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Wednesday evening I watched an engrossing documentary entitled, Almost Myself.

Director, Tom Murray takes his viewers on a cross country journey to explore just a small part of the vastly diverse transgender community.

The film follows the lives of women who were male at birth. Stories include their journeys of boyhood to womanhood and the struggles of transcending gender.

Almost Myself is truly a fascinating film. It’s poignant, touching, humorous and very informative.

Throughout my life I’ve met and gotten to know several transgender male to females. In fact, I currently know a beautifully vivacious and talented woman who was born male. She and I have had many an open and honest discussion about the process she went through - from the time she first knew she was meant to be a woman, to the investigation of the long-involved psychological and physical procedures.

Out of all the transgender individuals I’ve known, I have never met a more confident, content, and totally happy human being. There is never a doubt in her mind that she is what she was meant to be.

A woman.

And when I’m in her presence, that’s exactly what I feel.

A woman.

I have always supported gender transition, whether it be from male to female or female to male, because I believe that everyone should live their life being whatever gender makes them whole.

As I was watching this film, a question came to my mind as to what actually defines a man, a man and a woman, a woman?

Is it only the physical, or does it also have something to do with the spirit?

One of the women in the film said something that was extremely enlightening. She shared that the challenge for most family and friends of transgender people, is the ability to transcend the “physical form” of you. She believes that gender transition is a spiritual calling. It calls everything within you as a human being to come to terms with what appears to only be a physical issue, but really is a way of redefining your being based solely on your spirit.

And you know what?

I believe it too.

Transcending gender…..a journey of the spirit.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Note: I realize that some people may have strong opposing opinions on gender transition, but I ask that you be sensitive in your comments to all people who may be reading and commenting on this post. Thank you.

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