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Warning: whether you’re a man or a woman, today’s post may induce a rush of testosterone; making hair grow on your chest or give you a sudden urge to go out and buy a Ford pickup truck.

Saturday afternoon while I was sitting in the park listening to some music, I discovered a CD that someone had burned for me many years ago which contained a compilation of various disco songs.

Towards the end of the CD I began to hear the familiar beat of a song that immediately transported me back to the early 80’s….

Macho Man, from the Village People.

I sat under a tree nonchalantly bobbing my head, curling my biceps, and gyrating my hips.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Village People, *they were a disco group formed in the late 1970s. The group was well known for their on-stage costumes, catchy tunes and suggestive lyrics. Original members were: Police Officer (Victor Willis), American Indian chief (Felipe Rose), Cowboy (Randy Jones), Construction Worker (David Hodo), Biker (Glenn Hughes) and Military man (Alex Briley). The band's name references New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood, at the time known for having a substantial gay population and got their inspiration for creating an assembly of American man archetypes based on the gay men of The Village who frequently dressed in various fantasy attire.

I had always wanted to be a Village People. I thought it would be cool if they added me to their group, dressed as hot and sexy Paramedic; offering “mouth-to-mouth” to audience members who past out from sniffing too much amyl nitrate.


…like all disco queens, I loved the Village People.

All through the early 80‘s I was virtually a disco addict, so it was nothing for me to be out clubbing 4-5 nights a week. But that also meant I had to have a completely new outfit to wear each night. God forbid if anyone ever saw me in the same polyester Nik-Nik shirt within the same week.

Being a disco addict also meant I had to have the latest in men’s disco cologne, which at the time was Ralph Lauren Polo. And I didn’t just “dab” Polo on like a normal person, I douched with it. The second you walked into any club back then, you would immediately be smacked in the face with an invisible WALL of Polo. And as everyone got nice and sweaty on the dance floor, the scent magnified like a powerful aphrodisiac.

Between the cologne, the sound of the Village People, and the intermittent dramatic fall of confetti from the ceiling…we were all having multiple orgasms.

I would like to conclude this post by leaving you with a Monday dose of testosterone.

So, put on your Nik Nik shirt or your polyester dress and strappy heels, splash on some Polo…and allow yourself to feel MACHO, man!


  1. You would have been the BEST Villager...FIREFIGHTER RON, with his big long hose and big long ladder for those hard to reach places. And rubber boots.
    OOOOOH. LOL You superhunk you :D

  2. Oh still my heart. I'm still so addicted to Disco I cannot see straight. And the thought of Polo dabbed here and there. ORGASMIC. And the polyester suits where just to die for. The platform shoes...Oh my. I never wanted to be in the Village People...go figure...maybe in one respect. I just couldn't shake it enough to qualify. Besides, I would sweat and drown out all my damn Polo. And then of course...the exercise that one would have to do to be fit to wear those skimply little outfits

    "It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A.
    It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A.

    They have everything that you need to enjoy,
    You can hang out with all the boys ... "

    Be still my heart

    Oh and then the go In The goodness...what didn't those boys do.

    Ethel belts out another one by one of her favorite groups to sing.

    "Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight
    Won't somebody help me chase the shadows away
    Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight
    Take me through the darkness to the break of the day"

    Aloha Joan. You nasty ass paramedic you :)

  3. Yikes!

    I'll just watch from the sidelines, ty.
    Though--I will join in on the Y-M-C-A motions. *laughing*

    Omgosh....and they still play that song around these parts.......

  4. Fun trip down memory lane!!

    Well, I never went to many clubs, especially where gay men douched in Polo, but I did LOVE disco.
    We used to have albums that just played one extended version of a song on each side. I always loved this one called 'Dancer' by Gino Soccio (if you were in the clubs in the '70's you have to know him) so when I got the same version for my iPod not too long ago I was thrilled! I have a few other pretty funky tunes from back then... Flashlight by Parliament, Love to Love You Baby by the Queen of the Disco herself Donna Summer, assorted KC and the Sunshine Band stuff, Get Off by Foxxy...etc.

    I'm gonna be real careful to watch the goings on in Philly next time I'm over there. That paramedic giving mouth to mouth in the park might not really be an actual EMT.... it could be you getting ready to break out in song and dance. The squirrels will gather all around to cheer you on.... and I'll be waiting on the sidelines with a cuppa Starbucks and a bravo!

