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Along with my Buzz Lightyear toothbrush, I don’t think there has ever been anything invented that has made me more happy, than my debit card.

I seriously don’t think I could live without it.

Especially because I live in a city, I’m not one for carrying around a lot of cash with me, so being able to whip out a piece of plastic in an emergency situation, such as purchasing a York Peppermint Patty…gives me tremendous inner peace.

And I love being able to just walk up to an ATM machine, and grab a quick twenty if I’m going to lunch with someone.

Now there are also a few drawbacks in using a debit card.

Such as remembering to deduct my ATM withdraws and store purchases from my checking account.

However, I haven’t forgotten to do that in many, many years because it happened to me once, which caused three of my checks to bounce; being charged $125.00 in overdrawn fees.

And for those of you who have NEVER bounced a series of checks before, let me just say that I feel very sorry for you, because you’ll never know true human PAIN, until you do.

So now, whenever I make a purchase or withdraw, I IMMEDIATELY take out my checkbook and write it down, like the anal retentive and neurotic person that I am.

And people who have watched me do this always say, “Oh, you’re so good about doing that, because I NEVER remember.”

And my response is, “ Yea, well…just wait until the day it causes an avalanche in your account, and then I guarantee you’ll start remembering.”

Another thing about using a debit card, are the bumper crop of debit slips that I accrue in my wallet. In just three days, my wallet ends up looking like one of those floating balloons in the Macy’s Day Parade. Which makes butt look like I have some sort of large growth on my right ass cheek.

I look like the Hunch-Ass of Notre Dame.

And I can’t tell you how many rude cat-calls that arouses, while I'm walking down the city streets.

Like, “Woo, woo, dude…nice rump roast!!”

But hey, with the positive, there always comes the negative. Yet I still wouldn’t trade having a debit card for anything.

They’re quick, easy, and VERY convenient…..

Have a very convenient weekend, everyone!



  1. Well, dollface, you know I can't live without my check card. Damn Arby's shift manager. I had to pay ten bucks fee for that replacement card! I've never wrote more checks in one a year, maybe even two, than I wrote in that period when I was sans-check card.
    But now I can go to PestGuy and buy accessories, and Scarfucks to get my cheese bagel or chafeway to get hot n spicy tabasco cheez its.
    Yep. I get points for doing it too. I have signed up for some kind of rewards program...points when I sign, less when I use pin.
    Check card...can't leave home without it.

  2. See...this is why I don't use a debit card. It would give my hubs a stroke! lol

  3. I totally agree that the invention of the debit card is a inovation that I just can't do without. I have three of them and they are for seperate accounts. Talk about a challenge. Try to remember which damn account the slip goes to when you get home. So now I label each slip as A, B, or C. Then when I get home I take out the slip and stack it neatly on my dresser and forget to put the stupid thing into the checkbook anyway. So what I did was to change my accounts to overdraw protection accounts and if one of them become overdrawn it will be taking from my savings without any of those fees and embarassment from have the check bounce.
    Ron, hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Ah ha! See, I believe it's the evil debit card that started the whole unraveling of the economy! They were depending on us to overdraw and people like YOU caused that buy out...


    I mighta made that up.

    It's Friday.
    I'm lacking coffee.
    It's the best I could come up with?

    I really hope you have a grand time of today!

  5. I can really relate to this. I use my debit card sooooo much that I don't even keep it in my wallet, just inside my purse in the zipper section that is never zippered because I'm in and out of it so much. It holds the card, the cell phone, AND the lipstick. OH and all the debit card slips!!! If there was ONE thing that my husband had to say he dislikes about me. And there better only fricken be ONE thing... it would have to be that I am TERRIBLE about giving him my receipts. And it's not that I spend ALOT of money. We try to watch our budget and neither of us would go buy big things without discussing it. So for me, it's just for a few cocoas at the bookstore, or gas for the car, stamps, a few items at the grocery store. But when I *forget* to give him even one receipt he has a mini hissy fit because it throws his banking all off. He doesn't bounce checks or anything, but he's just very accurate with the checkbook and even if he doesn't write everything in immediately, he likes to keep all the receipts in a little pile at his desk so when he's ready to log them, they are all there. Unfortunately, it's an ongoing request of his that I just cannot seem to honor all the time. :(
    I shove the little receipts down into that pouch and then the phone and the lipstick get jumbled around, and goddess knows what else gets shoved in there, and before long the receipts are all a managled mess of paper. Some for cash, if I have any, most for debit.
    Some days, he'll even ask me.... 'honey, do you have any receipts for me?' ... and I'm like.... 'uh, no, don't think so, I didn't go out today.'.... but oops... I probably did go out the day before and forgot 2 of them. LOL

    And do you have minimum purchase in any of the shops you use debit??? That drives me crazy. I will sometimes pick hubby up some beer and the one liquor store near me won't debit for less than 10 bucks. Not that buying 2 six packs instead of 1 is any big deal, sometimes I will pick up a couple. But it's just that there is that RULE!!! Maybe smaller stores have to pay higher fees to have the debit service or something?? But at a liquor store, you'de think they are making bunches of money. In this economy, alcohol sales have probably gone WAY up!! LOL

    Have a great weekend, Ron!!

