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I would like to preface this post by saying that what you are about to read is something I had written three years ago for one of my other blogs.

Some of my readers here already know what Reiki is because they, like myself, are Reiki practitioners.

For those of you who have never heard of Reiki, please go here if you wish to find out more.

In order that you will understand this post, let me briefly say that Reiki (ray-key) is a form of hands-on energetic healing which is slowly becoming more of a respected natural modality used within the medical community. Reiki energy is something we are all born with and is always available to assist us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Someone who chooses to become a Reiki practitioner is one who then uses the energy to assist others in becoming more aware of the power of Reiki within themselves.

As you will discover from reading this post, Reiki does not always bring a physical healing, but rather a healing of what is needed. And sometimes that means….acceptance.

Ironically, my greatest teacher of Reiki was Jerry, my longtime feline companion. And it was through the final transition of his life that he gave me a clear glimpse into one of Reiki’s most profound understandings.

I was at a pinnacle point of my own personal and spiritual growth at the time of his transition; going through a deep surrendering process. Confused, lost, frightened and very angry, I had no other choice but to accept and trust. Not only was I confronting the limitations of human power, but I was also learning the lesson of allowing myself to be supported by true power.

In 1999 Jerry had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. And after initially hearing the different options from a traditional veterinarian, I decided to use alternative healthcare to assist him (as I do with myself). Through the advice of a holistic veterinarian, along with much Reiki, Jerry’s health returned to a balanced state. With hyperthyroidism there are highs and lows which is to be expected using any type of healing method. So I watched him very carefully; adjusting his healthcare as his condition fluctuated.

In 2001 I decided to make a move back to the northeast, but was very concerned about whether or not it would stress Jerry to the point of affecting his health. After some blood work and a physical examination, the vet was amazed that he was doing so well. He said he could see no reason why we shouldn’t go ahead with our plans and that Jerry would make the move smoothly - which he did.

So off we went.

About 6 months after settling into our new life, Jerry’s health took a nose dive. It was at this point I intuitively knew nothing else could be done and that it was time for me to accept. So I made a choice. I had witnessed Jerry coming into this world 19 years prior, and I wanted to witness him as he left.

On the last day of his life Reiki was the only assistance I offered Jerry. It was he and I alone. I watched, as this compassionate energy, gently and calmly supported him through his final transition. As I struggled with my own feelings of loss, Jerry let go by simply accepting and embracing. There seemed to be a natural flow to what was happening to him and he seemed to have the inner knowing to flow with it. And as he did…..he found peace.

It is my own personal belief that animals are placed on this earth as teachers.

Along with their ability to love unconditionally, they seem to have a natural understanding of acceptance.

Animals also seem to understand how Reiki works. Perhaps it’s because they accept that Reiki is within them...

...always assisting for their highest good.

Thank you, Jerry


  1. Is that something about chakras? I had this lady do some massage and something on Mama. She said Mama's chakras were open. It was years ago I forget already.
    Accupuncture, you name it this dog's had it.

  2. Absolutely beautiful post. I have a highly respected acupuncturist/Tui Na practitioner that works on my horses. She also helps people and has worked on me. The change she brought to one of my horses is nothing short of miraculous. This rather spooky and difficult mare has taken on a calm that I never thought possible. We were able to show together successfully this past weekend, something I thought impossible. Animals are teachers and I believe that each one comes into our lives for a reason (much like people.) Sometimes we don't realize what that reason is until much later. I have discovered that with each and every animal that has shared my life.

  3. How wonderful that you had Jerry for 19 years. And what a beautiful way to let him go.

    I don't even need to write this, but I too am certified in the Usui method. We are ONE!!

  4. Oh Ron my dear this post brought tears to my eyes - for it's beauty more than the sadness you must have felt, though I feel for you in that sense of course.

    Being a Reiki practitioner myself I have witnessed the calm and acceptance Reiki can bring to people and animals - it's a remarkable energy.

