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One of the reason why I enjoy the colder winter months is because I can soak in a hot tub filled with bubble bath.


Feeling that hot water taking the chill off my muscles and bones is pure heaven.

Yeah…yeah…I know it’s not good for your skin to soak in hot water, but that’s what they made Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion for.

Now, let me just say that my apartment is a studio. Which means I live in one room. It’s a fairly large room, but it’s one room. Most of my adult life I’ve lived in studio apartments and thoroughly enjoy it. It forces me to live my life uncluttered. The smaller the space, the less shit I have to worry about collecting. I’ve got four massive windows in my apartment, so it never feels as though I’m closed in. For a small space, it feels very open and airy. And also I love the hardwood floors.

Now, the bathroom.

The bathroom to me is absolutely adorable. It’s adorable because it’s about the about the size of one of those bathrooms you'll find on an airplane.


It’s so small that I can multi-task by sitting on the commode, whilst brushing my teeth at the sink at the same time.

(and I kid you not, because I’ve done that before)

Now, the bathtub.

The bathtub is so big that it literally IS the whole bathroom. It’s one of those fabulous vintage bathtubs that’s so big, you could actually use it as a guest room if you ever had someone sleep over. It’s long and very deep. Deep to the point of whenever I sit inside, I need to wear a pair of water wings and sit on a phone book to see over the edge.

(but remember, I’m a little guy)

My favorite thing to do in the winter is to fill the tub with steaming hot water and a whorish amount of bubble bath and soak for 20 minutes. And if I’m in a playful mood, I’ll also throw in my little rubber duckie and let him float around in the bubbles with me.

(and don‘t laugh, because you haven‘t lived until you‘ve bathed with a rubber duckie)

But, my absolute favorite thing to do while I’m in a bubble bath is to get creative with the bubbles.

Lookie here…..

I look like Jane Jetson.

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