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Like me, you probably find it amusing to notice how many things in the world keep repeating themselves.

Things like fashion, hairstyles and music all seem to regurgitate over and over again.

I was in my twenties during the Disco Rage and absolutely loved it. I was so bummed when in early eighties, disco started to fizzle out and the world started to say things like, "DISCO SUCKS!"


Lately, I’ve been listening to some of the younger generation, talking about how much they love the Disco Era and that they’re actually starting to listen to it again.


And what’s NOT to love?

John Travolta dancing in his platform shoes to Disco Inferno in Saturday Night Fever…“Burn baby, burn…disco inferno!”

Donna Summers singing Last Dance as the finale theme song, when the night clubs would close each evening… “So let’s dance…the last dance…tonight!”

And Chic singing, “Aaaaaah FREAK OUT! Le freak…says, Chic!”

And the clothes!!!

I wore these shirts called, Nik-Nik’s that were made out of polyester. And they had the most intense pattern designs, that when you looked at them, made you feel like you were tripping on acid. I also wore polyester pants. And they were HOTTER than hell. I ended up dripping in sweat after each dance.

But I didn’t care…because I was doing the Hustle on a Lucite dance floor, that was lit from underneath with flashing multi-colored lights, and confetti that shot down from the ceiling.

I also remember getting my first pair of platform shoes. They were burgundy, with a 3 inch heel and a 2 inch hidden platform. When I put them on I looked like Frankenstein.

(I was so high…my ears popped)

And the first time I had to RUN in platforms to catch a subway in New York City, I looked like a baby fawn standing up for the first time - my legs fell out from underneath me!

Oh….and I remember getting my first 70's-perm. It ended up looking like I had a huge cotton ball sitting on my head.

(but it went REALLY well with my platform shoes and polyester apparel)

You see, Disco wasn’t just about the music - it was a whole “effect.”

And you needed that whole effect to dance to the music.



  1. Oh, it DOES all come back around, doesn't it.

    Saturday I was busily going through racks of clothing--'smock tops' complete with the hideous patterns and colours of days gone by. Can you imagine? OMGosh...
    They were ugly the first time around. LOL

    NO way would I purchase one of 'em. On the other hand---if they brought back 'earth shoes', I'd be all over those!

    Yeah, yeah.....they're comfy, dangit!

  2. Umm Ron baby. I think that we all would do just about anything to see a photo of you just as described.
    That is freaking hilarious.

    Although I didn't embrace disco in the same capacity as you (I was born in 73, so I was in maybe 1st or 2nd grade when disco died), I do remember a lot of what you are talking about.

  3. Ron, this is one thing we don't agree on. I damn near died durning the "disco" era. The music still makes my ears bleed and brings tears to my eyes. I cannot bear the thought of falsetto voices and that constant upbeat tempo. *shudder*

    My motto then as it is now, with a little alteration - SEX, Rx DRUGS and ROCK & ROLL!!!

  4. LOL that brought back so many good memories Ron!

    Those fashions look so ridiculous when you look back at them now, but at the time - we were the bees-knees weren't we? :)

    I've got DISCO FEVER now!

  5. Morning Casdok~

    Memories...light the corners of my mind...misty watercolor memories...of the way we were!!!

    GOD LOVE US!!!

    And BURN, BABY, BURN!!

    Happy Monday to you, dear lady. And thanks for stopping by!

  6. Mornin' Mel!

    EARTH SHOE!!! OMG I totally forgot about those Mel!!

    They were SO COMFY weren't they???


    And fashion does come back...pants went from HUGE bell bottoms, to severe straight leg, back to HUGE bell bottoms!?!!?!?

    Damn, you got me thinking about those earth shoes...I wonder if you can still get those??

    GREAT remembering with you, funny lady! Thanks for dancing by today!


  7. Helloooo Nicole!

    Oh my God...I graduated high school, when you were just turning a year old!!!

    Hey...I think if you ever saw a picture of me dressed liked would be emotionally scarred for the rest of your life!

    (Especially the perm)

    I looked like Greg Brady! the was SO MUCH FUN!!! And we all thought our shit didn't stink!


    Hey, listen...if they ever have a "Disco Night" in your hometown, I think you and your husband should go for it!!

    (Hugh and his bunny)

    AAAAAHHHH FREAK OUT, le freak, says CHIC!

    Thanks so much for spinning in today, Nicole...nice dancing with you!

  8. Oh...I LOVE YOU, Nitebyrd!!

    That's A-OK, dear friend...we can't always agree on everything!

    That's why there's chocolate and vanilla, right?

    Oh, you killed me with the Rx DRUGS!!!

    I actually enjoy some rock too. I went to a Moody Blues concert when I lived in Florida. I had a BLAST!

    Thank you for always adding your hysterical humor, you wild lady you!

    P.S. May I have this next disco dance with you??? tee-hee!

  9. Let's DANCE, Akelamalu!!!

    Yeah!!!! a Disco Freak, like me!!!

    And weren't the clothes, looking back, quite hideous?

    Dear God..they only knew ONE material...POLYESTER!!

    I have a few Disco CD'S...and I love to listen to them with my headphones on, so I can crank the volume up REAL LOUD, while snapping my fingers and spinning around, like a freakazoid on the dance floor!

    Hey...anytime you visit here, my friend, I 'll take you to a Disco Club and we'll burn the house down!!


    Thanks for disco'ing in, Akelamalu. Peace baby!

  10. oh yeah demi waves, spangly boob tubes, satin trousers and strappy sandals with 4" heels. there is a pic of me with my demi wave on my blog. Perhaps I shall have to dig out one with the poodle perm. I loved disco's every friday and sat night sometime thursdays or sundays too if you knew where to go. We used to drive miles often an hour down to the coast either Brighton or Hastings then back again in the early hours.

