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No, this post is not really about the Ford automobile, but rather the American fashion designer and film director...

Tom Ford.

Monday evening while I was searching the Internet for photos to add to a post I’m putting together for my other blog pertaining to Tom Ford’s latest men’s fragrance, I saw picture after picture of what I consider to be a very attractive man.

One of my dear blogging friends Linda, had asked me last year what “type” of man I was attracted to.

And that was very hard to answer, because my “type” varies.

I think we all have a “physical type” that we're initially attracted to, but if you’re like me, you have also discovered that sometimes you'll be drawn to someone who doesn’t necessarily fit the bill of what your eyes see as attractive.

That's because attractiveness encompasses more than just the physical.

Personality, talent, a persons heart, and humor are the things for me that REALLY make someone attractive.

But, since I’ve never met Tom Ford and have no idea what his personality and heart are like, I’m just going to say this based on his physical appearance….


I initially have a tendency to be attracted to dark haired gentlemen. Either dark haired or salt and pepper.

I like dark eyes, paler skin, and a 24/7 5 o’clock shadow.

Body weight is not something that I ever really focus on because I’ve been attracted to both slim and more full-figured men.

Vince Vaughn is more of a full-figured man and I find him very “teddy bearishly sexy”

So you see, my attraction varies.

But, getting back to Tom Ford.

Right now, for the sake of this post, I’m going to put away all my “seeing the depth in a person” and show you what my whoremones are initially attracted to.

Let’s just say that if I were walking down the city streets and saw this man, I would definitely trip over a trash can or a baby stroller and then whip out my binoculars to get a closer look….

So tell me....wouldn't you really rather have a Ford than a Buick?

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