    Have a great week. :)

  5. Dear Ron, that scent was not just used by the 80's disco scene participants but by the preppy, on their way to be yuppy, male high schoolers I grew up with. Each morning it was like hitting a "wall" in the classroom with the smell of adolescent musk mingled with a vat of Polo cologne. Ahh, the memories.
    Thanks for the wonderfully kind comment on my last post. You're the best!!

  6. The Village People were a great disco group Ron. What a shame you never got to join them - I think you'd have been a great hit! :)

  7. Aloha Debi!


    You Go, girl! comes the VP Firefighter shaking his hose and ladder!!!!

    "Macho macho man...I've got to BE...a macho man....."

    *Tips, please!


    Oh, Deb...YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by you crazy wonderful lady!

    Enjoy your day!

  8. bwhahahahahahahahaha Ethel!!!

    I could actually FEEL you going CRAZY about disco in your comment!!!!

    DITTO! I freaking LOVE it!

    I use to have an LP of the Village People that had all their greatest hits, and like a TOTAL idiot, just before I moved from Florida to Philly....I threw it OUT! Can you believe it??? Not only did I throw out the Village People, but also every disco album I owned.

    *I know...bitch slap me.

    Actually, my favorite Village People song was "Hollywood" you remember that one? It had such a great beat.

    Listen, if you and I should ever meet in person, I think we should plan a disco night. We can put on our Village People costumes and dab on some Polo....and FREAK OUT!

    Thanks SOOOOO much for stopping by, buddy!

    Your comment was a total HOOT!

    Have a VP day!

    The Paramedic

  9. Howdy Mel!

    OMgosh....they still play YMCA here too!!!

    Isn't it FAAAABULOUS!

    I remember watching an Oprah show once, where she had the Village People on and the entire audience did the Y-M-C-A motions!!!!

    *and of course, I sat at home doing the same thing!

    Ok...let's do it, Mel....

    "It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!!!"

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    Happy VP Monday to ya!

  10. Helloooo Crystal Chick!

    Holy shit....the last paragraph of your comment had me HOWLING!!!


    Yes...I do remember "Dancer" by Gino Soccio and ALL the wonderful disco tunes you mentioned! I totally forgot about Parliment until you mentioned it!

    It's funny, because I love Donna Summers songs, but while I was still living in NYC (in the late 70's) I went to see her in concert and was SOOOOO disappointed. She was SO boring to watch. She just stood there and sang without moving. She's much better to just listen too.

    Ok...I better go now. I have a Village People show in Rittenhouse Park in about an hour and I still have to put on my paramedic costume and warm up my lips!


    Always great seeing ya, M!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the DISCO memories!!!!

    Have a great week!

  11. Hey Jen!

    Oh...YOU ARE TOO-TOO funny, girl!

    And you're so "right on" about Polo being the preppy/yuppy scent of the 80's!!

    I can still see all the guys wearing their IZOD shirts and reeking of Polo!

    Believe it or not....Polo is STILL one of our #1 colognes sold in our store - it has a huge following.

    And you are so welcome, Jen. I enjoyed both your interview and guest post - you ROCK!

    Enjoy your day!!!!

  12. Afternoon Akelamalu!

    Thank you for saying that!

    But I think I missed my TRUE calling... be a Village People!


    Oh, well...perhaps when I retire I can start a geriatric Village People group, traveling to various retirement homes; waggling my TUSH!

    tee, hee!

    Have a great day, m' dear!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  13. hangs head
    I must confess
    never heard this tune
    or of this band..
    Not sure what i was doing in the 80's that I missed this,
    oh wait!
    I was putting my hands on my hips, and pulling my knees in tight, and wanting magenta
    wanting to BE magenta
    with every fiber of my being.

  14. Hellooooo Lady Sorrow!!

    Hey, that's ok because one of these days when you and I meet...I'll put on a little Village People concert for you!!

    I think you'll love my PARAMEDIC!!!

    But you have me puzzled with your reference to magenta in your comment?!!?

    What did you mean?

    Thanks for dropping by, sweet lady!

    ALWAYS a pleasure!!!

    X ya!

  15. Hey Ronnie,
    Thank you for the blast back in time with the village people !!!
    I'll be honest; I was not a huge Disco fan but I LOVED the happy and exhuberant songs of VP. A real treat !

    I think that it was the Village peeps loss that they didn't have Ronnie as a member. Who would your VP have been ??
    A big rousing Woo Woo to ya Ron for this happy flashback !

    XXXX from the 2 of us ( who were bouncing around with this music !)
    P.S. Admit it; you were drooling as hard as us the female gent in front of those meafcakes :)

  16. Bonjour Barbara!

    Thank you my wonderful friend... thoughts exactly. I think the VP faded away because I was NOT a part of the group and they eventually BOMBED!


