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Whenever I have to get up exceptionally early for anything work related, I’m always so damn paranoid that the alarm clock is suddenly going to break in the middle of the night, or that I didn’t set the wake-up time correctly, so I usually sleep with one eye open staring at the clock; barely getting any rest.

Such as it was on Wednesday evening, before I had to be in NYC the following morning for a 10:00 meeting.

But I’m happy to report that the alarm clock DID go off as set - 5AM.

(and I am so NOT a morning person)

I was driving in with my boss that day, and she left more than enough time to get to NYC as scheduled. In fact, we left so early, I think we could have driven to Miami Beach and back, and still had time left over to arrive in NYC for a knish with mustard before our meeting.

However, the turnpike was not cooperating with us that day, because as we got closer to the Lincoln Tunnel, we suddenly bottlenecked and then sat in bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour. And even though I DETEST cell phones, this was one of those times when that little instrument of torture came in handy. Thank god my boss was able to contact the NY office and explain our dilemma. They told her it was no big deal and that they would push the meeting back thirty minutes. We got into the city just before 10:30.

After we parked the car, we had to speed-walk several blocks to get to office, and the whole time we’re walking, I was looking around the city like a wide-eyed child; reminded of how much I missed it.

There’s something about NYC that has always felt akin to my soul. Maybe it’s the manic energy or the bigger-than-life visuals, but I LOVE that city. And even though I was slightly tired that morning, just being there filled me with a magical power.

Just before we got to the office, we walked past the famous Plaza Hotel, and of course being the drama queen that I am…I said to my boss, “ooooh, let’s go stand infront and reenact the final scene from the movie "The Way We Were." You can be Robert Redford and I’ll be Barbra Streisand.”

She responded, “Um, I don‘t think so Barbra…keep walking”

Anyway, our company meeting went very well, so my boss and I were really jazzed as it concluded around 6:30. We said our goodbyes (kiss, hug, kiss, hug) and then left the office. When we got to the street level, we discovered that it was pouring rain and yet neither one of us had an umbrella, so we RAN back to the parking lot. However, I asked my boss if she wouldn’t mind making a quick stop into Bergdorf Goodman, because in all the years I lived in NYC, I had never been inside.

I know that some of my readers are originally from the city, so am I NOT overly exaggerating about Bergdorf’s when I say, “HOLY SHIT and MAMA MIA?” It didn’t even feel like I was walking through a store, it felt like I was visiting the Queen of England for some Earl Grey and finger sandwiches. I got so excited that I actually produced a hard-on.

If you ever visit NYC please don’t miss a trip into Bergdorf’s. I mean, not that you’ll be tempted to max out your Platinum Visa card or anything, but just the experience of walking through the store will make your blood turn into liquid gold.

We arrived back in Philly at about 9:00, tired and hungry, so the minute I got into my apartment I ate everything in my refrigerator, took a shower and then crashed into a coma.

Within the next few months I will be going into NYC frequently for work, and I am so looking forward to it.

Lately, I’ve been sensing a change coming on in my life.

So, who knows what the future will bring….

…I may even get a laptop and start blogging from the Big Apple!


  1. When I was growing up, I told everyone I was going to live in New York. I've still never even been there but I've always wanted to.

    Maybe you can smuggle me in your briefcase next time. I would LOVE to re-enact The Way We Were with you if you'll go to Macy's with me so I can sing the song the little Dutch girl sang when she met Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street:

    Sinterklaas kapoentje
    Gooi wat in mijn schoentje
    Gooi wat mijn laarsje
    Dank je Sinterklaasje

  2. Ohhhhhhh're talking to the reason folks have that 'if you break it it's YOURS' sign on things. LOL

    NFW am I going in that store and you can't make me.

  3. what a wonderful love letter to 'duh sit-ee' as they say in Brooklyn

    And of course we have another thing in common - my bother and I used to act out scenes from movies - we once got thrown out of B. Altman's on Christmas Eve

    Good Times!!

  4. I also sleep with one eye open if i have to get up early. So very annoying!

    Yes who knows what the future holds and one day i may get over to see your wonderful NYC!