    Thanks for sharing this my friend. x

  5. Wow. Great post. Made me a bit emotional.
    *dries tears, continues to type*

    As you know, I am new to Reiki. Having only been attuned to Level I back in April I have a long way to go, but as I learn more and more about it I'm just amazed. It's for everyone, every pet, every thing at every stage of life. It heals ...but on different levels. Sometimes physical if that's for the persons/pets highest good, but also emotionally and spiritually as well, just like you said.

    As I move toward my goal of Level II, I've started to journal some about the process. Some days I'm very frustrated. But then some other days I feel almost euphoric because there is a slight understanding that comes in at times. It's just a very brief glimpse but just says to me that there is so much more available to us and we must explore all we can about life while we're here.

    Any time you want to send me some Reiki please do.

    Thanks for this post. It's helpful to have others with similar interests to chat with about things.

    Happy day! Reiki blessings to you!

  6. Aloha Debi!'re absolutely right, it DOES have to do with the chakras!

    If you click on the link I left, it will explain more in detail the workings of Reiki. But when sharing Reiki, the practitioner will usually place his/her hands over each chakra to help balance the energy associated with that particular chakra.

    I'm SO excited to hear that your doggie has had accuputure! Isn't it amazing stuff? I've had two sessions myself and received great results.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing on the post, Deb! I come!!!


    Enjoy your day!

  7. Good Morning Jen!

    WOW! Thank you for sharing such an informative and enlightening comment!!

    I've no doubt the results your horse received through accupuncture was nothing short of miraculous. That modality is truly amazing!!!

    Speaking of horses....

    ...I knew a Reiki practitioner who specialized in Reiki on horses. She invited me to witness one of her sessions with a horse she was taking care of on a ranch in Florida. OMG...I could not believe my eye as I watched how the energy moved through the horse with such force. It truly blew me away. Animals are extremely sensitive to all types of healing energy and receive great results.

    I so agree with you Jen....

    ...animals come into our lives for a reason (much like people).

    Again, thank you very much for sharing your experience on this post - I so enjoyed hearing about it!

    Have a great day, dear lady!

  8. Hiya Chrissy!'re TOTALLY flipping me out!!! mean to tell me that YOU'RE a practitioner too??????



    See!!! there was a REASON why you and I met!!!!

    One of these days when we meet in person we'll have so much to talk about!

    Yes...we are ONE!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing on this post, you wonderful lady!

    Hugs to you and Bern!

  9. A very touching post. I'm glad Jerry spent 19 wonderful years on this earth. I had never heard of this method, but after reading your post, I'm going to learn a little more about it.

  10. Good morning Akelamalu!

    Thank you, because that's what this experience was for me - beautiful.

    Sad, of course, but I truly believe that the Reiki is what also moved me through the grief.

    And as a Reiki practitioner, I know you know what mean about the power of it's energy.

    Thank you for stopping by today, m'dear!

    Love ya!

  11. Mornin' Me!

    Thank you for stopping by to read, my dear friend!

    Love ya!

  12. Howdy Crystal Chick!

    Yes...neighbor, as you know I was soooo happy and excited to hear about your attunement to Reiki!!!

    And it's just as you shared...Reiki is for anyone at any stage of life and heals on different levels - it just knows.

    I think it's so fantastic that you're keeping a journal - Brava! After each of my level attunements, I too kept journals (which I still have). And every so often I will go back and read how I felt going through the process. And what you shared about sometimes feeling frustrated and then sometimes eurphoric is exactly how it was like for me too.

    BOY...I have some journal entries in there that are nothing but spewing ANGER and then some that are NIRVANA. But I've learned that that can sometimes be part of the attunement process - almost like an inner emotional house cleaning.
    It needs to come out and be felt.

    Absolutely, M...I'll definitely send you some Reiki!!

    And thank you too, I's great to have someone to chat with about similar things.

    I don't know whether you've read any of the comments here, but many of them are from readers who have had experiences with some sort of energy work - how cool!

    Have a day, M!

    And thanks a bunch for sharing on this post!

    Happy Day!


  13. Hey CC!

    It's so great seeing ya again!