    (my VP would have been a hot and sexy paramedic)

    I know disco was not for everyone, so I totally understand your feelings. People either seemed to love it or not. I enjoyed it because I love to dance, and disco was great dance music!


    Oh and you better believe it, Barb...I was drooling over the beefcake in the video who was working out...YAWZA!!!!!

    MUCHO GRASSY for stopping by today!

    So glad you and Didier enjoyed the music!!!


  17. STOP! You're killing me! OMG! I hated, detested, loathed the "Disco" era. Real music had died!

    However, as long as people get married and have those crazy, drunken receptions, The Village People will live on. I have yet to be at a wedding, even my own child's, where "Macho Man", "In The Navy" and "YMCA" hasn't been played.

    Polyester and "NikNik", dear God!

  18. Thom, when star of Honolulu brings back all the tourists from da dinna cruz they play YMCA when they pull into da harbor. LOL

    Shake that moneymaker, firefox Ron!
    (stuffs a $20 in his reflective- tape-striped thong)

  19. Oh I LOVE The Village People. I spent many Saturday nights at the skating rink getting my 12 year old grove on to Mancho Man, YMCA, and In The Navy...I was hot stuff skating backwards and drenched in Loves Baby Soft.

    I would love to see you as Fireman Ron.....The Village People missed out on you baby!

    Bette sends her love to Joan, kisses and smooch.

  20. Howdy Nitebyrd!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

    You hated, detested, and loathed disco!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA!'re not alone, because I've known/know MANY people who feel the same.

    That's ok, though. I mean, we can't ALL love the same stuff, right?

    And ain't it the truth...

    ....I too have heard the Village People at MANY a weddding!!!

    Oh dear you remember Nik Nik's??? They were so damn HOT to wear. The second I put one on...I'd sweat!

    Anyway, Sis....thanks a bunch for stopping by. And even though you don't care for disco....I still love you!


  21. Hi Debi!

    ...stuffs a $20 in his reflective- tape-striped thong....


    TOO-TOO funny!!!

    And thanks for such a generous tip, Deb. That's the biggest one I've ever gotten!

    I thought of you today, because I was in Payless shopping for shoes. I'm going back tomorrow to get them. They were on sale!!!


  22. Hiya Funny Girl!

    OMG...thank you for mentioning the skating rink and the Village People, because I TOO remember doing that same thing.

    HOT DAMN, girl....I bet you were one GREAT skater! I could NOT skate backwards to save my life!

    oooo...oooo...and LOVE'S BABY SOFT!!! I can still remember that scent. Wasn't it great?? Don't ever tell anyone this, but I actually bought a bottle of that and wore it!!

    (I'm such a BABY)

    It's always so much fun sharing a comment with you, FG!

    Thanks for stopping by and adding to memories!!!


  23. Ron, you sexy bitch. It's never too late to take a CPR/EMT course. Live the dream, my friend.

  24. Hey MVD!

    In so few ALWAYS crack me the hell up!!

    I took a CPR course WAAAAAAY back, and it's ironic how "mouth-to-mouth" was like second nature to me.


    Great seeing ya, pal!

    Hope you had a great day in the city!

    The Sexy Bitch

  25. Check the expiration date on that coupon...that was awhile ago I sent you that. I will email you another RIGHT NOW. Don't go until you check your email, and print that coupon, or I'm gonna go over there and TAKE BACK my $20 tip I stuffed (wasn't much room in there) in your Reflective-tape-striped thong!

  26. Hey Debi!

    Ok, my friend...will do!

    However, I didn't even remember about the coupon?!?

    Silly me.

    The shoes were such a great price, I was going to buy them as is.

    But I'll check for your email in the morning.

    Thanks Deb! I really appreciate that!


  27. I can just picture you in the Village People!!

    Sweet memories of Polo :)

  28. OMG Debi we are going to have to meet there, take a video and post it for Ron to funny. Hollywood...shit yeah I remember that one...I loved those guys :)

  29. Hellooooo Casdok!!!!

    woo! woo!

    It's always such a special treat to see you!!!!

    How are ya???

    It's funny how songs instantly bring back such vivid memories, isn't it? It's the same with fragrace!!!

    Hope you and C are having a wonderful summer!!

    Thank you so much for dropping by, sweet lady!!!

    {{{{you and C}}}}}}

  30. Aloha Ethel!!!

    Ok...I'll be waiting to see that video!!!!


    woo! woo! woo!