  5. When I go to NYC will you go with me? You can pop my BG cherry, um take a bite out of my apple :) and we can go drool over shoes together *wink*

    And I will totally be your Redford.

  6. OMG...Chrissy!!!

    You KILL ME, girl!

    You and I HAVE to be related!!!

    We just have WAAAAY too much in common not to be.

    It's funny, because like you...the whole time I was growing up I told everyone the same thing about living in New York. And when I was 17 years old, I ended up moving there to go to acting school, and spent the next five years living there.

    I've been back since, but not as often as I should.

    Hey listen, it's a deal. We'll stop off at Macy's first, to sing that Dutch song, then it's on to the Plaza, Barbra!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Chrissy!

    Always a HOOT!


  7. Morning Dear Mel!!

    Your comment reminded me of a sign I once saw in a gift shop that said...

    ...Lovely to look at, nice to hold, but if you break it...sorry it's SOLD!


    ooooh....I totally know what you mean, Mel. I'm kind of like that too! My elbows are constantly knocking over things in stores!

    Thanks for stopping by my friend!

    And a HAPPY MONDAY to ya!


  8. Hello my NY friend Dianne!

    Don't ya LOVE duh-sit-ee???

    Holy cow...I totally forgot about B. Altman's!?!? Wasn't that sad when they closed? I think I actually bought bed pillows in there once!

    Listen, if you and I should ever meet in the city one day, let's go into Bergdor's and reenact a scene from the movie "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" Ok?


    Thanks for dropping in Dianne!

    Have a grande' day!


  9. It's SOOOOOOOOOO FABULOUS seeing ya Casdok!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Hey...I know what you mean about how annoying it is to sleep with one eye open! But I guess that's what OCD does to us, right??


    If you ever get to NYC, I have a feeling you would LOVE it!!

    It's WILD!

    HAPPY MONDAY Casdok!

    Love to you and C!


  10. Bwhaahahahahahahhaha, ANNDI REDFORD!!!

    Oh, shit...that was GREAT!!

    Listen, I have a feeling being two Libra's loose in BG, would be like two Libra's trying to make up their minds!?!?

    "Oh dear...should I get the Chanel black pumps or the Dior stiletto's?"

    I'll meet you in NY tomorrow, ok?

    tee, hee!

    Thanks for dropping by Hubble!

    With love,

  11. I traveled back to NYC last summer, and was reminded how truly wonderful a place it really is. You'll have to go to a Yankee game and let us know how the new stadium looks (well, at least I'LL care about that). Loved the bit about re-enacting the movie scene in front of the plaza. When my girlfriend and I went to Katz's Deli (the site of the famous "I'll have what she's having" scene from When Harry Met Sally), she offered to re-enact that particular scene. Thankfully, I was able to talk her out of it.

  12. My alarm is set for 6.15 a.m but I wake up at 4, 5, 5.30 etc etc. even on a Saturday because I'm afraid of the alarm not going off! How sad is that?

    I want to go to NY, hopefully I will when I retire, which is soon as you know.

    Will you commute to NY or move there Ron?

  13. Hi Ron ,
    You did it ! Wow; that was one FLASH biz trip. I can understand you feeling crashed when you finally got back to Philly.

    I don't have much of a past experience with NYC;I don't think that a measley 6 hour stopover counts( though we did get to take the ferry to see lady Liberty & stroll on Ellis island).

    Glad to hear that there will be more NYC trips coming. I would love to see some of your fav spots in the Big apple.

    Hugs back to ya XX

  14. I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip to NYC! And that you get to go back again for work... awesome!!

    I've only been there a couple of times. Once for a lecture/meditation. Another time, my daughter had a ticket to see the Lion King so we drove her up and had dinner and then while she was at the show we walked around. My son has his picture drawn by a street artist and we went to a toy store, maybe just a big Toys R Us or something?

    I know you'll probably be cringing to hear this, but we really feel that 'Philly' is the most we can probably take for a big City. NYC was interesting and I'm glad that we got to go a couple of times but it just didn't call to us.

    Of course I still love to hear about others travels so hopefully you'll be getting pictures and blog material on your return trips!!!

