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Today I thought I’d share something about one of my other occupations.

Being a Foot Reflexologist has made me very aware of peoples views on feet.

People seem to:

*appreciate and enjoy them.

*ignore them, like they don’t even exist.

* have a phobia about them.

*or think they’re the most disgusting part of human anatomy.

The first thing out of many people’s mouths, when they discover that I’m a foot reflexologist is…

“Eeeeew…I can’t believe you actually TOUCH people’s feet. Doesn’t that totally GROSS you out?”

And my response is…

“Yes, it TOTALLY grosses me out…that’s why I do it.”

Several people have also expressed…

“Hell…I don’t even notice or think about my feet until I accidentally step on a piece of glass.”

I actually had one person say to me…

“I HATE feet. I hate feet so much, that I can’t even touch or look at my own.”

And I thought to myself…

“Then how the hell do you ever put your shoes and socks on?”

But my all-time favorite reaction is….

(winking at me) “Oh…so I guess you have some sort of kinky foot fetish, right?”

And my smart-ass answer is…

(winking back) “Yes, I do…and to be totally honest, the only reason why I became a foot reflexologist, was so that I could walk around with a constant pump tent"

Obviously, because of my occupation, I appreciate and enjoy feet. I find them one of the most fascinating parts of our anatomy, because I know they are an excellent tool for staying healthy. When my feet feel good, so do I. And yes, I do find feet attractive - I actually see them as a work of art.

I enjoy taking good care of my own feet, by wearing comfortable shoes and using certain products; keeping them callus-free, soft, and in good shape. I also massage my feet at least once a day, because it makes my whole body feel wonderful.

And what I’ve enjoyed noticing within the past five years, is that it’s not only the women of the world who are taking the time to care for their feet with regular pedicures and massage, but also the men. And I think that’s great!

So take a tip from me…

Start giving your feet the attention they deserve, because if you do, they’ll not only feel good, but also look good.

I mean come on, look at mine…..


  1. I think your feet look marvelous!! The furry look is in now, didn't you know?? lol

    OH I LOVE just a basic foot massage from hubs so a professional reflexology session where you're getting all the right areas worked with just the right pressure must be heavenly!!!
    And of course the hands and the feet have points of representation for the entire body so how could you not feel more balanced and well when everything is flowing correctly.
    Unfortunately, even knowing that, I don't take proper care of them all the time. Sometimes I'm into giving myself a basic mani/pedi (can't afford the pro fees) and I have all sorts of lotions and potions and aromatherapy oils and then other times I neglect everything terribly and I look like that photo you posted. lol

    Do you have a regular clientele? Do they come to your place or do you go to theirs? I remember you said you were doing some volunteer work too. Must be really nice for people who are sick or cannot afford the fees to still be able to feel relaxed and comforted for a little bit.

    Speaking of foot massage, there's a funny scene in the movie Pulp Fiction with the characters John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson play. Here's a couple lines:

    Vincent: Have you ever given a foot massage?
    Jules: [scoffs] Don't be tellin' me about foot massages. I'm the foot fuckin' master.
    Vincent: Given a lot of 'em?
    Jules: Shit yeah. I got my technique down and everything, I don't be ticklin' or nothin'.
    Vincent: Would you give a guy a foot massage?
    [Jules gives Vincent a long look, realizing he's been set up]
    Jules: Fuck you.
    Vincent: You give them a lot?
    Jules: Fuck you.
    Vincent: You know, I'm getting kinda tired. I could use a foot massage myself.
    Jules: Man, you best back off, I'm gittin' a little pissed here.

    HEY, Ron are you LOVING our snowfall or what????? OMG, it's so beautiful out there. I got some pictures last night and this morning and will see if they came out clear enough to post later.
    We were up EARLY shoveling, clearing the cars off, salting. Our district only got a 2 hour delay and hubs had to go into work too.

