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Without a doubt, Cary Grant was one of my favorite film actors of yesteryear because not only was he brilliant at comedy, he was an outstanding dramatic actor as well. Those in Hollywood who knew him said that he was a very dedicated actor, who they greatly respected. He was known for being extremely professional in his work ethic.

My two favorite Cary Grant films were Bringing Up Baby and Penny Serenade (for which he was nominated for an Academy Award). His performance in Penny Serenade was so touching that he ripped my heart out and had me in tears. It was then I realized, "Damn...this man can act!"

Yet I have to be honest, not only did I admire him for his acting ability, but I also thought he was one of the most handsome men to grace the silver screen. And it wasn't only his chiseled face and cleft chin, but his whole persona (the way he walked, talked and carried himself) that made him so attractive.

Cary Grant was a delicious potpourri of talent, good-looks, and style.

And I'm not the only one who felt that way because he had many admirers.

Men wanted to be Cary Grant.

Women wanted to be with Cary Grant.

And on top of it all, he was a fashion icon without ever intending to be one. He simply had a natural ability to know what looked best on him and in doing so, created the "Cary Grant" image that men often tried to emulate, and the fashion industry tried to duplicate (and still does).

Over the past several weeks, I searched for pictures of Cary Grant showing the imprint he left on this world of what debonair style truly is...

What a profile, hu?

Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest

Even performing in comedies, he appeared handsomely stylish doing it...

*with Katherine Hepburn

Even in his later years, he was absolutely dashing...

This is perhaps my favorite photograph of Mr. Grant because of the energy it exudes. He simultaneously looks casual and relaxed; so utterly comfortable in his own skin. Yet at the same time...impeccably oh-so debonair.

"I began by acting like the person I wanted to be, and eventually I became that person."
-Cary Grant

Have a faaaaabulous week everyone!

*If you're interested: Tribute to Cary Grant

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