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One of my blogging pals gave me the inspiration for this post, so I want to begin by thanking her.

Thank you Jen! And if you haven’t already done so, please stop by her blog for a visit. She’s a wonderful writer with an intelligent and quick mind. And may I also add….VERY funny.

Jen mentioned something to me in one of her emails after purchasing a cosmetic product that I had recommended to her on my other blog.

She said something that really struck a cord in me that is so typical of not all, but many cosmetic sales people. She went up to the cosmetic counter to purchase one thing, and then they tried to sell her something additional.

She used the phrase, “They’re masters at selling.”

But I would like to say, “They’re actually masters at bullshit.”

Let me say that I genuinely love what I do. I thoroughly enjoy being involved in the beauty industry and can honestly say that I look forward to going to work everyday.


And this is a HUGE however.

The beauty industry can be ruthless.

Allow me to lay it all out on the table for you…..

Beauty advisers are taught, trained, and pressured to do one thing….SELL.

Sales people are placed in a position so they have to fight with other sales people to not only make their sales goals, but also their commissions. It’s like being thrown into a den of starving lions; all trying to eat the same food.

And I don’t blame this on sales people, I blame it on the cosmetic companies.

Cosmetic companies spend there time trying to figure out ways to create more tension and competitiveness between their sales people, so that the company gets what they need.

The more aggressive you are the more you’re admired. You can be one of the biggest trouble makers, but if your sales are high they will overlook it.

Honestly? I really don’t know how I’ve managed to stay in this industry as long as I have and still enjoy it the way I do. I usually don’t have other sales people fighting with me. And not because I’m this happily-go-lucky guy who is always laughing and having fun. But rather, I think people understand that included within my laughter and fun, is Joan Crawford saying, “DON’T FUCK WITH ME FELLAS!”

Now, I totally understand that we all have to make a living, but where do you draw the line when it comes to integrity?

I’ve always been a rebel in this industry by refusing to sell for the sake of selling to make a sales goal. Or, to push a particular product because the company says that sales are down. Excuse me…but my only goal should be to listen to what a customer wants and do my best to give it to them.

Somehow this industry has managed to flip-flop roles; making the consumer feel pressured into purchasing something in order that the sale person gets what they need.

More sales.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that my job involves sales, but it’s how I choose to make them that’s the difference.

It’s called service.

I know in today’s world the word service may sound like a foreign language, but it’s a word I was taught by my father who was one of the best sales people I ever knew.

He sincerely gave people what they wanted.

So, I would like to conclude this post by saying to all you ladies and gentlemen who shop for cosmetic and beauty products.

Don’t ever allow a sales person to pressure or schmooze you into purchasing something. Because their job is to SERVE you.

Get what you want.

Not what they need.

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