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About two nights ago I had the craziest dream.

I dreamt that I had been abducted by aliens and was taken aboard their spacecraft.

And after being anally probed by several of the aliens (without a lubricate, mind you), I was carried into a room that had a large mirror hanging on one of the walls. I was then placed in a chair that was positioned directly in front of the mirror.

Suddenly, the aliens began to laugh.


And as they giggled, they pointed to the mirror as if to say to me, “Look!…Look!”

And when I turned to look at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t believe my eyes! my reflection began to morph onto various images...

First…I looked like Ben Stiller in the movie Zoolander

Next…I resembled Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City

Five seconds later, I morphed into David Beckham posing in a Giorgio Armani underwear ad....WTF?

And then to my complete HORROR…I transformed into Richard Simmons!!

From there, I turned into Betty Crocker.

And then, without any warning I became Ronnie TRIPLETS!

From triplets…I morphed into Madonna.

From Madonna…I became the evil Cruella deville

At this point, I began I thrashing in the chair and yelling at the aliens, “STOP! STOP! STOP THIS MADNESS…I WANT TO LOOK LIKE MYSELF AGAIN…STOP THIS, YOU ALIEN FREAKS!”

And then, ZAP!…

…I suddenly awoke in my bed with the sheets wrapped around my neck and a very sore buttock.

And when I finally calmed down, I realized that it had only been a horrible dream.

So I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to splashed some cold water on my face.

But when I looked into the mirror…I let out a blood-curdling SCREAM!!!

Please Note: If you want to have a load of fun like I did, visit: Face in Hole - you’ll LOVE it!!


  1. oh ron, it's too late for me to be wordie but you are such a freak!!!! the stuff you come up with to write here and the pictures you post are hysterical...I will definitely have to check out the face in a hole place another time but I will NOT be posting them on my blog... ;)

  2. (ahem)...nice package.
    "Anally probed?!" Is that where you secretly store your DNA? (I'm taking notes of course. I learned something today!)
    And BTW, next time you see those pesky aliens, tell them the mirror is supposed to be on the CEILING.

  3. OMGOMGOMG this is freaking hysterical. WHAT FUN!!! I can't WAIT to get over to that site and play around. teehee

    I'm sure when Madonna is ready to reinvent herself again she'll come to you. A mustache might be just what she needs. ;)

    Hey, did you ever read the book Communion, by Whitley Strieber? If not, and you are into that type of story, check it out next time you're in Borders. He wrote it about his own alien abduction from his cabin, maybe in upstate New York. It's pretty intense.

  4. Hiya Linda!

    I know...I'm a total FREAK!!!

    When I saw this website, I just about shit! I spent 2 hours trying on different bodies, it was HYSTERICAL!!!

    And so much fun!!!

    There were so many to choose from, I had a hard time deciding which ones to use on this post!

    When you have sometime, and if you feel like it, go there, you'll laugh!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!!

    Happy Wednesday to ya!!!


  5. Are you SURE it was a dream??????

    Great fun Ron, you cheered me up big time. x

  6.'re a RIOT!!!

    You're RIGHT...the mirror IS suppose to be on the CEILING!!!!


    (ahem)...and I think Mr. Beckham may have a gym sock stuck in there!!!


    Or...he's just a very lucky guy!

    Thanks for stopping by, Deb!

    You're a HOOT!

    Have a great Wednesday!!


  7. Morning Crystal Chick! have no idea HOW MUCH FUN I HAD doing this!!

    I found this website by accident, but when I got there...I couldn't leave - I kept creating more and more of them - I felt possessed!

    I actually thought of YOU when I found this place, because I just knew you would enjoy it - it's so much damn fun!!

    Hey...the Madonna one was the one I made first. They had several of Madonna there, but my face fit better in this one. I can tell everyone that I'm MADONNA! and I are in TOTAL sync about so many things, because I just watched Communion about two weeks ago!!! I had seen it many, many years ago, but wanted to view it again. And you're so IS intense!! That's what actually gave me the idea for this post!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, M!

    And let me know if you make some of these, I would LOVE to see them!!



  8. Good Afternoon Akelamalu!

    No, actually...

    ...come to think of it, I'm not quite sure if it was a dream or not!?!?!?!?

    All I know, is that I have purple hair and my butt is still sore!


    OMG....I had so much FUN doing this!!!

    Always great seeing ya, my friend!

    Thanks for stopping by!



  9. From now on, you'll keep that lube a tad closer! ;)

    Love it!

  10. Greetings RLL!

    So nice seeing ya!!

    And YES!!!'re RIGHT!

    I need to keep that Jiffy Lube ON hand!


    Aren't I wicked???

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Happy Wednesday!


  11. Ron, you just make me laugh so damn hard! I MUST remember NOT to be drinking anything when I read your posts! LOL

  12. hahahahahahahahahahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahhahahhhahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..........both the pics and the story got me rolling!! Soooo funny!! Thanks Ron!!!

  13. ronnie: hahahahahaha.

    hehehehehehe. I loved it...I loved it all.

    Now I could hardly tell the difference with you and Jessica Parker, But I knew it was you because you are so much cuter. :D

    Let me tell you, ronnie. I hate it when I have that very same dream.

