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Hi Folks!

With this being the last day of November, I just wanted to let everyone know that posting throughout most of December will be very light.

This month gets extremely busy for me with my work hours doubling as we get closer and closer to Christmas.

So, starting next Monday I will only be posting once a week. I’m not sure what day that will be - I’ll just play it by ear.

However, this week I will be posting again on Friday.

Even though I won’t be posting a lot, I will be visiting your blogs throughout the next three weeks to catch up with all of you.

Thank you for your understanding everyone - I really appreciate it.

Please note: This will be me (the cat) responding with my answer to an impatient customer who snaps their finger at me because they waited until the day before Christmas to purchase ALL their gifts…..

Kiss it.


Is anyone else who has a blog with blogger having issues with their commenting system? Things like: comments being double published or comments disappearing and then reappearing in your email trash bin? I am, and it's driving in INSANE!


  1. You poor thing... I won't be adding to your woes--at least not in the sense of doing that 'last minute, shop til you drop' deal. And I don't expect 'free gifts'. But hold on--aren't gifts suppose to be 'free'? Hmmmm....

    I'm not a shopper.
    And I make a point of staying AS far from the store scene as I possibly can during this time of year--though I will have a wander about in the mall to look at the decorations cuz they really are very at this time IS NOT!

    Do what you need to do. And please find some time for rest inbetween.
    Oh--and don't forget to steal some 'fun times'....wear the Rudolph nose or something....LOL

    *huge hugs*

  2. Of course I will be missing you dearly this festive month of December but I realize the retail industry has to suck the life out of you this season; good luck with that! On a good note; I now have 2 reasons to anticipate the month of January, your posting schedule and of course my birthday, whoo whoo!

  3. LMAO... you rock, Ron! I love your proposed response to the late shoppers. Anybody who snaps their fingers at staff in stores deserves a very special kind of hell. They should have to give that kitty's bum some TONGUE ACTION!

    I love the diagram of your work schedule, it looks like your heart monitor reading as you get closer to Christmas. ;o)

  4. Hiya Penny!

    They should have to give that kitty's bum some TONGUE ACTION!


    OMG....YOU rock!

    That was freakin' brilliant!

    I'll try suggesting that the next time someone snaps their finger at me - HA!

    Thanks for stopping by, Penny!

    Have a great Monday, amigo!

  5. What a beautiful site. A Cat's Ass. How many times have I said this in my twisted feline-like mind. Some customers are such dorks and others are so sweet. The rest of them are just like me talking silently to others in the confines of our own minds. Excuse me Mrs., May I help you? That is the start of the retailers Russian Roulette.
    Ron, you are made from that special breed and when all is over and the tinsel and wrap are all over the floor, go into the back room and pour yourself two fingers of a brandy. Close your eyes and imagine that the last person who was rude is now standing front of you as you use the urinal.
    Talking about visions of sugar plums.

    Have fun and let the thought of this men's room saga fill your head every time a real bitch approaches.

    Talk to you soon.
    Kenny Cash register

  6. Hola Brndoutw8ress!

    Thanks, my PA friend!

    Yahooo! I look forward to celebrating your birthday in January! Does that mean you're a Capricorn or an Aquarius?

    I just got my work hours from my boss this past weekend and the company gave me a lot more this year - YIPPEEE! But it's gonna mean basically "living at the store" for the month of December.

    Thank for dropping by, girl!

    Have an awesome Monday!

  7. Howdy Mel!

    But hold on--aren't gifts suppose to be 'free'?

    Right you are, my friend! And if you do stop in my store I'll be sure to SAVE one for ya!


    I will have a wander about in the mall to look at the decorations cuz they really are very pretty.

    I agree. And our store really looks fabulous - they have an awesome visual department. The store always looks so naked after they take them down.

    And please find some time for rest inbetween.

    Yup, will do. That's the main reason why posting will be light next month. I'll need some "down time."

    And you better believe it...I'll be wearing my Rudolph nose and antlers as we get closer to Christmas day!!!

    Always great seeing ya, dear lady!

    Thanks for stopping by!


    {{{{ Mel }}}}

  8. Hiya Kathryn! CRACK ME UP!!!

    There's an extra brownie in the bottom of your lunch bag, plus an emergency Xanax...just in case..


    I hear there's a new red wine at the State Store called, Xanax - Cabernet. One glass and you're feeling VERY mellow!


    This is time of the year for me work a lot of extra hours and make some really good MOOLA, so I'm grateful for it. However, it is a bit stressful. Oh well...that's "retail biz", but I do love my work.

    Yes, I will be posting throughout the month and keeping you all updated on my whereabouts and what's going on, for sure. And like I said, I'll be stopping by your blogs and catching up with ya'll.

    Much thanks for stopping by today, my New Yawker friend!

    You're the BOMB!

    Have a GRRREAT Monday!


  9. Hi Akelamalu!

    Thanks, m'dear!