    I have something to tell you that I am sure you'll be just thrilled about.......but....
    I'm soooo behind on my blog and haven't posted in awhile. I'm just too into Facebook and other stuff I guess. But I'll try to post something really soon!!! And I know you'll give me feedback on it. :)

  15. I really like going into NYC also. The energy and the adventure always blows me away. I love going into the posh places and pretend that I am bored with the place and leave in haste. Then I thank God that I did not pull out my wallet and spend like a drunken solider. I always stop in at a deli and get a corned beef on rye with a ton of mustard. I just love the feeling of being in the middle of that sea of humanity.

    Thanks for a memory.

  16. I don't think I could stand being in that store, because the Needless Markup store here (WHY?)traumatized me the one and only time I went inside. Oooh these pants are nice. How much? $600?!
    WHO TF wears $600 Hawaii? Also the Fjordstorm store. Grammy wanted me to check it out, and I did and never felt compelled to go back ever again (no sale signs! EEEK!)
    But if you needed me to help you rehearse a play or dramatic scene with you, I'd do it in a heartbeat!
    I have no shame. I was the one that made dummy get teabagged by the nekkid dude statue in Vegas!
    I know...let's do the Shotz brewery someday, ok? Just like in Wayne's World! ;)

  17. I love LOVE NYC! I've never lived there, but I've had fancy business meetings there. I remember a particular meeting with an ad agency that had it's own personal chef and served us steak and shrimp for lunch! I remember thinking this a great life and a ridiculous waste of money.

    I'm planning a trip there this summer. I can't wait. NYC has energy like no other city I've ever been.

  18. Howdy Chris!'re funny, bud!'s ironic that you mentioned "When Harry Met Sally", because last month I actually rented that film and watched it for the 100th time!!

    Love the film, and that scene in the deli is FLAWLESS!! seems that whenever anyone returns to the Big Apple, they're always reminded of what an awesome city it is!!

    Thanks for stopping by Chris!

    Enjoy your day!

  19. Hellooooo Akelamalu!

    OMG...I'm the EXACT same way!!!

    I woke up all night long and kept checking the clock!

    What's up with that???

    Do you think it could be just "touch" of OCD?

    Nah...we're just very concious people who DO NOT want to be late for work!


    Knowing you, I know that when you DO get to're going to go BONKERS!!! The energy there is mind-blowing. And the shopping is to die for!

    Yes...I will be commuting back and forth to NYC. I'll be taking the train sometimes, and other times driving in with my boss. But who knows....I may eventually move back there. Time will tell!

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear lady!

    Hey...and make sure you check your alarm clock before you go to bed tonight!

    Tee, hee!


  20. Bonjour Barbara!

    OMG...we were both so tired when we got back to Philly, we could barely even speak. And my boss had to drive another 45 mins. to get home!!!

    God love her!

    I've only been to Lady Liberty twice in the whole time I lived there. Wasn't it FUN walking through her crown???

    I've got to eventually get a better camera, so I can take some awesome photos. New York is like a photographers DREAM!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by Barb!

    Always a joy!

    Hugs to you!


  21. Helloooo Crystal Chick!

    ooooh...I'm just DYING to hear what you've got to tell me!!!

    Can't wait!

    SO glad to hear you're enjoying Facebook. Isn't it great? I just met a friend last week, who I haven't seen in eight years! We may be getting together sometime in April.

    Listen, I so totally understand your feelings about NYC. It definitely doesn't call to everyone, that's for sure. And sometimes it's just a great place to visit every once in a while. And it's definitely not a place to LIVE for some people. I think being able to go back and forth from Philly every month will give me a taste if I could live there again. But I've got to tell you....I fell in love with it again last week. I've got to go back this Thursday and then again the following week on business. I'll be very busy, so I won't have much time to BOP around.

    Thanks for stopping by M!

    I ALWAYS LOVE talking with ya!

    Happy Monday!


  22. Howdy Mr. Dave!

    OH BOY...your comment just reminded me that I've got to get into one of those NY deli's for a corn beef sandwich and a kosher pickle! For some reason, they taste better there. Also, PIZZA!