  2. I couldn't agree more. If you have products you'd like to recommend, I'd like to know them.

  3. Good Morning Crystal-Chick!

    HOLY, (and if you can believe this) I've NEVER seen Pulp Fiction, but that scene you just told me about sounded HYSTERICAL!! I think I'll rent it just for that scene!! I love Travolta too!

    Hey, and listen, I don't get professional pedicures either, I just do them on myself. However, when I lived in Florida, a good friend of mine is a mani/pedi specialist, so she and I would swap reflexology and pedicures with one was GREAT! And she is so GOOD at it too!

    Like you, I have all the lotions, scrubs, and essential oils at I just give myself one every couple of weeks. I have this "thing" about keeping smooth hands and feet.

    Yes, I do clients out of my home in between working my other job. I don't do a lot, just occasionally. I quite often give sessions as gifts to my friends (birthdays and such). I use to work in a spa, when I first moved back to Philly, the place was out in Jenkintown, however, they closed.

    OMG!!! and YES!!! I'm LOVING this SNOW!!! Woo! Woo! Yesterday afternoon I was out walking around the city, trying to catch snow flakes on my tongue!!! Weren't the snowflakes HUGE??? Last night before I went to bed, I looked out the window and couldn't believe the amount of snow we got. The city snowplows were everywhere, clearing the streets. This was most we've gotten all winter! And isn't today GORGEOUS???
    Sunny, crisp and COLD!!!!

    I can't wait to see your wonderful photo's!!! I'll stop by your blog later this evening after work, ok?

    Thanks for stopping by, M!

    Always so great talking with ya!

    Have an AWESOME snowfilled day!


  4. Hiya Diane!!!!!

    YAY!!! Another person who takes care of their feet!!!


    And listen, you just gave me a GREAT idea for a post on my other blog (Moi Review blog). I think I'll do a post on the best footcare stuff! I'll let you know when I get it posted, ok? You're always giving me GREAT idea's for posts, Diane...THANK YOU!!!

    And thanks for stopping by today!

    Happy Wednesday to ya!


  5. Hey Ron, me myself am not a 'feetomaniac' to be honest. i mean neither do i neglect my feet nor adore them. I handle them as a usual professional team lead would handle a resource who is perfect at what he does and hardly needs any intervention in his work. So in short, i just let them walk their own path. (Now that's a different thing that even i walk the same unknowingly :D)

    But i am aware of one such person who was a foot freak. So proud was he of the divine beauty of his heavenly feet that he cared for them more than he actually did for his life. Those lucky hairy bastards, he bathed them each 10 minutes, always mocked at his other body parts which actually touched water in weeks, even his face. I just wondered if he ever thought the earth worth enough for the godly touch of his feet. I doubted tough, always :)

  6. LOL that picture made me chuckle Ron! I like to give myself a footspa and pedicure at least every two weeks, every week in summer. I then massage my feet or better still get MWM to massage them, sometimes I have to promise him favours (wink, wink).

    Having had reflexology treatments I can vouch for the effectiveness. :)

  7. KILL ME MAN!!!

    I'm sitting here eating my lunch before I head into work, and when I got to the part of your comment about your foot freak friend...I spit out a mouthful of food, I was laughing so hard!!!

    OMG...that was FUNNY!!!

    Ok...I'm not THAT obesessive!

    *but close.

    And...Now that's a different thing that even i walk the same unknowingly :D)

    That was genius!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Amit!

    You always give me my daily chuckle!

    Have an awesome day, buddy!

  8. *winking* Oh you little devil you, Akelamalu!!!

    You GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!


    I think it's so great that you tend to your footsies that well! I had a feeling you did, because I know how much of a reflexology advocate you are!

    I always share with people...

    ...if they allowed themselves to experience a session just ONCE...they'd be hooked!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by and sharing on this post, dear friend!

    *Hey, and have fun with MWM tonight!

    tee, hee!


  9. My Grandmother told me there are certain pressure points on the foot that can help other organs. Not sure if that is true or not.

