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I would like to share this post to tell you about my favorite Broadway musical, and to also tell you about the time I wanted to kicked myself in the ass.

I should probably start by saying that although I enjoy humor and comedy, when it comes to my taste in musical theater, I’m not one for sugary, jolly, and happy-ending shows in which leprechauns are singing about rainbows, or cowboys are dancing ballet in an Oklahoma corn field.

Ironically, I much prefer a musical that blatantly exposes both the light and dark sides of human nature - and even more so if it’s a musical based on a biography or a piece of history. The shadow side is not always easy to look at, but for some crazy reason...I like looking at it.

I enjoy musicals such as, Sweeny Todd, Sunset Boulevard, Cabaret, and my all-time favorite…Evita.

Evita is a fascinating story based on the life of Eva Peron, First Lady of Argentina, who seduced her way into political power by appealing to the poor and working class. She was loved passionately and hated equally. She spent most of her adulthood fulfilling a personal vendetta. To make a long story short…she took money from the rich to give to the poor, and then took some for herself. She died at a very early age before having the chance to run for vice-president. And in the last scene of the musical on her deathbed, she humbly confesses her motives and asks for forgiveness.

Many years ago I was asked to be in a production of Evita. And after briefly talking to the musical director and hearing some of the music, I declined. At the time, I knew nothing about Eva Peron and it sounded like the show was going to be boring.


However, I had several friends who were in the cast, so I was excited to attended the open night festivities.

I remember sitting in my seat as the curtain rose on the first scene, which is actually the funeral of Eva Peron. The musical starts at the end of her life, then reverts back to the beginning.

I don’t know whether it was the exquisitely dramatic sound of the orchestra, or the film footage of the real Eva Peron that was projected onto a movie screen, but I sat there totally mesmerized; not able to move.

The second act opens with the famous song Don’t Cry for me Argentina, at which point Eva Peron is at the peak of her political power. The actress who portrayed the role, slowly walked out onto a balcony wearing a magnificent designer gown and was dripping in diamonds.

As the stage lights hit her….she literally sparkled. It was intoxicating.

By the time the finale arrived, I was so engrossed in the story that I found myself not wanting it to end.

And as the curtain descended I remember standing on my feet and clapping so hard I thought my palms would bleed.

It was at that moment I had discovered my favorite Broadway musical and was simultaneously kicking myself in the ASS for not being a part of the show.

And after going backstage and congratulating the cast for their outstanding performances, I walked to my car thinking to myself…

….“Argentina wasn’t the only one CRYING”…

Ronita Peron

"The First Lady of Argentina"


  1. Hey there Ronita,
    You never looked as pretty as you do tonight !
    ( maybe it's the moonlight)

    No seriously,I have never seen Evita. I'm not someone who has been to many Theatre productions in my life( I know, where have I been all this time).But, I have seen a film about Evita. She's a fascinating woman.

    It's OK; we all make mistakes.
    You did totally enjoy the Production and that's great too.

    Big hugs to you from sunny Paris.

  2. Let's for
    wait a minute...sounds familiar. Was there thousands of shoes and 500 black brassieres involved? Oops. that was someone else.

  3. OMG...Eva and Madonna can eat their hearts silily man you...Love it :)

  4. Excellent musical....excellent scores.

    And shoot that you passed on it!

    Ah well... How tall are you again? I mean, there's always the Wizardy one if you're short enough. ;-)

  5. Oh you look fabulous in rubies and diamonds!! Maybe there is a local Philly group way way way off Broadway like .... uh, the Awesome Allegheny Actors doing a revival of this show and you can strut your stuff. hehe Better yet, a one man performance in the park! There are certainly enough poor wandering around that you can have them be your subjects. Steal from the Rittenhouse richies, and have your squirrely friends help redistribute it. I'm soooo there. Reserve me a good bench nearest to the Barnes so I won't have far to go for my hot cuppa at intermission!

    As you know, I love Cabaret!! And
    Sweeny Todd was good too. I'm probably more like you in that I prefer the darker, more intense shows. I'm not generally fond of most musicals though. I tried to stick with West Side Story on t.v. a couple weeks ago because hubby really likes it, but I lost interest.
    I have seen parts of 'Argentina' with Madonna but not the whole thing. I should give it another try as I adore Antonio Banderas. Mmmm delicious. Probably did a great job as Che, huh?

    It was probably just fate that you didn't accept the job because being in the performance you would have maybe come away with a different opinion of it. Seeing it from the perspective of an audience member allowed you to become so passionate about it maybe.

  6. Ronita Peron! Ronita Peron!

    I like dark musicals too and Evita is a favorite of mine as well

    I have used the line 'don't cry for me Argentina' throughout my life

    it is a wonderfully symbolic way to musically say kiss my ass or "f" you

  7. Bonjour Barbara!

    Thank you, madame'!

    I just had my hair done!


    It's funny you mentioned the film version of Evita....

    ...I waited and waited FOREVER for that movie to come out. I enjoyed it VERY much, because the film was able to show things that the stage produce could not, but...the stage production is more stark and raw. And because she was SUCH the litte "actress" the stage seemed to suite Evita's personality. The scene on the balacony was MUCH more effective on stage than in the film.

