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Isn’t it especially fun when several of your home appliances and electronics seem to fall apart at the same time?

Let’s see…

…so far it’s been my French press coffee maker, my VCR, my vacuum cleaner, my alarm clock, and most devastatingly, my DVD player.

Last Friday I decided it was time to replace the DVD player. And because I like to purchase things in the most frugal way possible, I went to the only place in this godforsaken city that sells electronics CHEAP.

I went to none other…than K Fart.

Oh, excuse me…K Mart.

I both love and hate K Mart.

I love it for the frugal prices, but I hate it because my shopping experience always feels like I’m being stung to death by a colony of fire ants.

Now I don’t know how the K Mart is in your part of the world, but the one here in Philly is perhaps one of the worst stores I’ve ever shopped in.

Not only does it look like someone dropped an atomic bomb on it, but the customer service is virtually invisible.

To tell you the truth, I’ve had better customer service while using a vending machine.

So whenever I go to K Mart I have to mentally and emotionally prepare myself, by trying to imagine that I’m the most laid-back person in the world, and that nothing bothers me.

But somehow I always end up reacting like Joan Crawford.

Well anyhow, I got a great deal. I purchased a DVD player for only $29.95.

And don’t laugh…because it actually works, temporarily.

However, even though the price tag was fantastic, trying to hook it up to both my VCR and TV was like something out of the horror movie SCREAM.

When I first opened the little booklet that came inside the box, it took me 15 minutes just to find the directions written in English. And then it took me another 30 minutes to unwrap all the one hundred ANNOYING pieces of protective plastic that were scotch taped to EVERY SINGLE INCH of the 29.95 piece of CRAP!

So 45 minutes after I got the damn thing unveiled, I attempted to read the cable connection directions.

This is when I began to have a complete hysterectomy breakdown, because nothing made any sense.

For some reason, the cable colors on the new DVD player did not match the cable colors on my TV modulator, PLUS…there was an extra orange and green cable, which I had no earthy idea what they were suppose to connect to.

And the booklet was absolutely no help, because it was printed in black and white, so I couldn’t tell what the hell cable colors they were referring to.

So I had to play a guessing game; plugging in fifty different cable color combinations in the hopes that one would finally be the perfect combination.

(I felt like a friggin’ switchboard operator)

Well, needless to say I finally got the DVD player connected.

But I would like to end this post by repeating one thing…



  1. Hi Ron,
    Boy, can I relate to this!
    I'm not a tech person and can spend hours doing everything in the instructions "step by step"...
    until I breakdown or get lucky !

    Hey; I think you are talking about the K store on Market street ( the one that brags to be the "Super K".
    We went in there and werent too impressed ...

    I'm glad that the Gods were kind with you and the darn player works ! Yeah. Thanks for nothing to whoever wrote those instructions !!
    Have fun viewing your DVDs & big hugs from the two of us.

  2. Lemme confess that I STILL do not know how to operate the spendy DVD/CD player thingy that's attached to the television.

    But....I do care that the French Press broke two days ago and I can't have my pressed coffee at night.....

    Now THAT--is a critical situation! ;-)
    DVD players---notsomuch.....

  3. I call them 'distructions' because there is never easy-to-read directions for anything.
    It is sooooooo frustrating. And Mercury IS retrograde so that's always good for some additional confusion. ;)

    Whenever we get any new appliance ... or anything with, you know, that packet of conundrums, I make a pouty face and look right at hubs. And he says.... 'give me the booklet before you break something'.... knows me so well. ;)
    Even the computer we just got he managed to hook everything up and get me back online. And he hardly ever uses it. Now, there might have been a some *mildly offensive* language coming from the corning of the living room for a few minutes but HEY, here I am, so whatever he did WORKED!

    KMart, is that in or by the old Gallery now? I think we were there a year or two ago. That mall has gone really downhill. I used to go there when I worked in Philly years ago and seem to remember a nice Pub and a few other good shops.

    Love the picture of Ben on your sidebar. He's a riot! Watched 'Along Came Polly' again not too long ago. Funny stuff!