    As far as taking care of my feet I get pedicures every two weeks. I started putting lotion on my feet before I go to bed and then wearing socks.

    I wasn't aware of my callus problem until my foot rubbed up against my boyfriend. He said holy shit something just bit me. Yeah it was my callus cracked foot.

    I love Joe's feet! His heels are so soft and smooth. I was jealous of the bottom of his feet so I have to take extra care of mine.

    It seems to be working. No more blade thrashing in bed with my feet!

  10. ronnie: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....AH.

    I LAUGHED SO HARD. when I scrolled down to your feet. hehehehe

    You got me good. hehehe.

    I think you have something there...when Your feet feel good so does the rest of the body. And anyone that wear heels can stand (if they can) up and say."That's right...Spiky." Lotions to soften them is a treat.

    Oh ronnie, my girl needs a foot rub every other day...poor girl. she has pretty feet so I don't mind. I usually rub her lower leg too and tell her she needs a whole body massage. hehehe

    Why she says I'm a perv is beyond me...I was just trying to help. And she thought I was trying to feel her, like no. hehehe

    My nose didn't grow, did it?


    fab post...I find it hard to rub lotion on my feet...I'm so ticklish there. I have to sneak up on them to wash them. Try that in a shower. hehehe

    Ciao my wonderful friend. :)

  11. omg I just laughed out loud.. And I MIGHT have peed a little.

  12. oh ron, do tell me too when you post to your other blog...I would love to know what you recommend for keeping feet in good shape...I am always barefoot so the feet get pretty tough and I would/should get them into prettier condition...I can't wait to know what you would use!


  13. OMG...Domestic Diva!!!

    You always crack me up!!!!!!

    I laughed out loud at your boyfriends comment about something biting him!!!

    That was FUNNY!!

    And yes, it's really ironic, because generally speaking, most men DO have smoother feet, but I think that has to do with the difference in shoes, and also because men usually wear socks all the time.

    And YES!!!! Your grandmother is EXACTLY right!!! There are reflex points on the feet that pertain to all the organs in the body. If you click on the link at the beginning of this post, it will take you to an explaination of reflexology. You may find it very interesting.

    And good for you for taking the time to get a pedicure every two weeks, that's GREAT! Don't they feel wonderful???

    Thanks for stopping by today, Diva!

    It's always so nice sharing with you!

    Enjoy your evening!



    NO one touches my feets.

    Ain't nothing wrong with 'em, by any means.....but still--NO one is touching my feets!

    And I mean it. LOL

    Just ask my staff.....they'll tell ya what happened when I had a couple foot folks show up on the unit as a 'treat'....

    ......FOR THEM.

    <-- stayed locked in the office!

    (smart like that.....cuz NO one is touching my feets! And I'm not up to a lawsuit for punching some foot fella!)

    Just sayin'...... :-D

  15. Hellooooo Miss Jones!

    OMG....when I saw that photo online I almost shit!!! I KNEW it was the one I wanted to use for the closing of this post, so I grabbed it and had resized. I think it's a photo of a Hobbit!

    Oh...and aren't YOU the naughty little girl, telling her she needs a FULL body massage!! WOO! WOO! Go Spiky Go!


    It's funny, many people who first try reflexology, who are naturally very ticklish are always apprehensive about me touching their feet, but about 5 mins. into the session, they're SNORING like buzzsaw!! Reflexology is something you do with a firm hold on the foot, so even if your ticklish, it doesn't seem to bother most people.

    I LOVE to have my feet rubbed, so I really get into foot massage. I also do something called HOT STONE REFLEXOLOGY, where I use HOT STONES to massage the feet.'s pure HEAVEN!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my dear friend!

    Hope you had a wonderful day and wonderful evening!

    Ciao bella Spiky!

  16. Hiya Linda!

    YES!!! I most certainly will let you know when I post something over at the other blog. Diane is always giving me great idea's for posts!!!