    I'll try and take it easy with a glass of VINO in the evenings!!


    Thanks for stopping by Akelamau!

    Have a super Monday!

  10. OMG...Dave you're a PISSER!!!

    Close your eyes and imagine that the last person who was rude is now standing front of you as you use the urinal.
    Talking about visions of sugar plums




    And you better believe I will be thinking about that brilliant visual!

    A Cat's Ass. How many times have I said this in my twisted feline-like mind.

    I know YOU being a cat lover, understand exactly what I mean!!

    And that "cat attitude" is exactly WHY I love them so much.

    Kiss it.


    Thank you so much for stopping by today and making me laugh my ass off!

    LOVE your wit, my Lilbra friend!

    Happy Monday to ya!

  11. you tell em babe!!

    Mfers think they're special ;)

    Oy, at least it's cold
    could you imagine this crap during the summer?

  12. Hellooooo Dianne!

    I knew YOU would understand that comic; being a cat lover!!!!

    Don't you LOVE when they say....

    ....Kiss it?


    And you're so right my friend, it could be worse... could be summer and HOT!!!

    Aren't you lovin' this weather?


    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    Hope you're having a great Monday!

    X to you, Hope and the kitties!

  13. I love the cat picture, in fact that is how I am going to handle any situation that arises between now and the new year, which can't come fast enough as far as I am concerned.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry I didn't respond sooner but I was having some turkey trouble.

    I moved from Blogger to my own domain using a wordpress theme so don't have that problem anymore. Now I just get tons of spam. ARGH!

    I look forward to your infrequent posts. Hope the holiday season isn't too busy for you.

  14. Good for you. Just got back from the holiday in CA yesterday and have been playing catch up myself. Who knows how often I'll be able to post. May need to do a similar work schedule as you.
    Don't work too hard and stay healthy!

  15. Hi Jen!

    Welcome back, my friend!

    Oh were in California? I bet the weather was FLAWLESS! Hope you had a great time!

    This time of the year is so busy for me, but I think posting once a week will be perfect.

    I'm gonna double up on my vitamins and try to get to bed earlier than I normally do, to stay in tip-top shape!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by, my friend!

    Always so great seeing ya!

    Enjoy your evening!

  16. Helloooo Jen!

    HA!....when I saw the cat photo, I just about died. It was perfect for what I wanted to say, so I nabbed it for this post.

    You're so welcome...I LOVED your blog and your style of writing. I'll be sure to stop by to read more of you!

    Now I just get tons of spam. ARGH!

    I TOTALLY know what you mean because I also have a blog at Wordpress and the spam is TREMENDOUS, isn't it? But at least they have a great spam filtering system before it has a chance to be published on your blog.

    I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wordpress's commenting system - it truly is the best!

    The thing I really like about Blogger though, is that I can freely customize my template, which is not the case with Wordpress.

    Thank you very much for stopping by today, Jen!

    It was so nice seeing ya.

    Enjoy your evening!

  17. I'm so glad you'll still be posting, if on a less frequent basis. This month is going to be a killer for me, too, thanks to a work project that originally had a deadline of never and now suddenly has a deadline of YESTERDAY. So. But we'll hang in there, won't we?

  18. Hey JD!

    So great seeing ya!

    You're so sweet, thank you.

    But we'll hang in there, won't we?

    You're damn right we will!!

    Sending you LOTS of positive energy to help with your work project!!!

    You GO, girl!

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

    Enjoy your evening!

  19. ron, yes, i had a problem here leaving a comment back a few days ago and now can't remember which one...anyway, I had problems with layouts on my blogs and discovered blogger has decided NOT to work with safari, mac's browser....nice, thanks blogger, so now I am back and forth on firefox trying to post and comment and change my layouts and everything...what a pain so don't know if it's me and my safari or you have any way of looking at your stats to see if the computers are macs? I KNOW it's not working right now and hasn't been for several weeks...sigh...

    take it easy, believe it or not, i remember last year at this time when you were coming into december and taking time off and me thinking..."oooohhhh nooooo" really!!!

    anyway, dear man, you take care of you, ok? and don't worry about a thing, we can hold down the fort, so to speak...I so appreciate your kindness on my newest venture and all your mean so much to me and are one of the most precious people I have met in my short blogging life! so merry merry a little early :)

    i hope you get this...

  20. now there's no way for me to know this went through because it "looks" like it here's two, just in case except this time, I can't sit and write all that again so will just blow you kisses and a big hug, keep that BP down, please!

  21. Helloooo Linda!

    Yes, my dear...BOTH your comments came through...YIPEEE!

    It's funny, because right after I added that update to this post earlier today, suddenly, my comment system started to act NORMAL again!

    I guess someone at Blogger heard me...HA!

    For the past two days my readers comments have been doing weird things. After I hit the publish button...they just disappear and end up in my gmail account in the trash bin. WTF?

    And then sometimes they publish as doubled!?!?

    OY VEY.