    Enjoy your new DVD player. It's a good thing you don't have cable as programming a remote control box is such an nasty task. One that surely requires a helmet and some backup. So should you go that route some day, get a husband!!!
    I'd send mine over but I'm thinking of taking up Origami so he's gonna be quite busy for awhile......

    Have a happy week! :)

  4. "I’ve had better customer service while using a vending machine."

    Ron, actually it is, or rather has to be true here in India. You see for majority here these machines are still spooky boxes gulping money and returning some damn favor to you. Not just for illiterates, who actually see least of those, many literates too.

    Its fine if a shop is left unattended for even an hour or so. People would patiently wait till the shopkeeper comes and if he doesn't, leave without a word spoken. But leaving a vending machine unattended? Forget. Most of the people find these far more interesting than dumb X-boxes. They devour them with such childish eagerness and mentality. No surprise, most unattended vending machines stare at you with outrage of a victim raped for its whole and sole, its bloody software :)

  5. Bonjour Barbara!


    That's exactly THE K Mart I'm referring too!!!!

    A SUPER STORE???????'s a super NIGHTMARE!!


    It's really the only major store, to get stuff like electronics, in Center City (that's inexpensive). And I refuse to buy electonics from the smaller privately owned fly-by-night-stores on Market Street, because they're horrible about returning anything if something should be wrong with the item.

    I really only go into K Mart for electronic and appliance type things, so it's not like I'm in there all the time, but when I do go...HOLY MOLY...I feel like I should be wearing dark sunglasses!

    And YES...I finally got the damn DVD player connected and it actually works well.

    So this aggravating story had a happy ending!

    Thanks for stopping by Barb!

    And HAPPY MONDAY to ya!

    X to you and Didier!

  6. GOOOOOOD Morn'in Mel!'re a HOOT!!!!!

    Because I SOOOOOO indentify with your critical situation about the FRENCH PRESS!!!

    *on account of you and I being coffee-maniacs.

    Isn't that the WORST???

    And for me it's REALLY worse, because I don't own an electric Mr. Coffee maker or such. I don't have the space in my kitchen. So when "it"'s like my life-line has been cut off!!

    I've broken the beaker only once, but things like the inner filter screen needs replacing a lot. In fact that whole filtering gizmo is what broke this time.

    OY VEY!!!!

    I'm usually pretty good at figuring out technical things with electonic items, but the directions for this item, were psychotic!#?!*

    Thanks for dropping by today, dear Mel!

    Always a pleasure sharing with ya!



  7. Good Morning Crystal-Chick!


    THAT'S the K Mart I'm talking about!!!

    And OMG...the Gallery is a place I can't even go into. From what I understand, since moving back here, the Gallery use to be FABULOUS and I can believe it too, because I can see that at one time the space was actually very beautiful!

    Like I shared with Mel, I really don't mind putting together electonic type-stuff, but the directions that came with this DVD player were INSANE! Nothing made any sense!!?

    And now that you told me about Mercury retrograding...maybe that's why I felt even more confused!!!

    And isn't Ben Stiller a RIOT? I own a copy of "Zoolander" and watch over and over again. Yes..."Along Came Polly" was very funny. I love Jennifer Aston too! They both made such a great couple in the film!

    *didn't you HOWL at the scene with Ben in the BATHROOM??

    Hey, and keep me posted on your Origami project. That's sound NEAT!

    Thanks a nuch for dropping by today, M!

    I ALWAYS love sharing with you, dear lady!

    And HAPPY WEEK to you too!


  8. Howdy Amit!

    Always so great seeing ya, bud!'re comment made me HOWL!!!

    You're a VERY funny guy!!

    It's interesting, because I've heard many foriegners who come to the US to visit, say that customer service is much better here than where they live, but I can't even imagine that!?!?

    You see, I AM in the customer service business myself, and I guess my standards of giving attentive attention to customers, must be too high a standard, but customer service in this country (to me, anyway) has gone to shit!

    So I really meant that when I said I've had better customer service while using a vending machine!


    Thanks for stopping by today and sharing a comment, Amit!

    It's always enjoyed!

    Have a SUPER Monday

  9. Well you went a few steps further than I would Ron, I wouldn't even go buy a DVD player without someone with me who knows about all things technical! :(

  10. HAHAHA!! For 29.95 I am happy that the only problem was that the colors didn't match. Still, I have to admit this post makes me miss the U.S. Here in Germany there is no K-Fart or Wall&*$! and when you want to buy an appliance that is inexpensive, you options are very limited.

