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First, let me say that I never thought I would be blogging.

A little over three years ago while in a Border’s Bookstore, I just so happened to pick up a book on blogging, and after reading a few chapters I thought to myself, “Why would anyone do this, what‘s the point?”

And yet, I think it’s funny how I now write for three blogs and have met people from all over the world through this wonderful medium.

How I felt three years ago, and what I’ve discovered about blogging since then has changed considerably.

Today, I would like to share some of the things I discovered along the way…

Stats: When I first starting blogging I was obsessed with stats. I wanted to know how many people linked to me, what my google ranking was, how many hits I got a day, and how many people were burning my feed. I spent more time checking my stats than I did writing for my blog.

Now, I can’t say I no longer look at these things, but I look much less because I’ve discovered that if I just enjoy writing my posts, then those who are meant to come, will come.

Commenting and readership: For however much I love getting comments, I’ve realized that commenting does not always equal readership. Not everyone who reads my blog will comment because not everything I write will inspire someone to say something. I don’t always comment on every blog I read, so I don’t expect others to do the same on mine. I also realize that some people just read my blog and may never comment - that’s their choice.

Changes: This blog has a life of it's own. What I initially intended this blog to be has changed. What I was also first willing to share about myself has changed. I’ve tried doing a number of different things with this blog throughout the past two years - some of which worked for me, and others did not. Blogging has taught me to take chances by experimenting with new ideas. It never hurts to try.

Taking a break: It’s important for me to know when to take a break, so I don’t get burned out. When I first started doing this I worried that I would lose readers, but I realized that by taking a week off, gave me time to recharge and come back fresh. I usually take a break every 3-4 months.

Writing for myself: A blog is not singular, therefore, I must always consider my readers when it comes to things such as: varying my topic choices, writing my posts so that they’re clearly understood, respond to comments in a timely manner, and offer my readers a blog design that’s interesting, but doesn’t distract them from what they stopped by to do…read.

I consider my readers as if they were coming to visit me in my home. I want their visit to be comfortable, easy, and to feel appreciated. But when it comes to my topics I write for myself because if I start conforming my topics to my readers, then I’m not being true to what inspires me. I’m very blessed with this blog to have a wide variety of readers who are open. My topics may not always be something they initially identify with, but they’re at least receptive to read about it.

Blogging is a journey. And the longer I take the journey, the more I discover.

In concluding this post, I would like to share the most important thing I’ve discovered about blogging….passion.

Because when I’m passionate, my readers will always be willing to come along for the ride.

Thanks, everyone!

*Please feel free to share things you may have discovered about blogging.


  1. R-J,
    3 blogs?! You, my dear underwear-stuffing squatter, are a total blog whore!

    (j/k) *mwah* *mwah* dahlink ;)

  2. Hello Ron,
    Couldn't we all just chat hours about this?
    Because each blogger changes as s/he goes through the months and years with a blog.
    And it's good. We have to dare and challenge ourselves.

    Do you remember how I came across your blog?? I was reviewing blogs for the "Post of the Day", and looking through a Blog website. I tried the "Humor" category....

    And got Philly's original Good Humor Man !
    I was hooked after my first few post readings !! I came over first to know you, though the blog award did come your way and very well deserved.

    And we can say that we met in person and it was a BLAST !

    I'm so happy to call you my friend.

    Big hugs over to you XXXX
    and have a happy Monday.

  3. You describe blogging so well Ron!

    When I first started blogging I was obsessed with how many comments I got. I love comments because I (and I think everyone) likes to think that others find their writings interesting. However, I write mainly for myself to keep a record of what is happening in my life, a sort of diary, and my fictional writing too.

    I thought if I didn't post religiously my readers would go elsewhere but that's not the case, when I post my readers stop by. I find now that I can take a fews days off (I have to because we're travelling a lot more now) and come back and post about it without losing readers. :)

  4. sorry - wasn't finished. i've discovered for me that it's okay to break "the rules". people say you are supposed to do this or that, post once a week, blah blah blah. it's my blog and it's there for those who want to read it. i appreciate the people who comment, subscribe, tweet, but i try not to let that be the main reason for blogging. the glory. i like to share, i LOVE to laugh and i enjoy conversation.

