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Last week while I was on my blog break, I watched one of my all-time favorite movies, The Devil Wears Prada.

Don’t ya just LOVE that film?

Anyway…watching it again reminded me of just how NOT fashion conscious I am.

I mean, I think I always look well-dressed and put-together, but I can’t say that what I’m wear is necessarily IN the current fashion.

I don’t follow trends, nor do I own anything with a designer label.

Unless of course, you want to call the Gap a designer label.

My own personal fashion for dressing up, is wear something SIMPLE and BLACK, because anything simple and black, fits into any situation and always remains classic.

I’m very lazy when it comes to my clothes. I don’t want to think about anything. I just want to put it on and go.

And you should see the way I shop!?!

I never go out shopping for a complete seasonal wardrobe. I shop in pieces. I buy a few dress shirts one day, and then maybe a pair of black dress slacks, a month or two later. And then six months down the road, I’ll buy a tie or a belt. I’m not one who will spot something in a store and says, “OMG…I have to HAVE that!”

Also…I’m a bargain shopper.

I refuse to take out a home equity loan to buy clothes.

I know everyone says that buying high-quality is better than buying lower-quality, but I beg to differ. I’ve bought some very inexpensive pieces of clothing, that have lasted me an eternity. And I know of many people who always insist on buying high-quality, and then complain that the buttons fell off and the threads pulled out, the first time they wore it to their daughters divorce hearing.

I’m sorry, to me, there’s no such thing as high-quality anymore.

Quality has gone to shit.


Now…getting back to Does the Devil Really Wear Prada?

I don’t think so.

And I’ll tell you why…

…you see, my grandmother use to always call me her Little Devil.

And this little devil only wears…Payless.

Wishing you a devilish weekend, everyone!

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  1. I have that film on my shelf....perhaps I shall watch it again this weekend.

    The only Prada I have is perfume (a gift from a lover).

    I shop for a top or a skirt when needed and if I can get 2 or 3 for the price of one so much better. In the past year I have found ebay to be a great source for my clothes.

    have a great day Ron


  2. OMG ROOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN, payless??? I cannot wear cheap shoes, if that's the same store you are talking about....and it recently closed here so nobody liked them!

    love love love that movie...meryl is so brilliant in that and I love watching the girl, can't remember her name, changes into a fashion plate through the fun! I think meryl does bitch better than anybody today, don't you?

    well, I'm not a designer label buyer but I don't skimp much either...I also never hardly ever shop because there's nothing I hate more! so if I ever get to a dept. store, I run all over, wear myself to a frazzle and try to buy everything I think I need at one time...and there's always online now, the answer to my dreams!

    well goodnight, ronnie...I must go to sleep! and black is my favorite color too, not such a big surprise I bet! :)

  3. Oh well...fools and their money, right, dear? ;)
    What's the saying? Penny-wise, pound foolish? (or something like that)
    I always see this same woman around; she got one maker's unmistakable handbag and another unmistakable maker's stillettos, which are beat to hell. Oh well...sucker!

  4. I've never seen that movie Ron. I have heard it is good though.
    I don't shop for labels either. I have a hard time paying more than $20 for one item. Even that pains me. One exception though is designer handbags. I have a small addiction to those.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie!!! LOVE IT! We have Directv so needless to say, the same movies are on ALL.THE.TIME. But some of them you just don't mind watching more than once. I can't even count how many times this one's been shown. But as I'm scanning stations, if it's on, I tune in.

    Especially because Meryl Streep is a GODDESS. And she played Miranda perfectly. The other actors were good too!!

    As for the clothes.... I shop exactly like you do, for a few items here and there as needed and on sale!! The most I bought all at one time was before we went to Cancun. Not knowing the resort or how people dressed we went a little overboard and had too much with us. So now I have clothes to last me a good while.