  11. (raises hand) yes Sir Ron, I do know what it's like to have several things break down at the same time. It's happening to me now. TV is dead, washer acts up as does the microwave. I also need a new vacuum, but waiting for new carpet. It makes no sense to use an old vacuum that has cat hair stuck on and in it (the very thing I'm trying to get rid of) on new carpet and let my respiratory system heal.

    The blinds guy finally did come and I put in my order. I don't want to breathe that dust either. Shredded curtain dust. Yuck.

    A friend of mine went into Circuit City to check out the big deal of it closing. He said stuff was only 10% off and still most TV's were gone. I said I could never buy a big-ticket item like that when there are no refunds or exchanges! What if there's something missing in the box or broken? You're screwed! Now, buying ink, paper, CD's DVD's, etc. I can see.

    My boss asked how it went installing my converter box because he still had to install his. (our cutoff date was a month earlier than the mainland) and I said if *I* can do it, anybody can do it. It was easy, but my TV died a few weeks after I put it on. He then made this face :O LOL

  12. Helloooooo Akelamalu!

    OMG...I thought I was going to PULL MY HAIR OUT!

    I think the next time I attempt do this...a nice glass of red wine is in order, don't ya think?


    Cheers my dear!

    And thanks for stopping by!

    Hey...and by the way? How are you enjoying Microsoft Vista? Don't you just LOVE the 100 updates you get every week!!?!?!?

    OY VEY!



  13. Greetings Diane!

    It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wonderful seeing ya, dear lady!!!!

    It's funny, because I was originally going to buy a completely different model, but a customer in the store suggested the one I actually bought, because he had had it and said it was GREAT!

    OH GOD....wait until I SEE HIM Again!!!!!


    And yes, you're so right...K FART can be annoying, but the good side is the GREAT prices!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Diane!

    And HAPPY MONDAY to ya!


  14. Aloha Debi!

    OMG...isn't that just AWFUL???

    It's like Murphy's Law...when one thing goes, everything else follows!!


    Lately, like you...several of my appliances are KAPUT! So I'm just taking one at a time and replacing them. The DVD player was on the top of my list!!! About two years ago, I also had to replace my TV. And where did I GO?

    K FART!

    I had no idea about Circuit City closing!?!?! many of the department stores here in Philly are doing the same thing. I'm just so grateful that the store work in, is doing well.

    Hey...and congrats getting your converter box installed!

    WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!

    Thanks for dropping by Deb!

    Hope you're having an awesome day!



  15. ronnie...hehehehehe. I envy those that can hook stuff up. I asked where the rewind button was on a DVD player.

    Do you have a Wal Mart there? they are the cheapest evah on everything, but each time you ask an ASSOCIATE as they like to be "Miss where is the DVD department?" They always answer..."In the garden section."

    "Oh and where is the pharmacy?' they answer. "In the garden department."

    Better to get a good tracker guide...when going there. hehehe.

    I'm clueless with those things...I let my son do it for me. I swear kids now-a-days...they are born with electronics in their genes. My 4 1/2 year old niece...NO auntie, push the green button. There...Oh I feel so smart around them.

    I can see it in my son's eyes...Poor mother, she doesn't know anything.

    I just as I prop my feet up and I hurry him along...come on, I want to watch a movie.


    K-fart is good sometimes when I'm lookimg for sale items.

    Ciao mister...I hope get your electronics...back in order. hehehe.

  16. OMG...Miss Jones!!!!


    I just about DIED when you were sharing your experience in WALMART!!!


    There's not a WALMART close to me, but to tell you the truth, I MUCH prefer them to K- FART because at least the associates TALK to you. In K Mart, they just GRUNT.

    OMG...and you're so right about the kids today, knowing EVERYTHING about electonics. I saw a little boy in the store around Christmas time, using a laptop already!!

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for the wonderful you gave me today, Miss Jones!

    You're such a GEM!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!

    Ciao bella


    P.S. and I'm meet you in the GARDEN DEPT. at Walmart tomorrow, ok?