  5. 3000 posts and five years later... Five YEARS. *shaking head*

    The good news is, it's all about MEMEME. And sometimes I know I make no sense to the people who show up there. But that's okay. I figure there's something they pull from it somewhere.

    Every once in a while I go backwards to see what was happening in the life of Mel two, three years ago. And it makes me smile a bit.
    It's a continuing adventure, a continuation of one growth opportunity after another.
    Having company along the way is just the icing on the cake, yaknow?!

    Thanks for being a bit of the icing.


  6. Aloha Debi!

    You said it, girl!

    I'm a TOTAL blog whore!!!!!!

    *of course, that's only when I'm not busy stripping with the International Chippendale Touring Company.


    God love ya, woman!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Deb!

    Happy Monday!

    *mwah* back at ya!

  7. Bonjour Barbara!

    YES....we can certainly all chat about this for hours!

    I know I can.

    Lately, I've been thinking about blogging and all the things I've learned, and the changes/growth this blog has gone through. A blog is like a map of where we travel with our lives.

    Oh, and yes...I DO remember how we met through our blogs and am SOOOOOOO grateful for that meeting. You are my very FIRST blogging friend that I've met in person and it was the bestest experience!

    Thanks for taking the initiative and making plans to meet in our home town - definitely a BLAST!

    Happy to call my friend too, Barb!

    Looking forward to many more years!

    Happy Monday to ya!


  8. Joan...

    First I hope you had a good weekend. Don't ask you slutty princess...I worked all weekend...

    I was so ready to go and kiss Deb until I saw that j/k. Pffft...women...always always have to kid.

    No dear I have a headache!

    Oh yes oh yes I had an orgasm.

    Why can't they just say something and mean it for a change. You are a total blog whore! and I ain't taking that back. Why do I only know of one of your blogs hmmm? Keeping a secret from me?

    *puffs off the ciggy and blows smoke rings to Joan

    You make excellent points and I loved this post. I think on my little blog it's the comment section that makes it what it is. I so value the readership and people that stop by daily on total nonsense and put up with my snarky ways. And finding whores like you makes it all worth it.

    Christ almighty Ethel, stop with the seriousness here.

    *clears throat, takes a drag and...

    "My story is much to sad to be told
    But practically everything leaves me totally cold
    The only exception I know is the case
    When Im out on a quiet spree, fighting vainly the old ennui
    Then I suddenly turn and see
    Your fabulous face

    I get no kick from champagne
    Mere alcohol doesnt thrill me at all
    So tell me why should it be true
    That I get a kick out of you

    Some like the perfume from spain
    Im sure that if I took even one sniff
    It would bore me terrifically too
    But I get a kick out of you

    ( some like the bop-type refrain )
    ( Im sure that if, I heard even one riff )
    ( it would bore me terrifically too )
    ( but I get a kick out of you )

    ( some they may go for cocaine )
    ( Im sure that if, I took even one sniff )
    ( it would bore me terrifically too )
    ( but I get a kick out of you )

    I get a kick every time I see you standing there before me
    I get a kick though its clear to see, you obviously do not adore me

    I get no kick in a plane
    Flying too high with some gal in the sky
    Is my idea of nothing to do
    But I get a kick out of you" da bomb!



  9. Joan...Cher here

    Don't believe a word Ethel says. She's been boozing all weekend. Slutty little tramp.

    She also forgot to mention that stats mean shit to her. She has never been interested in them at all. Didn't even know someone some where collected stats. Besides, the bitch flunked Math 101.

    In addition, she has always wanted to take a break, but then again thinks she will loose her readers. Isn't she just dumb than dumb? Oh the webs she weaves.

    "Your dumb, your dumb,
    Same thing, still dumb

    Hey Murph, your dumb
    No, your dumb
    No, no your dumb
    Well you're dumb 'cause you got glasses on
    Well your...dumb
    Your nose is funny, and dumb
    Oh yeah? Well your eyes are dumb
    I'm gonna sing why your dumb"

    *flicks hair, looks for Jack and struts off


  10. Good Morning Akelamalu! and Dave are my very first blogging pals and we've been together ever since.

    How WONDERFUL is that????