    Enjoy your weekend. :)

  6. I adore that movie - Meryl was amazing, I loved the way she threw her stuff at people as she breezed into the office

    the entire cast was great and the movie was fun from start to finish

    I am a jeans and tee kind of person, and I love Payless especially on BOGO days ;)

    sorry I've been so scarce - I'm a dick but you love me anyway - I just know you do

    Have a great weekend - wear something black

  7. Helloooooooo Lady!

    GREAAAAAAT seeing ya!!! actually own that film? I think I need to buy it too, because it's one of those movies that I like watching throughout the year! It's hysterical!!

    And I CANNOT believe you mentioned Prada perfume!!! It's one of my FAVORITES! It's spicy and very sexy isn't it? It's a wonderful fragrance for this time of the year.

    I have yet to ever shop on Ebay, but my brother keeps telling me I need to try it. He's gotten some great buys!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Lady!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  8. Hi Linda! changed your avatar! I love it! Just in time for SPRING!!! I love tulips!!

    Well, let me tell you something that I have discovered about Payless...

    ...not all the shoes they carry are made cheaply. In fact, I have beautiful pair of black real leather dress shoes, that everyone asks me, "Are those Kenneth Cole??" I swear to god! Their well-made and amazingly comfortable. I think they cost me about $40.00, and I STILL have them, can you believe it??

    And YES!!!! Meryl is ROCKS in that movie!!! I LOVE her anyway, but she blew me away in that film. My favorite character is Emily the bitchy first assistant to Miranda. OMG...everytime she opened her mouth I HOWLED!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Linda!

    And I hope you had a wonderful nights' sleep, dear lady!

    Wishing you an AWESOME weekend!


  9. Aloha Debi!

    You go, girl!!!

    I know that you're like me...a BARGAIN shopper.

    I think everyone has different priorities in what they enjoy spend their money on. Some people enjoy buying designer items (which is great), and then others spend their money on the latest technical gadgets.

    Me? When I have the money, I spend it on traveling.

    Thanks for stopping by my bargain shopping friend!

    Happy Friday to ya!

    And have a great weekend!


  10. Hellooooo Nicole

    OMG...I think you would LOVE the film!!!

    It's brilliant, because it depicts both sides of the fashion industry - the positive and the negative. It's almost as if it's laughing at itself. And Meryl Streep is AMAZING! All the actors are!

    If you're ever in the mood for a comedy, rent'll laugh your tush off!

    Like I shared with Debi, I think everyone has a passion for buying certain things. We're all different, ya know? Hey...and if designer handbags is your passion, go for it!

    Thanks a bunch for dropping by today, Nicole!

    Always great seeing ya!!

    Have a great weekend!


  11. Good Afternoon Crystal-Chick!

    How did I know that YOU would LOVE this film too????

    Probably because you and I seem to love the same films!

    And OMG...was not Meryl the freaking BEST?? She was the perfect Miranda, wasn't she? Like I shared with FAV character was Emily. It was the first time I had ever seen that actress Emily Blunt, but since then, has become her biggest fan! After I watched the film, I went back and re-watched all her scenes and PEED!

    Thanks for stopping by today, M!

    I hope you're feeling better!

    I hear we're supposed to get some SNOW and COLDER weather this weekend!

    Stay warm, dear lady!


  12. have been in my thoughts for the past few days!!!

    It's SOOOO great seeing ya, dear lady!

    Hey listen, no apologies ever needed here, because you know damn well I LOVE you! And lately, I've been busy redesigning this site and writing, so I've not been able to visit everyones blogs, myself.

    So please stop by whenever...because I love seeing you anytime!

    aaaahhhh...and you said the magic words...

    ....jeans and a tee!

    I love that too! In fact, that's really what I feel most comfortable in!

    And Alleluia for Payless, right????

    I've got three in my neighborhood and visit them ALL!!

    Have a fabulous weekend, Dianne!

    I'll drop by your place sometime this weekend!

    Love ya!