    And you said it, buddy. NYC is SOOOO expensive! Shit...I can't even imagine what the rent has gone up to in the past 8 years!?

    I feel the same way....

    I just love the feeling of being in the middle of that sea of humanity.

    Isn't it so energizing???

    Thanks for sharing your excitement of the Big Appple, Dave!

    And thanks for stopping by!

    Enjoy your evening!

  23. HOLY crack me up, girl!!!!



    I total honestly, I would NEVER be able or even want to purchase something in one of those HIGHER end stores (you and are the BARGAIN shoppers), but I do enjoy walking through them and seeing how everything is displayed. It's like an art museum or something.

    Ok, it's a deal...we'll go to NY one day and do nothing but reenact scenes from movies. And Shotz Brewery will be one of them!!!

    Thanks for dropping by Deb!

    I always love talking about teabagging with you!



  24. Hiya Tina!

    HOLY COW...that was SOME business lunch you had!!

    WOO! WOO!

    Did they have the fancy finger bowls on the table too?

    I'm funny, because there's a part of me that really can enjoy a "posh experience", yet there's another part of me that gets just as much pleasure out of eating a simple burger with ketchup dripping down my chin!

    I guess you could call me SHABBY-CHIC!

    Tee, hee! exciting! A trip to NYC this summer!! Enjoy!!!

    Thanks for stopping by Tina!

    Hope you had a FAAAAABULOUS Monday!


  25. I so envy be able to go To NYC...ah, yeah.

    It all sounds wonderful...andf that is the place where they filmed the way we were huh? Oh so cool.

    When I was with Vince and he was tired from school, he would yawn and was near falling to sleep at my place...I would be talking away...and see he wasn't paying attention. I would then say...Good night Louise. It didn't faze him, he would pull me to close to him and fall fast to sleep.

    Funny how that coment to your boss brought that memory back to me...

    Okay barbara...I have to go.

    I loved your post my friend...and i so want to go there this year...Work wwill be sending mee..I hope. with the economy being as it is...who knows.

    Ciao honey.

  26. Barbra Streisand with a hard on. That's a visual that'll carry me through the rest of the week!

    I've only been to NYC one time in all my life and that was a short visit. Came in to Grand Central on an Amtrack train from upstate, walked to Port Authority and caught a Greyhound to Atlantic City.

    I think it would be a ton of fun to go there with someone who knew the lay of the land.

    See ya Barbra.

  27. Dear Miss Jones...

    OH BOY! If you DO get to NYC this year, you've got to let me know because maybe we can meet up!!!

    Wouldn't that be WILD???

    Miss Jones and Ronnie loose in NYC!!!!

    God...we can hit all sex shops and buy new leather outfits!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! was so wonderful getting back there last week. I have no idea what's going to happen with this new stuff I'll be doing for work, so I'm just taking it one day at a time and seeing where it leads me!

    Thanks for dropping by my Spiky friend!

    And DAMN Vince for not listening to you!!

    So, I'll say it....Goodnight Louise!

    Ciao bella

  28. Hola Mr. Jeff!

    God...I hope that visual doesn't haunt you for the rest of your life!

    However, knowing Streisand, I bet she HAS had a couple of hard-ons in her life!

    HAHAHAHAHHA!! So you HAVE been to NYC? What the hell were you doing going to Atlantic City? Oh, I know...CASINO!!! You wild gambling man!

    God...NYC is so big, I think I'd have to be there awhile to remember how to get around it, myself.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, buddy!

    Enjoy your evening!


  29. ((R)) I can hear the excitement in your voice!

  30. Hi Ron,
    Man, I know what you're thinking- where the heck have I been? No posts, no news, nada.
    I've been busy and actually sometimes have been reading blogs in between things to do.
    I'm pleased to say I am not as often on the computer but now must manage being in contact better!
    NYC, ok, when is Chicago buddy?
    No need to pretend, you are on a journey to go somewhere new!
    I could take NYC, love the energy, and "joie de vivre". LIke buttah,

  31. I'm glad you got there but sorry your visit was cut short. Yes, there is something about NYC that could energize a zombie. I never would want to live there but visit, yes! Bergdorf's is amazing and Tiffany's - just for the whole Holly Golightly thing. MOMA, the Met, Guggenheim ....