  6. I giggled all the way through this...thank for the for your rump roast, I know you must know about the hip problems men get from having the ever expanding wallet in the back pocket? perhaps a man purse is more your style now and better for your sweet little ass, if I may say so....

    hoping you have lots of fun and don't spend too much money...


  7. I use my credit card all the time and faithfully deduct every purchase in my chequebook. I only spend what I know I can afford to pay off so my salary stays in my account until I get paid again!

  8. heheheh hahahaha...I laughed like a crazy women on the Hunched ass of Notre Dame. hehehehe.

    I love my debit card too. And i've said it to my girl before.
    She said. "Why don't you marry it?"

    "Oh that was so grown up." I retorted. As if the mall stores take paper money these day...

    Bounch...I only ask...HOW HIGH?

    hehehe. That bites huh? seetie...I've felt your pain. I went to my girl's wallet and took her card and cut it up. She went into my wallet and bought a new pair of heels.

    Smart chic...hehehehe

    ciao sweetie...have a fab weekend. :D

  9. Aloha Debi!

    Oh hell…that’s right!!! I totally forgot about your debit card incident last month!!!

    I can’t believe they made you pay for a replacement, though. I’ve lost mine before and don’t remember if my bank had me do the same?! (but I don’t think so)

    OMG, you said it Deb…since getting a debit card I hardly EVER write checks anymore. I think I write maybe 4 a month, and that’s it!

    Hey, you reminded me the my bank card also offers the same deal if I use my card as a credit card I accrue points, but if I use my PIN, no. I should start doing that and maybe I could get enough $points to buy a Buzz Lightyear doll!!!


    Thanks for dropping by Deb!

    Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your new ACER!!!!

    I’m so happy for you!!!

  10. Hiya Hope!

    I know…they can be very “hairy” at times?!?!?

    Especially if you happen to LOOSE it, or accidentally leave it in an ATM machine (which I HAVE done), but they’ve made debit cards much more secure (like if you should lose a credit card), so if something like that happens, the bank is right on it…pronto!

    The only thing I don’t like use it for, is online purchases. But I very rarely purchase online anyway.

    But they’re GREAT for York Peppermint Patties!


    Always great seeing ya, Hope!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Have an awesome week!

  11. Hello my Libra Bud Dave!

    Oh man…aren’t YOU organized!!!!

    Way to GO!

    OMG…you have THREE of them???

    That’s a great idea about labeling them, too.

    You know, I DID have overdraft protection once, but you reminded me that I should perhaps do that again. It was great! The overdraft protect I had though, was a credit card, not a savings account. I need to look into that again.

    Thanks for mentioning it, buddy!

    Enjoy your weekend my friend!

    P.S. and remember to deduct from your B account today, ok?



  12. Howdy Mel!

    Ok…you’re right, I admit it…I am the TOTAL cause for the US economy at present!!!

    That’s why I the goverment didn't give me a stimulus check last year!!

    *see what happens when you purchase too many York Peppermint Patties and forget to deduct them from you account?

    Thanks for dropping by today, dear friend!

    I know about the coffee thing, trust me. I can’t even form words until I’ve had at least a half a cup!

    Have a FABU weekend!

  13. Hellooooo neighbor Crystal Chick!

    As I was reading your comment, I felt like I was watching an episode of I Love Lucy, and you guys were Ricky and Lucy Ricardo!

    How CUTE you guys are!

    Actually, Ron sounds a lot how my dad use to be.

    He was very particular about his financial accounts and such, and when my mother would make purchases on store credit cards, he made sure she gave him the receipts, but OMG…she lost or misplace MANY of them. In fact, he use to refer to her as LUCY!!

    I use to love watching my father sit down at the dining room table each month and write checks for the monthly bills. He looked like a little accountant!

    Yes…we too have some stores here in the city that require a minimum purchase, using a debit card. However, it’s usually the smaller, family owned convenient stores that do that. And yes, it’s with a $10 purchase here too. Those are the stores I don’t go into unless it’s a real emergency anyway, because those are the stores that ALSO charge $2.00 for a pint of milk!! I will only use them during the holidays when nothing else is open. But the place were I purchase my wine, doesn’t have a minimum.