  13. Nope I think the devil wears Keds.
    at least she does in my house.
    You know you look pretty put together in your photo's..hard to believe you don't like to shop.

  14. Howdy Lady Sorrow!


    KEDS ROCK!!!

    Do you know what I think it is?

    I think I've been in retaill for SOOOOOOO long, that the thought of going shopping on my days off, just KILLS me! That's one of the things that I really like about living in a city...NO MALLS! I've developed a phobia about them!#!?

    Major ICKY!

    And I do like dressing up and looking nice, but I do so....CHEAPLY! I enjoying taking something from the Dollar Store and making look like Chanel!


    God love ya, woman!!!!

    Thanks SOOOOO much for stopping by, dear Sorrow!

    Have a wonderfully devilish weekend!

    Love ya!


  15. Ha I love this post! Just wanted to stop by and say HELLO!

  16. Hola Domestic Diva!

    It's funny, because this afternoon while I was running around town, doing some stuff, I walked right past a PAYLESS and laughed!!!

    Glad you enjoyed, my friend!

    Thanks for stopping by, it's always nice seeing ya!

    Enjoy your weekend!!


  17. I'm the same way. I don't think I've ever bought anything that wasn't on sale or clearance. When I go out to lunch and shop with my two girlfriends (one freaked out the first time I made her go to a thrift store!) if they lose me in a store, they always go to the clearance section because they know they'll find me there.

    I really don't have much fashion sense or the time to think about it. If it's black, it's bought!

  18. I am new to giving out blogger awards. I want to give this to you for a few reasons. To match your new pink blog and your theme. Also because your blog is really cool. Like I said before you make me laugh and it starts my day off great!
    [img src="" border="0" alt="You Are a Blog Star Award"] Just change the { to < and the } to >

  19. Howdy Nitebyrd!

    Oh man...aren't thrift stores the BOMB??

    I once worked with a girl who only bought her clothes from various thrift stores and I swear...she always looked CHIC! She knew exactly how to mix and match things to create her own sense of fabulous fashion!

    aaah yes...see, we really are siblings....

    ....if it's BLACK, it's bought!

    It's that drop of VAMPIRE blood we both share!


    Thanks for stopping by, Sis!

    Enjoy your weekend!!!


  20. OMG...Tried are so sweet!

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for passing on this award. I'm really touched!

    So glad you're enjoying Vent.

    There are SO MANY wonderful people who stop by here, so please go through my blog roll and introduce yourself - you'll find them ALL very friendly and welcoming!


    I always telling everyone, that the most humorous people come here. I feel VERY blessed in knowing them!

    I don't know whether you've noticed this, but I have an awards page, so I'll be placing your award (and blog link) on that page, ok? I'll probably get to that something this evening.

    Thanks again!

    And have a great weekend!


  21. Yep. Gotta love the Payless! Good enough for work. (have mortgage...will $AVE!) On a forum I'm on, I had brought up the TV converter box coupons and someone made the remark of 'who doesn't have cable?!' Well I said "are you going to pay for my cable? Dude...I have a dog with breast cancer and her meds cost me $55/mo. I'd much rather have my dog healthy and alive than cable TV', which is the same crap shown over and over and I don't have time for anyway.
    Love Ross too. If there were one near me I'd be in there weekly!

  22. Yahooo Debi!

    I was beginning to think that I was the ONLY person on this planet who does NOT have cable TV!?!?!

    I wouldn't even have a TV if it wasn't for all the movies I rent.

    I've never been a TV person.

    oooh...and ROSS! I have one about about nine blocks from where I live and it's HUGE.


    Hope you had a great day, Debi!

    Say hi to the dogs for me!


  23. I'm probably one of the least imaginative ones when it comes to clothes, and shopping in general. I'm a blue jeans and tee shirt kind of guy typically.

    My idea of shopping is going out to your average store and finding something I like and is reasonably priced. When I find said item(s) I'll buy at least a half dozen of them. The colors may be a bit different, but basically they are the same darned thing.

