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Ever since I got DSL I’ve been spending way too much time over at You Tube getting my fill of all my favorite songs and movie clips.

I know I’m in the major minority when it comes to loving disco music, but I don’t care because it drives me WILD.

I love to dance, therefore hearing disco always makes me wanna get up and FREAK OUT.

Earlier this week, I got on a Donna Summers kick and decided to listen to my favorite disco tune, Last Dance.

The song Last Dance begins as a slow foreplay and then builds to a musical orgasm as it crescendos into a glorious climax.

During my clubbing days, Last Dance was traditionally the final song they would play whenever the bars were getting ready to close at 2 a.m.

So, as soon as Miss Summers would start crooning her slow introduction over the disco speakers, the dance floor would immediately cram with about 500 ladies and gentleman, all dressed in polyester and smelling like Jovan Musk Oil and Ralph Lauren Polo.

The dance floor looked like a sea of slow swaying drunken sailors and sailorettes.

But as the music started building in tempo everyone suddenly became sober and sharp; gyrating their hips and shoulders, and flailing their arms in the air while spinning in circles like a top.

Both bubbles and white confetti would periodically exploded from the ceiling, as everyone let out earpeircing SCREAMS of delight.

Some people would also blow lifeguard whistles and twirl fans in their hands to the beat of the music.

The experience was pure disco nirvana.

A few nights ago while listening to the extended version of Last Dance, I couldn’t restrain myself. I stood up in front of my computer monitor and had the time of my life. I danced and spun like a monkey who had just seen a banana tree.

Flashbacks of times gone by filled my soul to the point of making me emotional.

And as the song concluded I felt spent, but totally fulfilled.

Because I was once again….

…..a Disco Queen!

Have a faaaaabulous weekend everyone!

*Here is a short clip of Miss Summers singing Last Dance. You GO, diva!

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