    I use very basic and easy to find products, so it will be stuff you can purchase anywhere!

    My mom is someone who goes barefoot a lot too, so when I got into reflexology and footcare, I gave her a foot bath and a bunch of stuff to use at home....and she LOVED them!!

    Thanks oodles for dropping by today, Linda!

    ALWAYS a joy seeing ya!

    Have a great evening!


  17. Greetings Vodka Mom!


    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share a comment!

    I think I've seen your avatar around, so it's very nice finally meeting you!

    Glad you had a laugh. I'm pretty CRAZY here!

    Stop by anytime. You're always welcomed!

    Enjoy your evening!

  18. Howdy Dear Mel!


    (smart like that.....cuz NO one is touching my feets! And I'm not up to a lawsuit for punching some foot fella!)


    I know MANY people who feel the exact same way, Mel!

    Some people just DO NOT like their feet touched.

    So I guess I won't offer you a free reflexology session for your birthday this year!

    I'll just get ya some glow in the dark sidewalk chalk, so we can draw at night, ok?

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by this evening, Mel!

    You're comment was BRILLIANT!


  19. Hey....what are you doing with a picture of my feet on here?!?

  20. Hiya Chrissy!

    OMG....please don't tell me there's someone else on this planet that has feet like mine?!?!?!

    Listen, I've got an appointment for a foot-waxing tomorrow, so I'll be posting after photo's later next week!


    Thanks for stopping by, Chrissy!

    Really enjoyed your comment - that was GREAT!!

    Have an awesome day!

  21. Having a foot massage is so wonderful! Plus, the reflexology is so damn interesting. We touched on it a little in school. Taking care of your feet is one sure way to make them "touchable" and not icky at all.

    Bilbo ... er, Ron, you could use some wax on those tootsies!


  22. Sorry, dear, but I'm with Mel on this one. I'm ******VERY******
    self conscious about "Grammy's Tweety Bird Feet" (which I inherited: small but wide) and my right side big toe is shorter than the one next to it (but Alice Cooper said on his radio show that we're smarter than others, LOL)

    And those people at the mall kiosks that wave the hair-singing tool to everyone that passes by? Nu-uh...they ain't frying my hair!

  23. WOW!!! We just watched Underworld and I can SWEAR you have the feet of a werewolf, Ron!!!! heheheheh!!!
    Loved the pics and the post... Today, I went to have a manicure in Paris.. at a salon that does ALL that kinda stuff and it's not an arm and a leg, either!! I did my eyebrows AND had a pedicure... The girl was nice but by accident she cut my skin on the big toe and it was bleeding a lot .. WHOOPS!!! I get pedicures every three weeks in San Diego... but this is only the SECOND one I've had in 2 1/2 years of living in France... it's like 60 dollars for a pedicure.. mine today was about 25 dollars... She gave me a nice but short foot massage.. It reminded me of my reflexology treatments in San Diego that I for my back injury... I LOVEEEEEEEEEE reflexology!!! I could have it all day long... When are you coming out here Ron... hint hint!!!!!! We can exchange... reflex and Reiki for cupcakes and food!!! : )
    Have a nice day and my feet are indeed feeling good today!!!

  24. Howdy Nitebyrd!

    OMG...I know, aren't my feet the HAIRIEST damn things you've ever seen - kind of MACHO!

    *too much testosterone I think!?!


    Hey, I'm so glad to hear that they touched on reflexology in school! When I was in cosmetology school, they did the same thing, but it wasn't until YEARS later, that I actually got interested in it.

    It's some GOOD STUFF!

    So happy to hear you take good care of your Tooties, too!

    Way to go!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Sis!

    Enjoy your evening!


  25. Aloha Debi!

    OMG,'re KILLING me!!

    "Grammy's Tweety Bird Feet"???

    Oh...I bet their CUTE!!!

    I've got small feet too, though. I'm only 7 1/12 and also wide. I find it so damn hard to find shoes in my size.

