT go out on New Year's Eve when people are acting crazy!

    You so deserve the award my friend it fits you to a T! xx

    I'm off to read your nominees now. :)

  11. HAPPY NUDE YEAR Dianne!!!

    Oh sounds like A LOT of us bloggers had similar New Years Eve's!

    I think this year people were just taking it easy and resting...after such an intense 2008.

    But it really felt good to just be quiet, didn't it??

    HEY!!!...and I've got to tell you something funny, I just had my DVD player KONK out on me too! So on New Years Day I watched two of my VHS tapes! Lately, all things technical have been breaking on me. Even my vacuum cleaner!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Dianne!

    And I look forward to sharing and laughing 2009 with you!

    You ROCK!

    Have a great weekend!

    P.S. Hey...and aren't you LOV'IN this COLD weather we're having???


  12. OMGOSH!! I'm sitting here utterly and totally speechless!! That is soooo sweet of you, Ron! It's a great honor for you to bestow this award on me and also the others, as well..
    Friendship means the world to me, I like to make friends wherever I go... whether out on the streets, the metros, the parcs, Starbucks, blogs, etc... Friends are what makes the world go round...
    I get so much positive energy from positive people... Thanks for being a friend, too.. And, thanks to my friend, Barbara who introduced me to your blog in the first place... It gets to be a small world her in the Blogosphere, just by way of reading one another's blogs.. I am happy to spread the love ... Merci beaucoup pour le prix.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. P.S. It's funny that when you win a reward you mostly think about saying, Thanks to the person who gave it to you.. And (WHOOPS) forget to say congrats to the person who won it in the first place...
    SOOOOOOO.... CONGRATS to you Ron!! A very well deserved award for you!! Thanks for passing it on to us... Leesa

  14. Helloooo Akelamalu!!!

    Yes!!! I've never been one to spend New Years Eve out. I usually enjoy a quiet party with a few close friends and being "low-keyed."

    When you're out at a bar/pub...I can't see KISSING complete strangers at midnight, ya know??

    Tee, hee!

    And thanks again for sharing this award with me, dear friend!

    I thoroughly enjoyed passing it on to others!!!

    I look forward to MANY more years of blogging with you!


    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Bonjour Leesa!

    And you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO welcome, my friend!

    It gave ME such JOY to share it with you! So thank YOU!!!

    You truly are such a friendly person, Leesa! And I can just imagine that WHEREVER you go...people are automatically drawn to and feel comfortable. I know I was and do!

    You've got a special gift, dear lady!

    You allow people to always feel WELCOMED!

    And I agree...I've met MORE good friends online (through blogging) than I have in my everyday life. And I really do mean...GOOD friendships.

    It's AWESOME isn't it???

    And I think my favorite part about this, is being able to share different cultures and traditions from all over the world!

    It's like a HUGE blog encylopedia, isn't it???

    Meeting you and Barb from France, has been such a delight. And then actually MEETING Barb in person...was just TOO COOL! And I know that one day you and I will meet too...and maybe even share a coffee at Starbucks in Paris!!


    So enjoy this award, Leesa...and then whenever you feel like it, pass it on to others, making the friendship circle even bigger!

    It's pleasure getting to share with you!

    And I look forward to many more enjoyable years!

    Have a great weekend!


  16. Bonjour again Leesa!

    Thanks sweet lady!

  17. Oh ronnie, like a character of the movie Little Women...hehehe.

    I am compared to Josephine (Jo) March by my sisters. Funny you would mention Little Women. I spoke with my sister in Nebraska yesterdsay and she said that to me again. When she first read the book by Alcott...she refered to me as Jo March. I had not yet read the book so I had no idea if it was a good or bad thing. After reading the book I resigned to admitting I had some of those characteristics and did not dispute the matter. I would though refer to her as Marmee March, which she took a fancy to. She is the eldest and always looked after us as a mother would.

    Like the march family we would do performances for and with each other in our early years.

    I love to watch Winona Rydera dn Susan Sarandon as Marmee. that's my favorite Little Women movie. I cry each and every time Beth dies so always keepo a box of tissue nearby.

    Oh and don't get me going on Jane Austin's Pride and Predudice...Keira Knightly and Mathew (the hunk) Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy...Hello! hehehe.

    I know...I know, down Spiky Zora, get off Mr. Darcy. There are proprieties. :D


    Ronnie, you honor receive this award from you is an honor. It makes my eyes glisten with tears...but they are from happiness. You put a smile on my face always. I thank you for this wonderful gift. I'll display it in my blog proudly.

    ronnie...I've decided not to go yet. To many have expressed their hearts. And I find that I can't leave yet...My heart is still full from all of the wonderful bloggers and readers...and I still have things to say and more stories of the past and present to tell.