    But honestly, I enjoyed both versions in there own way.

    MUCHO GRASSY for stopping by, my Paris friend!

    Glad to hear it's sunny there. Philly is gray and humid. Eck!

    Have a wonderful day!



  8. Oh what a shame you turned it down Ron!

    I love musicals - serious, funny, whatever. My favourite is Blood Brothers but recently we have seen We Will Rock You (2nd time) and loved it. I haven't seen Evita - yet. :)

  9. Bwhahahahah...Debi!!!!

    You are tooooooo funny, girl!

    Eva Peron believed that if she looked "dressed to the nines" wearing only the BEST... it would inspired the poor of Argentina to achieve the same.


    In all honesty, the lady DID do a lot of good for the sick and poor, but I think it's the WAY she did it that pissed people off.

    Great seeing ya, Deb!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  10. Aloha Thom!

    Madonna actually called me before she started filming the movie and asked several questions about how I styled my hair, did my makeup, and also for the cell phone number of Christian Dior.


    Always a HOOT seeing ya, bud!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Aloha from Argentina,

  11. Well, Ron, as another commenter opined, perhaps your new look is in preparation for a one man show in Rittenhouse Square. If all goes well, you'll make it through most scenes before Homeless Services drags you to a shelter (or institution).

    By the way, thank you for not waxing the moustache. I assume you're staying true to the stereotype of hairy women from certain Mediterranean or South American regions?

    I mean, hell, Frida Kahlo had a huge unibrow, so why not.

  12. Morin' Dear Mel!

    Isn't the score FAAAABULOUS??

    There's actually TWO versions of the score...

    ...the one they did in London (where it opened)

    ...and the American version.

    The film used the London version - it had more of a ROCK sound.

    I know....I feel terrible having missed my chance playing Eva Peron.

    But I'm hoping that one day I'll perform the role when they come out with a DRAG version.


    Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear lady!

    And remember....please don't cry for me....

    Ronita Peron

  13. Evita is without a doubt my all-time favorite stage musical. I saw Patti LuPone in the role on Broadway and she was the embodiment of the character.


  14. Howdy Crystal Chick!

    Your last paragraph in your comment is RIGHT ON! And that's something that I realized after I had seen it....

    ...I was enjoying it from the audiences perspective. Watching something and performing in something are two different things.

    After I saw it opening night, I went back 6 times to see it again. I saw it here in Philly a few years ago and it was one of the best broadway productions I had ever seen. The girl who played "Eva" was truly the best. I waited by the stage door that night and told her.

    I know you enjoy a lot of the same type of movies I do, so I had a feeling you liked shows more on the darkside. There's a part of me that's very GOTH. LOVE Tim Burton!

    The movie Evita I really enjoyed, but if I had to choose my would be the stage production. I liked Madonna as the "visual" of Eva (she looked perfect), but her voice and acting (for as much as I LOVE her) just didn't feel STRONG enough for the character.

    Eve Peron had BALLS!

    tee, hee!

    ooooo...and you already know how much I love Cabaret. And remember now, you and I are going to do a production of that one day, ok?

    Sally and the Emcee at The Academy of Music!

    Thanks for stopping b, neighbor!

    I'll meet ya in Rittenhouse later for a little "redistribution" of money's!


    Enjoy your day!


  15. Hello Dianne-vita Peron!

    Isn't the show friggin' wonderful??

    And let's hear it for DARK musicals...YAY!!!!

    Hey...have you ever heard the DISCO version of Don't Cry for me Argentina?? It's hysterical! I remember back in late 80's dancing to it at all the clubs in Fort Lauderdale!

    woo! woo!

    Thanks for dropping by, Dianna!

    Ok...I'm getting ready to go out on my balcony now, bye!


    X to you!

  16. Hey Akelamalu!

    OMG...I can't believe you mentioned Blood Brothers! I saw a local production of that in Florida and it was WONDERFUL.

    Talk about DARK!

    Didn't Petula Clark play the role of the mother on Broadway?

    If you ever get the chance...please see Evita, I think you would enjoy it.

    GREAT seeing ya, dear lady!

    Hope you're having an awesome Wednesday!

  17. HOLY SHIT, MVD....can you get any FUNNIER?????

    The whole "homeless services/institution thing" CRACKED me the hell up!

    Unfortunately in Philadelphia, if I were to perform Evita in Rittenhouse Square...I'd just be one of the elite crowd!

    And thank you for noticing the authenticity of my photo. Yes, I decided to leave my facial hair because if FRIDA could leave her unibrow...then, damn it...I could leave my sexy Italian moustache!

    (which btw..I loved that film)

    ALWAYS great seeing ya, buddy!

    Enjoy your day!

    Senorita Puta Ronita

  18. Hey David! LUCKY, LUCKY MAN!!

    I'm SO jealous!

    I have the recording of Miss Lupone and what you said is so true...even just hearing her voice seemed to be the embodiment of the character.

    I would also loved to have seen Elaine Page in the role. I really enjoy her vocal quality.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing that David!

    How COOL!!!

    Enjoy your day!

