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Gosh….I can hardly believe it’s been almost a year since Valerie and I met.

(she’s the lady in the lampshade)

I immediately knew from not only her comments but also her blog, she had a great sense of humor, was creative, and just an all-around really nice human being.

Her blog, Thinking Out Loud Blog, is currently on hiatus.


But, what I recently found out about Valerie is that not only is she a wonderful writer, but also extremely gifted with a camera.

Back in September she published a new blog, Photo A Day Blog, where she is able to combined both her humor and love of photography. Each day she posts a photo and then surrounds it with a short informational blip, including how she got it, technical challenges and achievements, and why she took the photo. You can tell from her words that she definitely takes photography seriously, but not serious enough to take anything away from her passion and enjoyment of this art.

She does it for the LOVE.

I always leave her blog having discovered something I never knew about photography, and laughing from her ability to infuse it with brilliant humor.

The thing I most enjoy about her photographs, is the way Valerie looks through the camera lens. She sees images in a very unique way. Images you would normally overlook, Valerie brings them to attention. You definitely get a feel for what she notices.

She also photographs with delightful diversity.

Some images are soft, while others are sharp, colorful, and bold.

I always look forward to seeing what Valerie sees.

Here are just some of her wonderful images….

So, if you have some time this weekend please give yourself an immense pleasure by visiting Photo A Day Blog.

You’ll find Valerie extremely welcoming and down-to-earth.

You ROCK, girl!

Have a picture perfect weekend everyone!


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