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I have a question for you….

… “When was the last time you saw someone donning a hickey?

The reason why I ask is because Saturday afternoon while I was in Traders Joes, I saw an adult employee walk by me with a hickey on his neck the size of Texas.

(and it definitely was a hickey, not a birthmark)

The last time I ever saw one on someone was probably back in high school, but evidently hickeys are back in vogue.

Who knew?

I personally have never had any experience with hickeys, because I think their heinous. Who the hell wants to look like they’ve been savagely bitten by a leech?

However, back when I was a Senior in high school I did try to giving myself one on the forearm just to see if I was capable.


After seeing a hickey on this guy, I started thinking strange things like:

Where did hickey-making come from?

Who actually made the first hickey and then thought to call it a hickey?

Why did someone even want to make a hickey to begin with?

And is there deep symbolism in a hickey?

Curiosity got the best of me, so I googled the Internet for almost an hour just to see if I could find any answers.

I didn’t.

But what I did find was a website that gave the definition of a hickey and some helpful tips on how to get rid of them in case your going to a fancy dinner party and are embarrassed to walk in with a “love bite” on your neck.

I kind of always thought that hickeys were perhaps a way of marking your territory - a way for us to show the world that we're dating someone and that they belong to us because we've BRANDED them with are mouth.

Like, “Hey dude…don’t mess with the merchandise, because she’s/he’s ALL mine!”

Or maybe….just maybe…

…hickeys were something that began way back in the pre-historic caveman days before paint supplies were available, as serious art form….


  1. LOL...I think they are the foulest things out. I did the same as you tried to give myself one on the arm...sucked actually...I couldn't go through with it. The taste of my arm...well isn't what I like. I wish you could have found answers on this. I'm not even going to look...I leave that up to suffice it to say...the hickey powers that be shall never ravage any part of this old bod...anywhere...LOL. Have a great week my friend.

  2. Funny cartoon!

    Years and years ago, probably when I was still in school, me and hubby gave each other hickeys. LOL I guess it's what you said, sort of a branding to show that you are taken.
    I've seen my daughter with them occasionally too.
    I think maybe it's just something that some do for awhile and then grow out of. After all, the brain doesn't fully develop until we're about 25 years old so before then there's lots of room to do stupid shit. LOL

    This post reminded me of Moonstruck. You know how I love to look up lines to movies.

    Rose Castorini saying to Loretta:

    'You got a love bite on your neck. He's coming back this morning, what's the matter with you? Your life's going down the toilet! Cover up that damn thing! Come on, put some make-up on it!'

  3. Hey there Ron,
    My, you are awfully philosophical today.Pursuing the deeper meaning of hickeys!
    Now, already the word takes me back to high school.That was a teen word with all the nasty whiperings and rumors.

    All of that never gave me the urge to try back then ( still doesn't).
    Makes me squeamish to say the least. But, I guess that someone likes 'em out there.

    Have a great Monday,my Philly buddy.
    (P.S.- rats... it's raining in Paris today)

  4. k...

    When YOU figure out what's up with this hickey stuff, feel free to educate me.

    Cuz I don't get it....

    NO freaking way is anyone gonna be leaving some leach mark on MY body and leave the scene alive.
    *shaking head*

    Silly people.

    And frankly, I'da sent the employee home without pay until that 'branding' disappeared.

    I'd make for one mean boss, huh?

  5. Now you ask Ron, I can't remember the last time I saw anyone with a love-bite. I never liked them myself though some of the girls at school came covered in them! YUK!

    I think they thought it made them look grown up, you know they'd been necking with a boy - well I presume it was a boy, maybe not.

  6. Aloha Thom!

    Hickeys are the PITS!

    They suck!


    That's funny, because I couldn't go through with giving my self a hickey either. I was too embarrassed!?

    No, I think I've stopped searching for the answers and will conclude that hickeys are a pre-historic ART FORM. An art form of which I have no appreciation for.


    Always great seeing ya, bud!

    Have a great week!


  7. So Ron, I'll assume you neither received a masters degree from Hickey University, nor are you wearing that foam/mesh atrocity at your place of employment (at least not on a regular basis). Raw meat supposedly works on black eyes. Is it reasonable to assume that strapping a porterhouse around one's neck would do the trick?

  8. Helloooo Crystal Chick!

    Isn't the cartoon a HOOT? It CRACKED UP when I saw it!!!

    Oh you're funny. True...I did a lot of stupid shit before I was 25.

    *and stupid shit AFTER I was 25 too!


    Isn't Moonstruck the best? I own the film, so I remember the scene you're talking about. I think Cher looks so beautiful in that film. - Bellissima!

    Great seeing ya, M! Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

    Hey...can you feel the summer heat coming?? Bleh!

  9. Bonjour Barbara!

    I know...

    ...after seeing that hickey, I suddenly became VERY philosophical on the walk home from Trader Joes - I was PERPLEXED!?


    Now watch what happens....

    ...I bet today I see a MILLION hickeys on the street!

    They're back!!!!!

    You must be getting the rainy weather we were having last week. Today it's sort of humid, but sunny.

    Anyway, Barb...don't forget your umbrella if you go out today!

    Thanks for stopping by, my Philly friend! Tell Didier I said HI!

  10. Afternoon Mel!

    You GO, girl!

    Send that employee home until that hickey DISAPPEARS!