    Boring you say? Hell yes! I reply, but man oh man it is easy.

  24. Loooooooove that movie. I'm with you on the shopping thing and the taste for that matter. Honestly, Ron if you ever get to Houston you should let me know. I think we would have a blast!

  25. Howdy Mr. Jeff!

    aaaaah...another blue jeans and tee shirt person!!

    You, Nitebyrd, and I would go well together!

    We'd look like the Mod Squad!

    And you're not boring, you're just basic, and I'm the same way.

    Me too, buddy...I end up buying the same shirts and pants, only with me, it's usually in black, because of work. But I've even gotten into the habit of wearing black on my days off too!

    I look like someone from the Adams Family!


    But like I shared, I think pretty much goes with anything!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Jeff!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

    Later gator!

  26. Hiya Hope!

    Great seeing ya, girl!

    Hope you had a nice blog break!

    Isn't that movie the GREATEST? The DVD has some of the best special features, that I ended up watching over and over again!

    Hey listen, I swear...if I ever end up coming to Houston I will BE SURE to email you ahead of time, to let you know I'm coming. I too think we'd have a BLAST! can take me to all the thrift stores and PAYLESS, and we can go CRAZY!


    Thanks for dropping by, Hope!

    It's always great sharing with ya!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    The Devil



    I went into Payless today and it was...BOGO!! I didn't see anything today-and I even checked the kids section (luckily, small feet. Kids shoes are cheaper.) I was hoping for another score like I got at the last BOGO (clearance $8 plus another clearance $8= $12 for 2 pairs of work sneaks!)
    P.S.: I don't know how long the sale lasts, so HURRY!!!!!

  28. Aloha Miss Debi Payless~


    Don't ya hate when you hit a sale and you can't find a single item for yourself?

    Thanks for letting me know about BOGO!!! I actually past by a Payless the other day and didn't notice any BOGO signs in the window. I have off tomorrow, so I'll check out the store by my apartment.

    Don't you just love $12.00 for two pairs of sneaks???

    It's like hitting the Lottery!!!


    Enjoy your Sunday, Deb!

    It snowed here last night, so the city is covered in a light blanket of's looks beautiful!

    Well...I'm off to work!



  29. You know what I discovered when I was out in California in April/May? DSW-- MAN, what a FIND... Between that AND Payless AND Sketcher's Outet-- I'm set for shoes....
    You should see the SHOES in Paris... They've got THE greatest boots of all.... Happy Sunday to you.....

  30. I absolutely adore shopping! I don't have any Prada and believe it or not I haven't actually seen that film!

    I have only one item of clothing with a designer label that a pair of Armani jeans I bought when I was a size 12. Unfortunately I haven't been able to wear them for years but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them. I'm determined to get in them again when I go on that cruise next January!

  31. Bonjour Leesa!

    I've seen Sketcher's Shoes from the Burlington Coat Factory here in Philly and LOVE the look of them, but have never heard of DSW!?, I can only IMAGINE the selection of shoes you have in Paris!!

    If they're anything like the CHOCOLATE...ooh, la, la!

    Thanks for stopping by, Leesa!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    Happy Sunday to ya!


  32. Good Evening Akelamalu!

    I use to be a HUGE shopper myself. I was virtually an addict!! Whenever I felt down, a trip to the mall was like an instant pick me up!

    I think all the years in retail has tainted me?!?!?

    If you ever get the chance to see this film, and feel like it, please rent it...I think you would adore it!, don't get rid of those Armani jeans, because you'll look FABULOUS in them next January on that cruise!!!

    *and then after the cruise, you can sell them on EBAY!


    Thanks for dropping by today, my friend!

    Always a DEEEEEELIGHT!


  33. Yes...Debi snow!

    And tonight we're suppose get another 6-10 inches!!!

    I'm a happy camper!