    Jerry was my best buddy and wisest teacher.

    He was the BOMB!!!!

    I left a link to a site that explains Reiki in more detail, so feel free to click over to find out more.

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Have an awesome day!

  14. Joan: Ethel here. And Ethel is not a happy camper. But Ethel is going to try and behave. Sorry to hear about Jerry's passing into the great beyond. 19 years is a very long time.

    "Stars shining bright above you;
    Night breezes seem to whisper æ…– love you?
    Birds singing in the sycamore tree.
    Dream a little dream of me."

    Unconditional love is yes what we all strive for. It's way to sad that there is not more of it in the world, but we move deal with it the best way we can.

    Reiki is something that I still don't understand or get. Oh well. Ethel is just to damn old now to understand it, but if you believe in it Joan, well it must be a okay.

    Now Joan. Duck from the wire hangers sister. WHERE ARE JOAN'S PUSSYCAT DOLLS that were promised for the birthday?

    Bad Joan...Bad Joan...Bad Joan

    "Your Butt Is Mine
    Gonna Tell You Right
    Just Show Your Face
    In Broad Daylight
    I'm Telling You
    On How I Feel
    Gonna Hurt Your Mind
    Don't Shoot To Kill
    Come On, Come On,
    Lay It On Me All Right."

    Rest in Peace Jerry, and plese send Joan as much protection as you can. She gonna need it

  15. Ronnie...this is a sad post but still had the spirit peace intertwined in it.

    that is a long time to have a are lucky for that. It is though still sad that you lost him.

    hugs going your way ronnie. I lost my freddy last year and everything changed. I still think I hear him bark sometimes.

    ciao my friend. xxx

  16. Well, at 9 sessions at almost $1,000 it didn't help in her case :( but it did bring us to the right vet, holistic.

  17. Aloha wild and crazy woman, you!!!

    I freaking LOVE that song!!! Have you ever heard Mama Cass sing it? I have several of her songs on a CD that someone burned for me, and Dream a Little Dream is on it! God...I LOVE her voice!!!

    Thank you for you kind words about Jerry, buddy. He was the sweetest cat. You would have loved him.

    Reiki CAN be challenging to understand how it works. It's one of those things that once you experience it - you understand it. It's a feeling. I do know that Reiki is well-known in Hawaii, because one of the original master teachers was from there.

    OMG...and I'm so sorry about not having the Pussycat Dolls for your birthday, but I found out a few days ago that they don't make housecalls anymore and I was too ashamed to tell you!

    I hope you forgive me, Ethel!

    But please feel free to beat me with a wire hanger when we meet - I deserve it!


    Thanks SOOOOOO much for your hysterical musical comment, Ethel!

    You are TRULY a gifted STAR!!!!

    Much Aloha,

  18. Dear Miss Divine Jones....

    So glad you were able to sense the spirit peace within this post because it really was an experience that left such a positive impact on me.

    It was one of those bitter-sweet experiences that as time moved forward...I saw the beauty.

    That's why I wanted to share this post.

    And yes, I remember last year when you lost Freddy. Losing a pet is heartbreaking, isn't it? And it's ironic you mentioned that you still hear his bark because I swear I could still hear Jerry's MEOW for weeks afterward.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing on this post, Miss M!

    Hope you're having a VUNDERBAR day!

    Ciao bella

  19. Hiya Debi!

    OMG, I know...accupuncture is VERY expensive!

    I think it's like with anything, some people/animals get different results from different modalities and it some cases it may not work. But it's SO great that you were able to find a holistic vet!!

    Hope you had a FABU day, Deb!


  20. Well thought out post, Ron. We put our tabby, Bailey, to sleep last year after a battle with lung cancer. No, he didn't smoke, as he lacked the opposable thumb to properly handle a cigarette. But in all seriousness, and not having come from a holistic background, I empathize with your feelings of loss, adjustment, and eventual calm.

  21. This sounds very interesting, thank you for the information. I'm going to check out the link and anything else I can just as soon as I have a second to breathe :)

  22. Hi MVD~

    .... No, he didn't smoke, as he lacked the opposable thumb to properly handle a cigarette...

