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Yes folks, it’s time for another post about that famous cat who irritates the feces out of me. Hello Kitty.

While surfing the net last week, I stumbled upon more cutesy-ootsey pink paraphernalia that made my whole body feel like a cat scratching post. Try typing in Hello Kitty on Google and watch what happens. Go ahead, try it. You’ll end up in Hello Kitty Hell. So, without further ado, allow me to share my continuous nightmare…..


Would you just take a look at this. A Hello Kitty wedding gown. This looks like something you would find in a Hello Kitty Salvation Army Store that was once worn by Scarlett O’Hara-Kitty in the movie, Gone With The Feline Wind. I’ve decided that if I ever get married, THIS will be the dress I’ll walk down the isle in. However, I need to contact Vera Wang to see if she would be willing to create a matching pink tulle veil. Oh, and before I forget…you’ll all be invited to the wedding, so be sure to wear something PINK.

OH. MY. GOD….Hello Kitty beer?!?!?!
I have only two words to say about this item….CAT PISS.

I bet when this Hello Kitty fan blows air it smells like tuna breath.


Can imagine storing your contacts in this Hello Kitty contact holder? I’m almost positive you would be scratching your eyes out from the kitty dander. I’m wondering who that little bear is? Her boyfriend perhaps?

I can only imagine how many scary and painful nightmares I would have if I was forced to sleep in this Hello Kitty bed. I would rather sleep on a bed of razor-sharp nails while serving life in a penitentiary.

I saved the best for last. Just take a guess at what this item is? Let me give you a hint…I don‘t think you would want to put this anywhere near your mouth because it might chip your front teeth.

And notice once again, Hello Kitty’s cute little bear boyfriend. If you’re into menage a‘ trois, I think this would be the ideal vibrator. I bet when this thing is turned on high it sounds like a cat in heat.

Wishing you a fabulously vibrating weekend everyone!

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