    My's been THREE YEARS!!!

    Absolutely...we ALL enjoy comments and knowing that others find our writings interesting. And I think we sometimes underestimate our readers loyality. And yet, when we take a break and come back...there they are!

    It's been so great blogging with you, m'dear!

    And I look forward to many more years!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

    Happy Monday to you!

  11. Hiya Valerie!

    GREAT point!

    And I so agree.

    Breaking "the rules."

    (I love breaking RULES)

    I often wonder were these blogging rules ever came from!?!?

    I mean a blog is all about individuality; therefore, should reflect the author. It's our own personal space to be what we FEEL it to be.

    I'm like you, I enjoy sharing. I love to laugh or ponder. And mostly...the conversation.

    And thank you for being a part of that conversation, Val!

    Much enjoyed!

    Thanks so much for sharing on this post.

    Enjoy your day!

  12. Howdy Mel!


    3000 posts??????


    You GO, girl!

    Me too...

    ...every once in a while I'll go back and read though my archives and find stuff that reflects how I felt then.

    That's one of the coolest things about having a blog. It's a diary that will ALWAYS be here, floating around in cyberspace.


    ...Having company along the way is just the icing on the cake, yaknow!?.....

    Thank you for being the icing too!

    Love ya, dear lady!

    Happy Monday!

  13. Aloha Ethel!


    That totally BLOWS me away!!!


    Anway...I too worked all weekend, but for the next two days I'm off! YAAAAY!

    *and the temperatures are suppose to reach over 100 degrees this whole week - SHIT!

    If you click on the two links below my header, they will take you to my other blogs. One of them I've had for three years (Foot Notes), the other (Moi Review) I started almost a year ago. I don't post on them as much as I do here, but I do post about once a week.

    Absolutely, Thom...comments are the BEST! I LOVE em! It's part of the JOY of blogging. The conversation. And you, my friend always have the conversation flowing on your FABU blog!

    And hey...I enjoy when you're serious.

    You da...BOMB.

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by, Miss Merman!

    The conversation and song were MUCH enjoyed!


    Joan (the blog whore)

  14. Hello again Cher!

    You are SO bad!

    *but in a GOOD way!

    What the hell is that song? I have no idea!?

    *clinks a glass of red wine



  15. I, like you, heard about blogging and thought, Why???

    I was feeling less than inspired with my job at the end of last year when I decided that I wanted to try to pursue my true passion of writing.

    I thought this would be a good way to get out there and practice, at least, but I didn't think many outside of my friends or family would read it. I never stick to anything so I'm impressed that I've even lasted this long but it's because I LOVE it.

    And the friends I've made are just the icing on the cake!

  16. Hiya Chrissy!

    First of all, I LOVE your new avatar!!!

    It's SOOOO cool!

    And secondly, I'm SOOO glad you started blogging, girl!

    You're an incredibly talented writer, who I'm SOOO happy to have met!

    You're my TWIN!

    And keep on blogging, Chrissy!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Happy Monday!

  17. Thank you, my dear. Isn't that avatar fun?? Go to the madmen website and click "madmen myself" and you can create one!

  18. I remember when my friend told me that she blogged and I thought...Well, that's just dumb! Then I tried it four years later, and now I am so glad I did. My blog, like yours, is nothing like what I thought it would be.

    Your blog is one of my favorites and I'm so glad you keep at it.

  19. Hi Chrissy!

    Thank you for sharing that!!

    I'll definitely check the website out this evening!

    Can't wait!

  20. Hi Funny Girl!

    Isn't something how we often hear about things that we first think we would NEVER be interested in, but then when we try's like OMG, I love it!!!

    After I got my first computer, it took me two years to finally get online. Can you believe that? I only used it to write and make stuff with, like business cards and brochures.

    Now, I can't get OFF-line!


    So glad we found each others blogs, I SO enjoy reading yours too!

    Go, girl!