    I'm sorry, I know the two of us are trying to talk about something serious here, but I still found your comment hystercial!!

    bwhahahahaahahahaha! are soo funny, man!

    Thanks for the great laugh.

    Anyway, getting back to seriousness...

    ...a few months ago when I read your post about Bailey, I too could empathize with what you went through - that post actaully brought tears to my eyes because I could remember so clearly what it felt like for me.

    So thank you for your kind and understanding words, bud!

    I know you know.

    Enjoy you evening!

    P.S. and thanks again for the laugh!

  23. Hi again Christa!

    You are SOOOO welcome, dear lady.

    Hope you find the link informative!

    Enjoy your evening!

  24. Hi Ron,

    This post is breaking me up; you know that we recently suffered a big loss. And our cat was 19 also.

    So, I will say what a beautiful and loving man you are to have lessened Jerry's suffering. And you were there to the end.

    RIP dear Jerry
    (((((((((( Ron)))))))))))

  25. Joan:

    I'll think about the beat.

    Those damn bitches don't make housecalls? or is that you just feigning your way outta this? Hmmm

    "Im a bitch, Im a bitch
    Oh the bitch is back
    Stone cold sober as a matter of fact
    I can bitch, I can bitch
    `cause Im better than you
    Its the way that I move
    The things that I do"

    Maybe Deb can tell me more about this Reiki and the master poopah being from here

    Oh and poor Mama...but at least she died doing what she liked to do the best - Eating LOL..damn Ethel is mean tonight


  26. Bonjour Barbara~

    Yes, my friend, I do remember recently reading about the loss of your kitty and sharing your feelings with you and Didier.

    Our pets are like family to us, so when they pass the loss is felt deeply.

    Thank you for your kind and compassionate words, Barb.

    I've no doubt that both our kitty's are now hanging out with one another in heaven!

    Love ya, my Philly friend!


  27. OMG...Ethel, you ARE mean tonight!!!!

    Poor MAMA.

    Do you remember all those nasty ham sandwich jokes they made after she died?

    And NO...I'm not feigning my way out of your Pussycat Doll birthday gift. They REALLY don't do housecalls anymore, isn't that PITS???


    And I loved hearing your Bitch is Back song, but for the life of me, I can't remember who the hell sang that?!?

    I need to go google it!

    Anway, Ethel....thanks for dropping by again. You always make me laugh!

    Hope you're having an awesome day!


  28. What a wonderful Post. When you know that Reiki is in your world the journey becomes a blissful experience.
    The knowing of spirit and wellness is what the energy of Reiki is all about. When we allow the life force energy to be used for the highest and best good then a healing takes place within the body mind and spirit. The energy of Reiki always goes to the place it is needed. When we let our intention guide us to the outcome and we pay attention to the now, then we are close to what the Bhudda called enlightenment.

    Reiki is a way of life a way of healing a way of unconditional love.

    Ron, Thank you again for such a wonderful post.

  29. Hello My Reiki Friend, Dave!

    Thank you!!!!

    Thank you for adding your words; explaining more about Reiki to my readers.

    Everything you just shared is PERFECT!

    And I really like this....

    ...Reiki is a way of life, a way of healing, a way of unconditional love...


    Thanks again, Dave, for adding much too this post!

    You ROCK!

    Enjoy your day!

  30. a beautiful and sad post ron. i've heard of reiki and believe in its power. it's nice that you were able to be there for your cat and he for you.

  31. Helloooo Valerie!

    GREAT to see ya!

    It's always so wonderful reading your comments - thank you!

    So glad to read you've heard of Reiki. I was surprised by the amount of people here who said that they too have heard of it.


    Yes, I feel very blessed that Jerry and I were together from beginning to end.

    Thank you for stopping by, Val!

    Have a great evening!

  32. Sniff
    I just came from another blog that usually makes me laugh and i was already crying.
    I guess the universe is telling me i need a big baby cry today.
    this was a beautiful post Ron, your heart and soul shine.