    Thanks for dropping by M!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Hey…isn’t’ the weather beautiful???

    Che faccia bella!


    P.S. I spent the day in Chestnut Hill with a friend of mine and had such an AWESOME time. I bought a faaaabulous sports coat at the thrift store! It looks brand new!

  14. Hellooooooo Linda! are FUNNNY!!!

    I laughed my ass off at your comment. Thank you!

    Actually, I sometimes carry my wallet in my backpack, but for work (for security purposes) I can't bring it into the store, so that's when I have to keep it in my pant pocket.

    I at one time DID have a man purse and LOVED it! I had one in black and brown. And it even had a little side pocket where I could hide my glow in the dark condoms.


    I had a spectacular day today in gorgeous part of Philadelphia called, Chestnut Hill. You would love it, because it's VERY artsy and quaint. I only bought one thing. I got a great black sports coat at a thrift store. looks brand spankin' new! Had a wonderful lunch and then later went for coffee and something sweet.

    Thanks for stopping by, Linda!

    Hope you're feeling better.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I have a deep love for debits cards too Ron! Basically it gives you the same conveniences of a credit card (online ordering, quick checkout, cash at ATMs) without that nasty monthly payment and insane interest rate. We actually do not do Credit cards. They are evil and probably what is causing people so much financial struggle lately. But that is a different topic of discussion.
    We actually do not have printed checks either, only debit cards, so we don't have to worry with balancing. What the online statement says is what we have in the bank. We pay all of our bills either online or by phone anyways, so we don't need checks.
    I am with you though on the receipt thing. I have a nasty habit of filling my handbag with hundreds of receipts, and then I just grab my essentials (wallet, phone, chapstick) and put it all in a new handbag. A couple of weeks ago, I cleaned out all of my bags and I shit you not, there were thousands and thousands of receipts. I mean, I filled up a kitchen trash bag with them all. It was probably a couple of years worth of receipts. Ridiculous!! Now I get to start the process all over.
    The best best best thing for me about a debit card is paying for my gas at the pump. I swear to you Ron, it is special kind of torture to drag three small children into a convenience store just to pay for gas. All the candy and the slushies and the junk toys, oh my god!!! It's a nightmare. Pay at the pummp with a debit card has saved my sanity.
    Hope you have a good weekend Ron.

  16. Evening Akelamalu!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    Good for you!

    God...once you accidentally forget to deduct, you NEVER forget again. I had to learn the hard way!

    And you're right, that's what I also LOVE about having a debit card. I can only spend what I can afford at the moment. However, I do have one credit card that I use for emergency things.

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear lady!

    Have an awesome weekend!


  17. Hola Miss Wonderful Jones! are so RIGHT!

    Anytime you go buy something, using cash, they look at you like your giving them a python snake! First of all, no one knows how to give change anymore, so that's why I think they freak out!

    ooooh...and isn't it FUN! FUN! FUN! to bounce a check?? It's a nightmare, isn't it? It surprises me though, how many people have never experienced that!?!

    Well..I hope your girl at least got a chic pair of shoes on SALE!!

    *Betsey Johnson I'm assuming!?!?

    Thanks for dropping by, Miss Jones!

    ALWAYS a blast!

    Have a great weekend, too!

    Ciao bella

  18. Hellooooooo Nicole!

    So great seeing ya, girl!!!

    OMG...I just want you to know that your comment made me laugh so hard, I spit on the computer monitor!!!!!


    I mean, I filled up a kitchen trash bag with them all. It was probably a couple of years worth of receipts.


    I could just imagine what that looked like!!! you use your debit card to pay bills too?? I've never done that, but my brother SWEARS by it! The only thing that freaks me out about that, is having all my information online. I'm so DAMN paranoid!

    Yes...and I SOOOOOOOOOO agree with you about using a debit card instead of a freaking credit card! This way, I only spend what I can afford. But I DO have one credit card for emergency situations, and I've got to has saved my life. But I try to pay it off immediately, because the interest rates are killer! The store credit cards are even WORSE. I haven't had one of those in like 20 years.

    And I also agree on the gas pumping thing too! When I had a car, using a debit card for gas was a dream. You just pull up, do your business...and then drive away!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your comment, Nicole!

    I so enjoyed it!

    Have a great weekend!!!!



    I could really go without knowing where you kept your glowing condoms. ;)

    well, at least you made use of every little pouch and pocket in the damned thing!

    xooxoxoxo-determined to relax this weekend!

  20. Hi Linda!


    ...I was actually going to say my tampons, but thought condoms would be more MACHO.


