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I think it may be a combination of having exposed hardwood floors in my apartment, and also living in an air polluted city that I’m constantly experiencing what I like to call…

The Invasion of the Dust Bunnies.

And I’ve often wondered….

First, where the hell do these fuzzy creatures come from?

Two, why do they seem to congregate and hide around the perimator of a room?

And C, why is it that no matter what I do to removed them, they reproduce in what seems to be minutes later?

I’m a very tidy housekeeper and will vacuum and wet wash every inch of my floor at least once a week. However, four or five days later my beautiful hardwood floor is infiltrated with more rabbit fur.

The other day I had to get behind my entertainment center to adjust a cord on my DVD player. And when I rolled it away from the wall, I saw what can only be described as a colony of grayish-black bunny balls that were the size of tumbleweed.

And as the wind from an open window blew one across the floor, I jumped and screamed because thought it was friggin’ mouse.

After doing some research on the Internet about the origins of dust bunnies, I found some clarity on Esquire which also included this interesting piece of information….

“In Germany, by the way, a dust bunny is called a wollmaus ("wool mouse"), and a British slang term for them is "slut's wool."

Slut’s wool.

How perfect.

I guess that’s why they seem to multiply so fast…..

The little PUTA’S!

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