    Everything seems ok again, though.

    Cross your fingers it stays that way for me.

    Anway, dear lady...thank you for your sweet words and for understanding my infrequent posting in December. YES...last year I did the same thing, remember?

    I LOVE your new blog adventure and look forward to seeing all your wonderful products. And don't forget, let me know when you get it all set up because I want to do a review for it on my other blog!

    Thanks for stopping by, Linda!

    Enjoy your evening!

    I'll be talking to you soon!


  22. I plan to be insane until the 20th - my last production is on the 19th. I'll have you in my thoughts, Christmas season comrade!

  23. Hey Ron,
    What's up pussycat ? Nuke 'em !

    I totally understand that you will be in retail hell during several weeks. So, thanks for the notice.
    I remember last year; take lots of coffee,tranquilisers and vitamins for stamina.

    I'll miss ya sweetheart, but I'll stay posted for your updates !

    Big hugs ((((((((((Ronnie)))))))
    Be strong and don't let the turkeys get you down :)

  24. Bonjour Barbara~

    Nuke 'em!



    Will do!

    Thanks for understanding, my friend!

    take lots of coffee,tranquilisers and vitamins for stamina.

    Yes, and plenty of dark chocolate!!

    I'll be seeing ya throughout the month; dropping by your blog.

    Have a grrrreat day, Barb!

    And thank you for stopping by!

    {{{{{{ Barb }}}}}}


  25. Hiya Tattytiara!

    Hey, do you have any roles still available in your productions for an insane retailer?

    I do a great impersonation of Joan Crawford...



    Yes, I'll be thinking of you too, Christmas season comrade!

    Peace be with you!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Enjoy your day!

  26. That picture cracked me up, LOL. Just found this blog and will check back.

  27. Greetings Myne!


    Thank you for stopping by and sharing a comment. It's so nice to meet you!

    So glad you got a giggle from the picture. When I saw it online I giggled too! Being a cat lover, it was so appropriate - HA!

    Please stop by anytime. You're always welcomed here!

    Enjoy your evening!

  28. I am working my way through my friends list..and I started at the bottom with "W" so you are second on my visits tonight.

    I know this is a busy time for all of us..especially for you. I wanted to say happy holidays. I don't know when I'll get back by so I am also going to wish you an early Happy New Year!

    I have thought of you are a dear sweet (and funny) soul!



  29. Hello Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    OMG...I'm SOOOO excited to see ya, my friend!!!!

    How are ya???

    I too have thought of you often and wondered how you were!

    Yes, this time of the year gets a little crazy-busy for me and also for many of us, so thank you for taking the time to stop by and say Hello!

    If we don't speak before then...I wish you and your family the Merriest of Christmas and the Happiest of New year!

    LOVE YA, my Florida friend!


  30. I really feel for you as retail is just about the most thankless job during the holiday season.
    I wish you laughter in the faces of those who scowl at you when they realize you are right. LOL
    Good luck & I'll be anxiously awaiting your always entertaining posts.

  31. Helloooo Collette!

    How great to see your comment, my friend!

    You're alway such a bright spot!

    I wish you laughter in the faces of those who scowl at you when they realize you are right.

    THANK YOU, dear lady!

    It hasn't been too-too bad as of yet, however, talk to me in about two more weeks when I'm pulling my hair out!


    Thank you so much for stopping by today!

    Hope you're enjoying your week!

    Talk to ya soon!


  32. LOVE the picture!!!! hehehe!!! I know, it's that time of the year again, Ron.. but, I cannot wait to hear some of your HILARIOUS customer adventures!! hehehehe!!
    Thanks for your b-day greeting! That was super sweet! I'm just getting back to you now... It was a great b-day! Hugs to you... Leese

  33. Bonjour Leesa!

    Isn't the picture HILARIOUS???

    So glad you enjoyed it!

    I think there is a FULL MOON going on, because for the past two days we've nothing but MENTAL PATIENTS at the store - I'm talking CRAZY@!$@*!&

    I'm so glad to hear you had a FABU birthday! Don't ya just love celebrating your birthday?

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, my friend!

    Always so VUNDERBAR seeing ya!

    Hugs to you too!

    {{{{{ Leesa }}}}}

  34. ~laughing~
    oh I am wishing bubble bath and red wine in your stocking this year sweet man!

  35. Hi Lady Sorrow!

    oh I am wishing bubble bath and red wine in your stocking this year sweet man!

    Thank you, dear lady...that sounds like HEAVEN!


  36. Ron, what's up dude. Sorry that I was MIA for a few weeks. Just getting ready for the holidays and all that. Just trying to get back in the game tonight and catch up on a few things.

    Happy Holidays.

  37. Howdy Constant Complainer!

    Always great seeing ya, bud!

    Me too! And being in retail, this time of the year is WACKO busy for me!@#%!?

    Glad you stopped by, CC!

    Hope all is well for you and your family!

    Happy Holidays to you!