    Thanks for stopping by, FG!

    Hope you had a great day!

  21. I got such a kick out of the fact that there's a book on blogging. Please tell me it was something like "Blogging for Dummies." lol

  22. Joan Honey, you blog whore

    I love songs...I don't know how I know them...I just do LOL. *Bitch slaps her to wake her ass up...Google you wench...Google

    That song was "The Dumb Song"

    *clink's the glass of wine back, takes a drag and says

    night night


    Oh PS...thanks for the tip on the links :) MWAHA

  23. Hey Roberto!

    I can't exactly remember what the name of the book was, but it was something LIKE that.

    However, I have read Blogging for Dummies and believe it or not, found some cool information in it.

    Always great seeing ya, Roberto!

    I think of you every time I walk past the shoe department in my store. Hope your're enjoying your summer!

    Thanks for stopping by, bud!

  24. Thom....

    Ok...I will google The Dumb Song as soon as I finish doing my laundry.'s laundry day and it's like 200 degrees in the laundry room!


  25. It would be so nice if we could all just meet in person one of these days. I've so enjoyed connecting with you along with a few of the other blogs I regularly read and comment on. I think that has been the most interesting thing for me, finding a constant source of inspiration and fellowship with my other like minded bloggers. It is an interesting journey. I so thank you for being a part of it.

  26. Hi Jen!

    Ditto, my Philly friend! I've so enjoyed connecting with you too!

    And I just KNOW that one day, when the timing is right...we shall meet!

    I really enjoyed two great words you shared in your comment...

    ...fellowship and inspiration...

    That's it!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Jen!

    And thanks for being a part of this journey!

  27. R-J, beloved Blog Whore...
    you didn't know there were websites dedicated to finding lyrics from just about ANY song you can think of?

    Now if you were a total INTERNET WHORE like Thom & I, you would know that.

    Your homework assignment is to do a search and find the lyrics for "It's Raining Men" by the Weathergirls.


  28. OMG...Debi....

    You are NOT going to believe this, but last month I was searching Youtubes for my Village People post and guess what????

    I found IT'S RAINING MEN!!!!!


    I can't believe you just mentioned the Weather Girls!!!!

    I watched the video THREE times!


    The Blog Whore

  29. You did a great job with this bit on blogging. I began sometime last year - after reading an article in a mag I was cutting up for collage - two guys talking about how they 'should' start a blog, & during the conversation, (& in less than 5 min!) one of the guys did.
    Well, I just had to try &, like you, have 3 - post most often on the 'Vale' - with occ forays onto my other more specific (creativity & harping) blogs. All that you said applies!

    Found you thru a journey over to Vulture's Peak . . . & you're welcome to come *do* Reflexology & Reiki here anytime, lol :) While I don't have quail in my backyard, I'm only an hour from the ocean, & two from the mountains . . .
    cheers from Reiki-n' in Oregon

  30. Greetings Dia!


    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to share a comment.

    So nice meeting you!

    Yes...I think I remember seeing your avatar and name over at Linda's. Don't you just LOVE her!!!
    Talented and sweet!

    WOW! have THREE blogs too???
    It's funny how those of us who "questioned" blogging at first, have now discovered a PASSIONATE way to express ourselves. The creative possibilities through blogging are endless!

    So, you live in Oregon?

    And are a Reiki practitioner?

    One of my longtime blogging buddies here is also from Oregon, and everytime he posts photos I can't get over how GORGEOUS it is there!

    I live in the city of Philadelphia, but enjoy getting out to the countryside. I love city life, but need a balance of nature occassionally.

    Thanks again for stopping by and introducing yourself. I'll be sure to stop by your place!

    Enjoy your evening!

  31. OMG I did the Queens meme today and it rained men. Joan honey, you want a good song by those scrumptious weather girls...Wild Thang It's the bomb ! And oh get with me and Deb...we are both Internet Whores...see she is getting in the groove :)

  32. Thom~

    OMG...that is TOOOOO funny!!!

    I'll stop by later tonight and check out your Weather Girls post!

    I've never heard their song Wild Thang?!?