  19. I remember seeing this many years ago in Chicago, and just hating it!
    The Eva that had had a horrid voice, and every time she broke into song, I wanted to howl like a cat.
    Many years later i was talked into seeing the movie version of it.
    Say what you will about Madonna, the woman has a set of pipes!
    And I LOVED IT!
    even have the soundtrack on CD.
    So I am sorry you didn't get to be part of that extraordinary musical. perhaps there were better things?

  20. Hello Lady Sorrow!

    Oh, you are so funny...

    ...howl like a cat!!!!

    Yes...I do you know of MANY people who felt/feel the exact same way about the show, so I totally understand what you're saying.

    ALSO...if the actress who is playing Eva does not have an outstanding voice and can act...then the show is pretty much lost. I too have seen a few stage productions that were not strong. A production that I saw in Orlando, many years after I had seen the first one, was very TIRED.

    Yes...I went on to do other shows. Things like things happen to you when you're an actor - you kick yourself in ass sometimes, but you move on and then BITCH about it years later on your blog!


    I think in my next life I'll request coming back as a female and audition for the role of EVA!

    So glad you enjoyed Madonna in the movie!

    I too had the soudtrack at one time, but I don't know what I ever did with it!?!

    Antonio Banderas blew me away with his performance. Shit, I didn't even know the guy could sing!!!

    Thank so much for stopping by and sharing on this post, dear lady!

    Enjoyed it!

    Have a great rest of your day!

    X ya!

  21. I've not seen Evita but I'm sure Ronita would be far more entertaining. LOVE the picture! You're crazy.

  22. Hi Chrissy!

    Oh...thank you, dear lady!

    Don't I PRETTY?

    Sort of like a trans-gender in between the change!


    Thanks for stopping by, Chrissy!

    Love to Bern!

  23. Ron, Ron, Ron! So you had a chance to act in the play and because you were unsure of the role or the play you passed it by.
    How many of us do the exact same things in our lives. We hesitate and we do not go for something because that little thing in our head gives us apprehension. Then we look back at that kodak moment and yell I could have been a contender!! Even though you did not do the play you walked away learning a lesson and now you apply that lesson to many parts of you existence. So you have not lost but you won. Put handkerchief away Ronita and cry no more.

  24. Howdy Mr. Dave!!!!!

    THANK YOU for your WISE words, bud!

    So true!

    And like Crystal Chick also shared, watching the show, rather than being in it gave me the chance to enjoy the production as a spectator.

    So I will do as you suggested and do away with my handkerchief; going to the nearest balcony I can find and shout....

    ..."Don't Cry for me Argentina!"....


    Always great seeing ya, my friend!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Enjoy your day!

  25. Ronivta! You're gorgeous! I'll bet you felt like Tom Selleck after "Indiana Jones" opened. At least you got to see the show.

    "Sweeny Todd", hands down, my favorite. "Little Shop of Horrors" comes in second.

  26. Why thank you, Nitebyrd!

    I look like a sexy bitch, don't it?


    Sweeny Todd (both the show and the movie) I LOVED!!

    Little Shop....I've seen both and love them equally! I've always wanted to play the DENTIST!

    Thanks for stopping by, Sis!

    The First Lady,

  27. And now I shall add kicking you in the ass on the list of things I must do when I meet you.

  28. She didn't ask ya how to grab crotch? ROFLMAO

  29. Howdy Jeff!

    OMG...what a wonderful surprise to see ya!!!!


    I think after you hear me sing "Don't cry for me Argentina" you may truly WISH to kick me in ass!

    Thanks for stopping by, bud!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Later gator!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ronita Peron

  30. Aloha Thom!

    Oh shit...YES, she did.

    I totally forgot to mention that!

    *except, her balls are bigger than mine!



  31. ah ronita...i wish you had gotten in on that too, wow, you'd probably be rich and on stage still...oh well, love your new look but i'd keep it for weekends, it wouldn't work for work...the hair isn't right.. grins...


  32. Hi Linda!

    Oh god, no...I could NEVER wear my hair like this for work...

    ...all the girls would be much too jealous of me!


    Love ya, dear lady!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Ronita Peron

  33. Hi Ron,

    Ohhhh... That picture of you at the bottom of the post is just DIVINE!!
    I saw Evita with my dad and step mom when I was about 15 or 17 or so... I really loved it!! I can still remember it... I cried, too. I still get teary-eyed when I hear the song, "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina."
    I go to the theatre here in France... I just LOVE musicals..... I saw Cleopatre in April... It was FANTASTIQUE! I get really into the show while I am watching it and I never want it to end.....
    I get like that at the movies, too... esp. when I like the cast...
    Take care and have a wonderful Sunday....

  34. Bonjour Leesa!

    Oh thank you, my friend!

    Don't you just LOVE my necklace? It was specially made for me by Tiffany!

    HAHAHAHAHA! too! I cry every time I watch the final scene when she dies - it's chilling. And to see it live onstage is so completely different from the movie version.

    I bet the theater in France is phenomial. And I bet the theaters are beautiful!

    I love movies, but my heart will always be drawn to the theater.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing on this post, Leesa!

    Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!