    Hope you're having a great day, Ethel!!!

  31. Thanks for visiting my blog at Jen's (from When Pigs Fly) request and commenting. I appreciate that.

    I just enjoyed reading a number of your previous posts and will plan to visit back more often.


  32. I hope you used the coupon, rumpshaker! They let me use it on a sale pair. Every little bit counts :)

    it's funny as hell. The security guys down there know that the running joke with me is dem doing da YMCA. I either get down there too early or too late and I tell DaSecurityGuy "wot I miss um again?" He bus laughing yeah you jus miss um. :D

  33. Hi Constant Complainer!

    Welcome...and thanks so much for stopping by to say Hi!

    LOVED your blog and think it's SO cool that you had Jen as one of your guest posters - isn't she the BOMB? I just recently discovered Jen and fell in love with her writing. I'm a big fan!!

    Glad you enjoyed my blog, and thanks for saying so.

    Please stop by anytime.

    I'll also be dropping by your place too!

    Enjoy your evening!

  34. Hiya Debi!'re not going to believe this, but Payless is sending me COUPONS in the mail because I had called up their corporate office and complimented them on the staff at the store I shop at.

    They are the BEST staff I've ever witnessed in a Payless. Excellent customer service!

    So I'll have MORE coupons to shop with!!!

    Thanks again for sending me the one in your email!


  35. Nik Nik shirts! OMG, I can't stop laughing. You would be the HOTTEST paramedic. "Did someone dial 911??"
    Wait...did we have 911 then? We did, right?

  36. Hiya Chrissy!

    OK...didn't you just LOVE seeing all those stud muffins wearing those TACKY-ASS Nik Nik's at the clubs??

    woo! woo! Go, boys...GO!

    OMG, I don't know...DID we have 911 back then or did we just have to dial the operator??

    Now you've got me thinking....

    GREAT seeing ya, you disco queen!

    Hope you had a great day!

  37. Hi. I come via The Constant Complainer. I loved this blog post, you had me from the warning. I appreciate the witty humor and WHO could not love the song???

  38. Hiya Christa!

    Welcome!...and thank you so much for stopping and sharing a comment.

    It's so nice meeting you!

    Don't cha' just LOVE this song???

    It brings out all that MACHO testosterone in us, doesn't it?

    Let me know when you start growing hair on your chest.


    Please stop by anytime. You're always welcome here!

    I'll be sure to drop by your place sometime tomorrow.

    Enjoy your evening!

  39. Dude, that was a great video and is an awesome song. I'll be singing it all day long now. LOL.

    I've been enjoying your blog and am glad to have found it.

  40. Hey CC!

    Thank you so much for your kind words - so glad you enjoy.

    Have a great day singing MACHO MAN!!!

    Macho, macho maaaaan...I want to be...a macho man!


  41. Thanks for visiting my blog. I went ahead and added you to my blogroll as well :)

  42. Thank you're a doll!

    And I LOVED your blog!!!

  43. you would immediately be smacked in the face with an invisible WALL of Polo.


    it's a catchy tune actually and it's hard not to do the dance moves - it does make you want to dance. i can picture you now underneath that tree. funny!

  44. Hey Valerie!

    Isn't this song the BOMB?

    The second I heard it I couldn't sit still.

    There are so many of the Villiage People tunes that make me want to get up and....FREAK OUT!

    aaaaaah....FREAK OUT, le freak says Chic...FREAK OUT!


    Thanks for stopping by and reading all my're so sweet!


  45. I don't think I left a comment here and don't want to look back at all 44 comments, my goodness, this is practically a full-time job just keeping up with commenters and leaving one for them!! I saw another one, belette's today, and she had 65 comments on her post...

    anyway, this is fascinating [well....] ;) because I was not particularly in love with the village people and was very entrenched in mommyhood during the disco years so missed out on all the fun...thinking of some of the stuff I missed out no no non nononononnonon...did you really have to say that?

    I did not know that was why they dressed that way and didn't even know they were a bunch of gay guys....huh...the stuff I find out here on your blog, ronnie..

  46. thom is a very weird man, in my not-so-humble opinion..

    enjoy ;)

  47. Hiya Linda!

    For some reason, this post invoked a lot of wonderful comments!

    I know...the Village People were not everyones cup of tea. It seems that people either loved them or thought they were WAAAAAY too weird.

    And yes...they had originally started out as primarily a gay attraction, but later on they became more mainstream.

    Who knew???

    "Macho, macho man....I want to BE....a macho man!"

    Love ya, dear Linda!

    Thank you so much for stopping by!!