  21. The Acer's not here yet. They said between the 14th and the 21st. You'd've thunk that since I paid $20 for shipping a 2 lb item it would be expedited, or stuck in a priority $10 box but noooooooooooo. LOL.
    I think the program is called UChooseRewards? Hell, I use this card so much you would think I could've gotten a damn free massage by now! or a free trip to somewhere...

  22. Hey Debi!

    OMG...I thought you already HAD the Acer!?!?!

    Hell, you're right...I mean, if you paid 20 freaking dollars for shipping, it should be sent OVERNIGHT!!!

    Oh well, it's kind of fun anticipating getting something new and having to wait for it, right?


    I have a feeling you'll get it on Monday!!!

    And thanks for letting me know about the Rewards program, I may just check it out again with my bank next week.

    Enjoy your Saturday!

  23. Yes, it really wasn't bad paying $20 for shipping when I paid HALF the price for the Aspire One than my friend Art paid :O

  24. Way to GO, Deb!

    There's nothing so sweet as getting an awesome deal$$$

    Yay, ACER!!!!!

  25. i love my debit card too. i use it for everything - i stopped using credit a few years ago. i just hope i'm never robbed and the robber says he'll accept my debit card. i'd be miffed!

  26. Greetings Natural!

    Hey, thanks for stopping by!

    Nice to meet you!

    If he does...

    ...just make sure you get a receipt and deduct it from your account.


    Please stop by anytime. You're always welcome!

    Enjoy your day!

  27. I love mine, too. I also have CRS and get a bunch of receipts in my wallet that need to be subtracted. Although, I don't carry my wallet near my ass - THAT would be horrible! LOL

    I LOVE online banking, too. It's so easy to balance the checkbook when you can do it every damn day!

  28. Hi Nitebyrd!

    I need to try online banking. I know several people who do and LOVE it.

    I NEVER actually balance my checkbook. I just call automated banking every two days and make sure my balance, matches the banks total. God, I have balanced my checkbook using my statement, for YEARS!!!

    Hey, I'm thinking of start carrying my wallet in my FRONT pocket. This way I'll look well-endowed!!


    Hope you had a great weekend, Sis!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  29. Hehe... LOVE Hello Kitty!!! You know, here in France, our debit card IS our credit card (like in the States)... Glad we don't have credit cards like in the U.S. I used to get into trouble with my checks and debit card sometimes in the past...
    Take care,

  30. Hello Kitty Leesa!

    Don't you LOVE the Miss Kitty????

    I feel the same way, Leesa. When I had several credit cards, I got into SOOOO much trouble. I was much younger at the time, and did not use them wisely.

    This why I LOVE the debit card.

    I can only spend what I know I have. And if I want something, I have to wait until I have the money.

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear friend!

    Hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend!


  31. I wish there was a way to upload my husbands wallet. LOL It is huge with slips. I have taken away his rights to his card just the otherday. Yep, he no longer has it. I do. I hate debt cards because I find money easy come easy go. With having my money on me I don't spend it so easily. And now my husband can't spend money so easily anymore himself. He was agreeable to me taking it. It's funny he comes to me to ask for his money too funny. But had to be done.

  32. Hi Grumpy! made me laugh!!

    Maybe we should both do a photo post of men's wallets!!

    And we can call it: The Bulge in Mens Ass's


    Oh gosh, I'm just the opposite of you. If I have CASH on me, I seem to spend it faster!?! Having a debit card makes me "think" before I spend.

    Isn't funny how we're all different when it comes to spending money?

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Grumpy!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you're feeling rested and restored.


  33. I think the only downside to a debit card is that when its stolen, you can be cleaned out without a safety net unlike a credit card.

    Ex-roommates (which is why I would NEVER have a roommate again) stole my debit card info and purchased $1500 worth of clothes and other crap for themselves. This happened after I moved out and needed to give my new landlord the deposit and first/last on the place.

    My rent checks bounced, but thankfully, I worked it out with my landlord. It took 7 days for Bank of America to give me my money back plus fees.

    I found out it was my ex roommates because they paid a cell phone bill with it. I called the company and they confirmed the names!

    Other than that, debit cards are great. I treat it like cash so I never overdrew, but its so much easier and for the most part safer than carrying a bunch of cash around.

  34. Greetings Carla!

    Thanks for stopping and taking the time to share a comment.

    OMG....YES! It can be a nightmare if a debit card is stolen. I know of several people, such as yourself, who have had their card stolen and they said the same thing... took FOREVER for the bank to straighten it out and reimburse them.

    This is where a credit card is SO much better for stuff like that. I mean if someone uses your credit card, at least it's not taking YOUR money, ya know?

    So glad you got it all straightened out, because I know that must have been nerve wracking.

    Stop by anytime Carla.

    It's very nice meeting you.

    Have a great day!