    That's exciting you may be commuting. WooHoo!

  32. Hiya Hope!


    tee, hee!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing where change takes me.

    It'll be an adventure!

    Thanks for dropping by Hope!

    Always terrific seeing ya!


  33. OMG Brigitte...IT'S SO GOOD SEEING YA!!!!!

    Yes, I HAVE wondered how you were and what you've been up to. I'm so glad to hear that your busy and doing well!

    It's healthy to take a break from the computer now and then, so I'm happy for ya!


    ...who knows where this NYC journey will take me!?!? This oppotunity with my job came up suddenly, so I'm just gonna go with it...and see!

    MUCHO thanks for stopping by Brigitte!

    Always a TREAT!!


  34. Helloooooo Nitebyrd!

    ooooh....ooooh...Holly Golightly!

    Gee...I'll have to get a photo of myself standing outside of Tiffany's window drinking some coffee and eating a pastry!!

    tee, hee!

    Being a native New Yorker, I know you understand about the energy. And I too don't know about actually living there again. Commuting may be just enough for me...but I'll just take it one day at a time.

    Always great seeing ya Sis!

    With love,

  35. Loved reading your adventure! How exciting, dear heart!
    We can't wait to see what unfolds!!


  36. Hello my wonderful pal Gypsy-Heart!

    I don't whether you have ever visited the city, but I have a wonderful feeling that you would so LOVE it!

    It's full of magical creative energy!

    Thanks for stopping by dear one!

    love ya!

  37. you know, dear one, I was reading with rapt attention UNTIL my brain came to a screeching halt at your very specific description of what parts of your anatomy, sweet as it is, was doing as you strolled through that lovely store...after that, well, I tried to think of RR...ROBERT!! OMG you are so dirty minded sometimes, sigh.. ;)

    love ya,
    kissies...can i be barbra and rr? at the same time or how about can i just spend the night all alone and take a lovely bath in one of their suites...

    you must be crazy NOT to get a laptop for your very frequent trips to appleland...I mean, are you crazy? it's a busy expense isn't it? and you will love her! geez, i need to go to bed...

  38. Tee, hee...Linda!

    I know...aren't I disgusting at times???

    I can't help it though, sometimes you gotta be GRAPHIC to get your point across!


    Yes, I saw a great deal on a small notebook laptop that's just calling my name!!!

    Thanks for dropping by, Barbra!

    "Memories light the corners of my mind"


  39. oh dahling....

    swooning into your arms.....kiss me quick!

    slap slap....what the hell do you think you're doing, you terrible man you!!

    I just couldn't resist, my dearest robert...from now on, YOU are my dear robert, k?
    however, I will continue to be linda aka vulturemuse...or sweetielicks...or caramelapples...gigglegruntrunt....?

    see? surprised YOU! hahaha, maybe you shouldn't hit post on this one...lololol! giggles...just wanted to make your day! or night! xoxoxoxo lick lick

  40. Bwhahahaahahahah Linda!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    Let it RIP!!!!

    See??? Isn't it FUN to talk dirty???

    Ok...I'll be Robert and you can still be Linda. Which is funny, because my middle name is actually ROBERT! I swear!

    Thanks for stopping back, dearest lady!

    LOVED your comment!!!!!!!


  41. Sound like you enjoyed yourself even with all the city hecticness. I grew up in a city and once I moved to the more country life style. I cringe when I know I have to pass through it now.

    Or maybe I am just getting old and enjoying the simple life. Umm not good lol

    I think almost everyone can relate to the one eyed sleep with the alarm clock. As I know Iv'e had days like that.

    I wonder if anyone has ever slept through the alarm clock because of the one eyed sleep. Being so tired and just passing right out.

  42. Morning Grumpy!

    What's funny, is that I love both city life AND country life.

    There something about the massive energy of a city that gives me a surge of life force. Yet when I'm in the country, it grounds and calms me.

    I feel like a part of me is "Sex in the City." and the other part is "Green Acres."

    And I love them both!!!

    Always great seeing ya, dear lady!

    Thanks for stopping by!