    I mean if I had a dollar for everytime I had that a dream, why I'd have a buck fifty. Tell me about it, It's scary.

    And talking about aliens...when I want to take a vacay...sometimes I call the border patrol on myself. Like saves on transportation cost. I go straight to the border. One week later I call the Mexican police on myself and they kick me back over to the USA side. Sweet huh?

    hehehe. I'm kidding...really. I'm scared to death to be out of the country without my retinue.

    Ciao are one fun guy. I so want to hang with you. :D

  14. Howdy Nitebyrd! have NO IDEA how much "I" laughed when I first started doing this on the website. Everytime I created another one, I would HOWL!!!!

    I finally had to MAKE the site, because I had spent TWO HOURS the first time!

    It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Sis!

    Always such a pleasure!


  15. Bonjour Leesa!

    So glad you had a GIGGLE!

    Last night when I was posting this, I was giggling like a little kid!

    If you feel like it, try it's a BLAST!!!!

    Thanks for dropping by this evening!

    Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!!


  16. OMG...Miss Jones...your Mexican border comment made me POOP!!!


    That's right...I forgot how CLOSE you are to the border!!!!

    It's funny about Sarah Jessica Parker, isn't it? She's not like a raving classical beauty, but there's something about her (to me, anyway) that's very attractive and sexy. I think it's her "whole package." She has such a wonderful energy about her, that it makes her attractive!!

    She and Matt make the nicest couple, too! was so much FUN to see what I looked like as her!

    Madonna too!!


    Thanks oddles for dropping by today, Miss Jones!

    Hope you had wonderful Wednesday!

    Enjoy your evening!

    Ciao bella


  17. You my friend are a complete nut job!

    That of course, is a compliment.

    Thanks for the chuckle. I might have to pop over to that site and put my mug in there to see what happens. I'll bet it ain't gonna be pretty!

  18. Howdy Mr. Jeff!!!

    OMG...I was thinking about you today and wondering how you were doing, bud!


    I am a NutJob! TOTALLY!

    And you should have seen me on that website! I went INSANE! There are 100's to choose from. I was up until 2AM a few nights ago, and finally had to force myself off!

    Hey,'ve GOT TO let me know if you go on the site and make some of these, ok?

    I'll be dying to see them!!!

    Thank for stopping by, my friend!

    Hope you had a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hi Domestic Diva!

    See!...this is another thing that happens when you AGE!

    You go crazy and PLAY!!!!

    tee, hee!

    Thanks for dropping by tonight, Diva!!

    Hey...and if you feel like it, try out the website. It's loads of FUN!!!


  20. OK...ya got me...hook, line and sinker. It was a shitload of fun!
    And I must say, I look EXACTLY like Miss Piggy. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  21. Aloha Debi!

    YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! You tried it!!!!!

    Isn't it a great site?????


    OMG...I saw the Miss Piggy one (with Kermit) and thought it was a HOOT!

    Glad you had fun, Deb!!!

    Have a great day!

  22. You make my day every time I drop by!

  23. Good Morning Diane!

    OMG...I think I got alittle carried away with this one!


    Thanks so much for dropping by, Diane!

    Always a DElight seeing ya!

    Have a great day!!


  24. All I can say is the David Beckham one, wold not have made me scream..


    OMG...I can't wait to go try it for myself.

    You are SO creative.

    No wonder the aliens wanted to probe you ;-)

  26. Hellooooooo Lady Sorrow!

    OMG...he really "packs" a BIG one, doesn't he???

    It looks like he inflated it with bicycle pump!


    It SOOOOOOO wonderful seeing you here, today!!

    You made my day, so thanks for stopping by, dear lady!


  27. Greetings Anonymous!

    So glad you enjoyed!

    I had the time of my life doing this!

    Hey...ENJOY yourself when you get to the site!!!

    It's addictive, I'm warning you!!!

    Have a nice day!

  28. *chuckling*

    I'd give it a go, but I think it'd be more fun to do himself instead!

    Now THERE'S a good plan for the weekend!

  29. Hiya Mel!

    OMG...that's a GREAT idea!!!

    GO FOR IT!

    I think it would be a BLAST for you guys to see himself in these things!!!

    And there's quite a few with TWO faces, so you could try the both of you together!!

    Have fun!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear Mel!

    Enjoy your evening!


  30. Ron you KILL ME! I was laughing so hard I think I might have peed my panties!

    I've had that alien dream, and it ain't pretty. However, last night I dreamt I hooked up with the actor that plays Sawyer on the television show LOST, and it was very yummy. I told my partner when I woke up, "Honey, I just cheated on you in my dream!" He says, "Why?"

    I said, "Because it was Sawyer from LOST, and I COULD!"

    I love dreams.
    I love you and I'm heading over to that site right now!
    Thanks again for making my day sweetie!

  31. Hellooooo Kate!'re RIOT!!!

    Hey...your dream sounded MUCH BETTER than mine!!!


    oooh....I love dreams too! I seem to go through periods of not remembering then, and then periods of recalling them vividly. I dream of riding an in elevator quite often.

    So glad you had a giggle. I did too when I got to that website.

    Have fun - it's a BLAST!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Kate!

    Always a pleasure sharing with you!