  33. Helloooo Lady Sorrow!

    Oh shit....I'm sorry about the cry!

    Damn, me!!!

    tee, hee.

    But I'm so glad you could also feel the beauty within this experience because as sad as it was for me, I knew I needed to experience it in order to see the support that was/is there for me, in acceptance.

    Thank you so much for stopping by, lady Sorrow!

    I love ya, lots!

  34. ron, this was a dear . poignant, and wonderfully enlightening post about the power of alternative healing, one we wouldn't necessarily expect from you and so, listen more closely, don't you think? thank you for sharing such an intimate aspect of you and little jerry.

    my my, what a dear old friend you had there, I am thinking he was your angel, kept you moving forward, close to you when you were sad or afraid, purring to remind you he was there....ok, I'll stop now, I know how it feels to lose a beloved furry friend and this story jerked my heart strings a bit more than most....

    thank you, dear ron...I needed something like this for a little reminder myself tonight.
    xoxoxo {{{{{{ ron}}}}}

  35. Joan, Joan, Joan, Joan Joan. I'm just astonished you don't know that Elton John did the Bitch is Back. How flamboyant does one need to get to keep your attention.

    Oh yes I remember those ham sandwich jokes. But who cares it could have been:

    Ethel getting ready to belt on of her all time favorites out la la la la la la la la la la la la la la Ready now:

    "I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner
    That is what I truly wish to be
    cause if i were a oscar mayer weiner
    everyone would be in love
    oh everyone would be in love
    everyone would be in love with me"

    Woot...Ethel feels much better. Those damn Pussy's.


  36. Hello Linda!

    Thank you for your sweet and tender words, my friend - they really touched me!

    And you are SO right in saying that Jerry was my angel, because he WAS! And that's what I've told people. He was a great teacher and loyal friend.

    Way back in some of my archives, I've shared about Reiki and the volunteer work I've done with HIV. Every once in a while I like to share a little bit of that with my readers who are Reiki practitioners, plus, it also allows my other readers to maybe learn about something they knew nothing about.

    I was happy to find out from some of the people who commented on this post that they HAVE heard about it, or at least have tried alternative therapies.

    Thank you again, for sharing on this post, Linda!

    And please know that I am always sharing Reiki with you!


  37. OMG...Ethel!!!!

    That's WAS Elton John!!!

    Shit...where the hell is my flamboyant brain when I need it???

    And listen, this is way too funny...

    ....not too long ago, the guys I work with and I were actually singing the Oscar Mayer weiner song, but changing the words!!

    * so imagine!!!!


    Thanks for stopping by, Miss Merman!

    And as really know how to BELT out a tune!!!!!

  38. It looks like the cat has socks on haha! Great post!

    <3 Lindsya

  39. Hi Lindsya!

    Welcome...and thank you for stopping by!

    Yeah, you're right....the cat does look like it has socks on!


    So glad you enjoyed the post.

    Stop by anytime!

  40. Ron, dear heart..this is one of my most favorite posts by you!

    I agree with all you said. The energy goes on after transition. In one of my readings she told me she saw two dogs around me, and I knew which dogs they are. She told me they move to the spirit world too.

    Thank you for sharing this, it was informative and very moving! I also enjoyed your other posts!
    As usual, you made me laugh, and I leave here with a warm heart!


  41. Good Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    So wonderful seeing you, my friend!

    Absolutely...animals move to the spirit world just as we do. I felt Jerry around me for almost a whole year after he passed. It was like he was making sure I was alright.

    I feel very blessed in having had him in my life. He was an amazing teacher!

    Thank you for stopping by, dear heart!

    So glad you had a giggle too!

    Love ya!

  42. Ron, this is a beautiful, beautiful post. It's made me cry. I only wish I could have known Reiki when my Bert and Harry were dying.

  43. Howdy Nitebyrd~

    Thank you!

    I'll tell ya, if it weren't for Reiki I honestly don't think I could have handle it.

    Reiki helped the both of us.

    Thanks for stopping by, Sis!

    Love ya!