    Hey, I've never heard that before about the big toe being shorter, means you're smarter than most people - how cool!

    Oh man...and I TOTALLY agree with you about the people doing hair at the kiosks in the mall doing hair...there's is NO WAY I would let them touch my hair!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Deb! I quess you and Mel can go shopping, while I having my pedicure, the next time we hang out with one another!


  26. Bonjour Leesa!

    WAY TO GO!! A brow waxing AND a pedicure! I bet you look like a super model!

    Doesn't it feel awesome to get a pedicure???

    Oh, man....I have a feeling that when I come to visit you, the two of us will be spending every moment eating pastries and drinking coffee...and having a Day of Beauty at the spa!!!!

    WOW!!! You mean to tell me pedicures normally run $60.00??

    Here in Philly, they run about $35-$40.

    Sorry to hear about your big toe getting nicked, but a friend of mine in Florida, who actually DOES manicures and pedicure has told me that occassionally she'll do the same thing on a client. It guess you can't help stuff like that happening, when you work with sharp objects. I've even done that with a pair of scissors, while cutting around someone's ear. I've also cut MYSELF while cutting someone's hair!?

    OUCH!#!"*'s a DEAL!!!

    When I come visit you, we'll do an exchange...

    Reflexology for cupcakes, ok???

    And I think you would really enjoy my sessions, because I work firmly, but very most people just fall asleep.


    Thanks a bunch for stopping by today, Leesa!

    So glad to hear you that take great care of your feeties - you're very wise!!!

    Have a wonderful evening. And I bet you'll sleep well tonight!


  27. OMG - where did you find the FRODO FEET???? But I am also now reminded of this AWFUL experience that occurred at the local park. It was near a rather prestigious school (Brown U) - and this wack job would STALK every woman sunbathing there with the line that he was a "medical student at Brown" and needed to "inspect" (rather SLOBBER) over their feet. EWWWWWW. So one day I just let him get close enough to kick him in the face. Served him right too.

    Thanks for the hilarious post!

  28. Oh my gosh Ron!! LMAO at those feet. Ewwwe!!!
    Yeah, I don't take very good care of my feet. They used to be cute until I waitressed for 12 years. Now....ugh. I don't even want to talk about it.

  29. OMG....DAILY BITCH!!!!



    Good for you, girl!!


    He probably wasn't EVEN a medical student anyway!!

    Actually, I found the photo off the internet and HOWLED when I saw it, so I grabbed!

    Thanks for stopping by, DB!

    ALWAYS a JOY seeing you here!


  30. One of the most relaxing things for me is to have my feet tickled. Not massaged, but tickled. Strange perhaps, but it's what floats my boat.

  31. Helloooooo Nicole!!!

    OMG...I was actually thinking about you tonight while I was on Facebook and wondering how you were doing!

    God...the whole FB thing has been really great for reconnecting with so many of my theater friends, but BOY is it ever time consuming! I get like 5 emails a day from people!!

    Anyway...glad you enjoyed the photo! I know it's GROSS, but I laughed so hard when I saw it, that I just HAD to use it - isn't it hysterical???

    Yes...and I know how hard waitressing is on the feet. I also stand all day in my job, but it's harder on my knees, than it is on my feet.

    Anyway my friend, thank you so much for stopping by tonight. It's wonderful seeing ya!

    Hope you're enjoying this FREEZING weather we're having. was like 9 degrees here today!!!

    Stay warm and have a great night!


  32. Howdy Jeff!

    Hey...GREAT seeing ya, buddy!!!!

    NO...that's not strange at all!

    Everyone seems to like their feet touched in various ways. And if tickling yours is what floats your boat...then that's YOUR way!!

    It's funny, because some clients I've worked on, want me to massage their feet SO DEEP, that I can't understand why it doesn't hurt!?!?

    Oh, each his own!

    Thanks for stopping by tonight, buddy!

    Hope you had a great time visiting your bro!

    Late gator!!!!!!