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First, I would like to thank all of you awesome people who gave me your feedback on which laptop computers you use on my post two weeks ago.

It truly helped me a lot.

I really took the time to investigate each one of your recommendations via the Internet, and also visited various stores to check them out in person.

However, I saved my last stop for the Mac store here in Philly.

And can I tell you something?

I truly think that the Mac apple logo must contain some sort of invisible aphrodisiac that draws you in; making you become a Mac lover. Because the second my fingertips hit the keyboard …..I was addicted.

I was literally STONED in love.

My eyes suddenly got a glassy glaze over them as I began to stare comatose into the computer screen with a smile on face that actually hurt. At one point, I’m pretty sure I came out of my body and floated to another dimension.

The MAC dimension.

In all my years of working on computers, I have never experienced anything like using a Mac.

Not only did I feel the difference in the touch of the keyboard, but also the incredible easy in which the mouse pad worked. I’m such a klutz when it comes to using a laptop mouse pad because I always feel like have no control over it. However, the second my fingers began to work with the Mac mouse pad, I had total control over the movements. It felt as though I had became “one” with the computer.

The salesman in the showroom was so patient and helpful. He explained how everything worked and then allowed me to play with various models for 45 minutes. The software was totally different, but took me no time to get use to. I actually found it easier than Microsoft. And a hell of a lot faster.

Everything seemed to move like a finely made Swiss watch.

And let me tell you about the graphics.

I have never seen graphics look so crystal clear and vibrate on any computer screen, like a Mac.

Over the weekend I debated on whether the cost of a Mac was worth it, or whether I should just get something less expensive.

Monday afternoon I took one last trip to my local office supply store, so I could once again look over the other brands I was considering. But every time I touched them I could not get my experience with the Mac computer out of my head. The other laptops just did NOT feel the same.

I decided that for all the time I spend on the Internet, and with teaching myself more and more about web design, I think the investment in a Mac would be well worth it in the long run.

So, Friday afternoon I'm going to purchase this little beauty.....

The Mac Book

I will never look at apples the same way again.

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