  11. Oh my God, Lady in Red!!!!!

    You GO!!!!!!!

    I totally forgot about POODLE perms, TUBE tops, and DEMI waves!!! Honestly, you don't look old enough to remember Disco that much!?!?

    Wasn't it the BEST??

    Yes, Friday night and Saturday night were the TOP nights! However, I was so bad, that I went to the clubs during the weekdays too! And went to WORK the next day!!!

    Hey...thanks for adding your Disco memories to this post, dear Lady...that was FUN!!!

    P.S. Do you remember the Bronsky Beat? They were from the UK I believe...and AWESOME! They were more Mid-Eighties.

  12. It was more Diana Ross, Stylistics Donna Summer, Bee Gees for me. late 70s and early 80's were my disco period. After that it was the rock scene for a bit before my life became one happy round of nappies and vomit. yuk what I wouldn't give not to have gone through that!!

    I have enjoyed reading this post it took me back to my earlier single days. I just wish I had the confidence then that I have now.

  13. Well, I guess it is just you and me now..nitebyrd will not go with us!! hee, hee.

    I think you should post a picture of your perm!

    You made me how am I going to get those damn songs out of my head!! :)

    Good Vent..Love ya!

  14. Dear crack me up!

    "nappies and vomit"

    That's hysterical!!!

    ooooh...DIANA ROSS...and "Love Hangover"!!! And lest we ever forget the BEE GEE's??? I mean, they WERE disco!

    Yes...I totally agree with's wonderful how AGE brings confidence!!!

    Thanks again for sharing your Disco passion in this post, dear Lady!

    NOW....let's DANCE!

  15. Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    Oh, well...that's ok, you and I can go to a Disco Club (after we go to Target for a new polyester outfit) and Nitebyrd can go the a Rock Club...and we'll meet later for a 2:00AM breakfast at Denny's!


    And I hair looked like a BIG FAT cotton ball!

    (but, DAMN...I was HOT!)

    GREAT seeing ya, my friend. Thanks for dancing by!

  16. All right, I'm willing to pitch in twenty bucks into the "Let's see Ron in his Boogie Nights outfit"!

    Did you have the gold chains with the shirt unbuttoned down to your navel too?

    I friend of a friend had a disco themed bitrhday party a few years ago. What a hoot that was!

    "You make me feel like dancin, dancin, dance the night away...hooo"

  17. *GiGGLeS* Don't mind me, I've been lurking around your blog coz I bloody enjoy it!

    AND I LOVE MY DISCO!!!! :-) xx

  18. This is weird, i was thinking the same thing myself this morning...

    high waisted jeans are back in fashion, if they look crap on models, what on earth do they make the reast of us look like?

  19. Greetings Vi!

    Welcome! Hey..thanks for lurking and taking the time to leave a comment...appreciate that!

    I've seen you around many of the wonderful bloggers I visit each it's really nice meeting you!

    SOOOOO happy to meet a DISCO QUEEN!

    Isn't it the freaking BEST???

    Please stop by anytime you'd like, Vi...the dance floor is always open!!

    Aaaaahhhh FREAK OUT!

  20. Morning Enigma!


    I many times can they reinvent jeans..or men's suites...or shoes...or hairstyles...or a makeup look???

    Eventually, it all comes back full circle, ya know?

    Not that that's a negative thing...because I LOVE the classics of 30's and 40's...and enjoy seeing those styles coming back!

    SOOOO...maybe I'n due for another 70's AFRO-PERM...ya, think?

    GREAT seeing you, Enigma...always fun spinning on the DISCO floor with you!

    How about some BEE-GEE'S???

  21. Howdy Jeff!!!

    Oh god, you're gonna SHIT...because YES!! I did have a gold chain necklace with a hideous medalian hanging from it, that also had purple stones glued to it!!!

    I looked like a friggin' PIMP!

    And yes...MY shirt was unbuttoned to my belly button (but that was because I HAD to SHOW OFF the tacky medalian)!!!

    I looked fabulous in my Boogie Night's outfit...I did, REALLY...I looked like a big FAT BOOGIE!!!

    GREAT seeing ya, buddy!! Thanks for stopping by for a dance down Disco memory lane!

    Now....FREAK OUT!!!#>@<#$&$&

  22. Hi Ron!

    I had to laugh on this one. Truth be told, I was one of the "sucks" crowd. *L* Music defined us high school kids back in those days. Disco was one crowd, punk was another, new wave was coming in, and I was one of the rocker bunch. Greasy, long haired, totally out of style... and proud of it. :D

    But hey, what goes around. Later on, I got into a club band playing... yep. Funk and disco. We had a blast.

    I saw a special on the BeeGees not long ago, and have to admit it got me all nostalgic to see them, hear the music... the tribute to Andy. Quite the era.

    Play that funky music,

  23. Halo Greg!

    Hey...I totally understand, music is like food...we each have different tastes!!!

    But I DID and DO enjoy some Rock...and also (if you can believe this) country (Bonnie Rait and Martina McBride)...I love them!! I also enjoy New Wave!

    I find that my tastes change as I get older. Maybe my "soul" opens up more and FEELS the beat of a new sound!

    I've learned to NEVER say, never.

    Hey...that's SOOO cool that you were in a band playing Funk/Disco!!!

    "Play that funky music...white boy!"

    The Bee Gees seemed to be the "thing" that really set the stage for them!

    As always, THANKS for stopping by and sharing in the maddness here, buddy!

    aaaaah....FREAK OUT...le, freak...says chic!!!

    I'm a freakazoid on the dance floor...