    As I was reading about how to get rid of them on the link I left. I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be so much easier if you just didn't get a hickey?"


    ....apparently, it leaves it's MARK!


    Happy Monday, dear lady!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Afternoon Akelamalu!


    After I saw this HUGE thing on the guy I was suddenly reminded of the fact that it had been AGES since I'd seen one - I thought maybe it was a thing of the past.

    When was in high school it was a "sign" that you were VERY popular!!


    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

    Happy Monday, to ya!

  12. Bwhahahahaahahaha! have no idea how much I friggin' LOVE your sense of humor!!!

    OMG...I was sipping a cup of coffee while I read your comment and SPIT!

    No...I would never wear that autrocity at work or anywhere else for that matter. I hadn't even realized that there was such a place as Hickey University until I went searching for photos!? Where the hell is it, anyway?

    Always great seeing ya, bud!

    Enjoy your day!

  13. The history of the hickey. The resulting mark of sucking another person's anatomy in such a way that is causes a reminder that someone who has the talent of a Electrolux has been in close to intimate vacinity of another. It was name after Father Fred Hickey who gave the first "love bite" to Sister Monica. It was only once; even though he wanted to do it more, he just could not get into the habit. It was then noticed on many women leaving the confessional box and it was told to them that it was part of the pennance needed to wash away the sin of calling another person a dumb shit.
    Father Hickey will always have a place on the neck, shoulder, back, buttocks etc of all those who wear this badge of tenderness and affection proudly.
    It has seemed to slip into obscurity and only once in awhile it surges back especially on the bodies of all those horny people who can not keep the the hormones in check. It seems that most men receive this splot on the neck and the women get them on the hooter section of loveville.
    Well enough on the subject that really sucks.

    Hugs and kisses suckka

  14. Bwhahahahahahahaahha!



    ...It seems that most men receive this splot on the neck and the women get them on the hooter section of loveville.

    Well, Dave...out of ALL the comments you've ever left me in the past two years....THIS WAS THE BEST!!!!!!

    I cannot stop laughing!!!

    You GO, boy!

    Thank you for answering all my questions. Now I can sleep tonight!

    You rock, Dave!

  15. Am in the same boat as you, Ron. Which reminds me... did you remember to mop the poop deck?

    I always assumed hickeys were a way to mark your territory. A more appropriate way than urinating all over your partner. Though I've known someone who enjoyed having both done to her. But that's a story for another time.

    Take care!

  16. Hey Roberto!

    Oh man, your a RIOT!

    Ironically, I was going to mention something to the effect of "spraying like a cat."

    So thank you for saying what I didn't! fact, I mopped the poop deck earlier this morning.

    Eye-eye Captain!

    Thanks for stopping by, bud!

    Enjoy your day!

  17. Oh geez, they're the worst, aren't they? Never gave 'em, never got 'em.


  18. Hi Chrissy!


    ...this is yet another TWIN thing we have in common!



    Thanks for stopping by, Chrissy!

  19. funny, i was just thinking of this the other day. um, i'm going to have to say, no, not in fashion. maybe years and years ago, people wanted other people to know their activity, but it looks kinda gross. i mean it could happen, but i wouldn't go sporting it around like a broach, you would have to find it on me.

  20. Hi Valerie!'re funny!!

    ...i mean it could happen, but i wouldn't go sporting it around like a broach...

    That's perfect!!

    And I think if I DID have one...I would wear one of my winter turtlenecks!!!


    Thanks for stopping by, Valerie!

    Enjoy your day!

  21. ronnie baby...oh i could tell youstories of where I've had hichies.

    I think I'll do a post on that gall...and the hickies...

    Ronnie babe...your blog fodder is extending over to me. Yay!

    I knwn what you mean...That very same gal (DEBBIE) gave me looked like Australia. No joke.

    Mother was not too happy.

    I have to admit...I like them and like giving them.

    fab post babe...when we'd see a hickie on a gal we'd and so got laid...hehehe.

    Ciao ronnie.

  22. Even the name hickey is weird isn't it? I haven't seen or thought about these gross little things for years. Thanks pal!!!

  23. Dear Miss Jones....

    OMG....I would LOVE to read a post about your HICKEY HISTORY!!!

    I bet it would be FAAABULOUS!

    SO PLEASE DO!!!!

    Hey, listen...if you're into giving and receiving hickeys, I think that's great. Maybe in your post you can explain to us the proper way to GIVE one and the proper decorative PLACEMENT.


    Thanks so much for sharing on this post, Miss Jones!

    I look forward reading more about hickeys on your blog!!

    Enjoy your day, sweets!

    Ciao bella

    Mr. Hickey

  24. Howdy Jeff!

    oooo...and I bet now you're going to seeing hickeys EVERYWHERE!

    Just you wait....

    ...the next time you're shopping in Home Depot, I bet you'll spot a few!!


    Great seeing ya, bud!

    Hope you enjoyed your camping weekend. Can't wait to see the photos!

    Later gator!!!

  25. well, thanks to dave, we can all sleep tonight *grin*....hopefully without those ugly badges of "love" .... I have always detested them!

    ron, you have such good taste!

    we must be related...

  26. Hi Linda!

    OMG...wasn't his comment HYSTERICAL???

    I laughed my ass off!


    Thanks, dearest lady....

    ...good taste runs amongst good friends!


    Thanks for stopping by tonight!

    Always great seeing ya!

    Enjoy your evening!

    X ya!