    Plus...I still have to write that show with you. And maybe I can get on that stage again...hehehe.

    Thank you my friend...

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and rest up's going to be a bumpy ride. :D

    Ciao Honey. :)

  18. Ah, A nice quite New Year's celebration. That is what I had also. We ate a rib roast and we sipped some merlot. My son and his lovely wife and my awsome granddaughter spent the night with us. We played Cranium and Scrabble. We watched Old Dick Clark for the New Year arrival and we all toasted 2009.
    With that we went to sleep and had some wonderful times to dream about.
    It was COLD that night. The brass balls on the monkey were like ice. We had some snow that day and now it is over. So to you my friend I wish a very happy and healthy new year. I am so glad that you will have some time to rejuvenate and I look forward to you words for the upcoming year. Peace to you.

  19. Dear Miss Jones...

    First of all....


    You're not leaving yet!!!!!!!

    Well...that's the BEST damn New Years NEWS I've heard!!!!!

    (you can't see me...but I'm jumping up and down right now!!)

    So glad to hear that you still have many things to share with us! And I look forward to it too! Yes!...and OUR show!

    (which is actually the most important priority)

    Tee, hee!

    And yes...Little Women. I actually own the film and watch it at least 5 times thoughout the year. It's such a "warm-fuzzy" movie, isn't it? Me too...I cry everytime Beth dies! And your sister is right...your spirit does resemble Jo March. And that's a WONDERFUL thing!!! Isn't Susan Sarandon brilliant in that film? I can watch that lady in ANYTING...and LOVE her! I just recently watched Thelma and about BRILLIANT!

    And you are SOOOO welcome, my friend! It was an HONOR to pass it on to you. You're friendship is such highlight in my life. And as I've shared with you on a comment on your blog...."We, your readers...are all the more loved and richer, in knowing you!"

    So enjoy!

    You deserve it!

    Hey...and did I see that you've changed your avatar???? YES! I LOVE it! It's very Andy Warhol!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Miss Jones!

    And have a SUPER DOOPER weekend!

    Ciao bella!

  20. Happy New Year Mr.Dave!

    "The brass balls on the monkey were like ice..."


    You funny, funny man!

    Sounds like your New Years Eve and Day were wonderful, Dave! And I bet having your precious new granddaughter with you...made it even MORE wonderful!

    And to watch Dick Clark ring in the New Year is AWESOME! Such a magical tradition, isn't it!

    So glad to hear you got some snow for the New Year! We did too (about 2 minutes of it!?) And today it actually snowed too (and again...about 2 minutes of it!?). I have a feeling it's going to do that all winter!!

    Oh, long as it's COLD, I don't care!

    Thanks for stopping by my good friend!

    And I so look forward to another year of sharing with ya, Dave!

    Peace, buddy!

  21. Happy New Year!!!
    I'm baaaaack!!! OH how I've missed reading everyone's blogs.

    I didn't watch the Mummers this year. Usually I try to catch atleast a few of the bands. We've been gaming all week. LOL Read my new post to find out what that means. LOL
    Enjoy your month hiatus!
    I'll be back to catch up on my fav reads soon. Hugs to you my friend. It's great to be back in touch. Those travel pic are coming soon......

  22. Have a wonderful new year and a GREAT break. xox


  23. HAPPY NEW YEAR Crystal-Chick!!!!!!!!

    OMG!!!!! It's SOOOOO freaking GREAT to see ya!!!!!!

    YAHOOOO!!!! You're BAAAAACK!!!!!

    I've missed being in touch with you, too!!! feels like a whole month!

    Did yo get a new computer or fix the old one?

    YES!!! Tomorrow I'll stop by your blog and catch up on your posts!

    I can't wait to see the photos of the trip!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, M!

    What a FABULOUS New Year treat!

    Hugs to you, too!

  24. HAPPY NEW YEAR Hope!!!!

    Always so nice seeing ya!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    YES...last month was total INSANITY, so this month will be such a welcome to being able to kick back and relax!

    Hope your Christmas and New Year were filled with much happiness and blessings!


  25. First time passer-by. I enjoyed your blog. Good stuff.

  26. Greetings AceC!

    Welcome!...and thanks for stopping by. It's always great meeting a new blogger!

    Glad you enjoyed!

    Stop by anytime!

    And Happy New Year to ya!