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With all the prom festivities going on right now, it’s caused me to have a flash-back to 1974 when I was a senior in high school and preparing for the big event.

First of all, I couldn’t make up my friggin’ mind about who I wanted to ask to go with me, and ended up taking someone I should have never taken.

(I think it was karma pay-back)

I should have taken the young lady I really liked, but instead took a girl who was in the senor high school play with me, who had portrayed my girlfriend in the show.

(have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous in your life?)

And after I made this stupid decision…I could have kicked myself.

She was a DRAMA QUEEN…who thought she was going to be the next Academy Award winner.

Two days before the prom she surprised me, by dying her long, stick-straight hair…jet black. She thought that because she had a quarter of an ounce of Cherokee Indian blood in her and had a long nose…she would look like Cher.

But she didn’t.

After she dyed her hair, she just ended up looking like a Kitchen Witch.

(aren’t I horrible?)

In fact, the only thing about her that looked like Cher, was that her hair was parted down the middle.

Now mind you, I was no stud-muffin myself. Between my 70’s bouffant hairstyle and my tuxedo, I looked like I was trying to do an impersonation of Wayne Newton in a Las Vegas nightclub act.

And come to think of it…between my prom date and my own hideous look…we must have closely resembled the Sonny and Cher Show.

(“I’ve got you, babe”)

I wish I had some pictures to show you…because you’d die!

Anyway…our going together was all wrong. Did you ever go on a date with someone and there’s a constant underlining strain to the evening? Well…strained it was!

We acted like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.”

I’m only grateful that my best friend and his young lady, who double dated with us, were a match made in heaven, because they sort of buffered the tension.

Oh well, it’s fun to look back on your mistakes…isn’t it?


  1. LMAO!!! Oh I would give you a million dollars to see one of those photos for 30 seconds!!! xx

  2. OH those pictures would be a riot!! Wayne Newton meets Cher for a night at the Improv. haha

    I preferred Donny and Marie, but did watch some of the Sonny and Cher show. I don't particularly like her singing but Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves was so good. Half Breed too!

    Did you ever watch 'Will and Grace'? There's an episode Cher is on and Jack imitates her. Funny.

    Okay, you had me flashing back in time with my kitchen.... now I've drifted back to the early 80's. Let's see, first prom I went with a friend. It was a decent time. No romance, just a night out. I was in 10th grade. For my junior prom I sorta made a date with a guy and then regretted it right away. So there was this other guy who said he'd take care of it. Told date #1 I was going with him instead. He was totally cool about it as I don't think he really liked me that much either. Probably just thought it was getting close to prom time and we didn't have dates so better hook up with someone.

    Date #2 was nice, he was friends with a girlfriend of mine, but also not really my type so I figured we'd just go to hang out. I wore THE SAME DRESS from the prom before. How tacky is that?? Funny tho the pictures make them look a little different in color.
    It didn't turn out to be much fun though as some of his friends didn't like me at all.
    We did end up dating for a little while but he liked me wayyyy more than I him
    and when I met my future hubby to be, I'd have prom guy drive me to the store he worked so I could see him. How terrible is THAT??? But he was the guy I really wanted!! And sure enough, a couple months later HE WAS ALL MINE!!!
    And we've been together for over 25 years so sometimes YOU JUST KNOW!

  3. Once there is a lot of distance between the disaster and yourself, it's great to look backwards and be able to laugh your ass off!

    OMG! Those '70's styles and colors were just AWFUL!

  4. Morning Giggle~'s so GREAT seeing you back online again!!!


    I have an old photo album with pictures from my senior year in high school, but the pictures are all perminately GLUED to the pages...and if I pull them off, I fear they will tear. Therefore, I can't even make copies of them.

    But if you saw'd poop!

    They're SOOOOO funny!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi today, dear Mommy-To-Be!

    I'll be by your place later!!

  5. Morning Miss Nitebyrd~

    How true!!! Because WHILE this was happening to me...I was NOT laughing!?@!?

    It was like the most IMPORTANT moment in my life!!

    (I too was a bit of a DRAMA KING)

    It's funny how less serious you become as you mature...

    And thank God!

    And OMG...weren't the colors of the 70's putrid?

    I mean, there was no color...everything was BROWN and muted!?

    Hope your having a GREAT Monday, dear lady...and thanks for sharing in my 70's flashback...


  6. Morning Crytal Chick~ and I must have the same EAR...because I too have never enjoyed Cher's singing (except her club/dance stuff). Now what I DO think she excels acting. She truly is gifted.

    And no...I never saw that episode of Will and Grace. I'm not a TV watcher, however, the times that I DID tune into the show...I really enjoyed it! are TOOOO funny about your Date #1 and Date #2!

    But I think it was that way for MANY Prom goers! It's such a weird time in your life, when your trying to make choices and dealing with high school peer pressures, ya know? I've often wondered if there was ever a case where a high school prom couple, ever got totally serious and eventually got MARRIED!

    Wouldn't that be cool?

    WOW! and your hubby have been married 25 years????

    And I totally agree with you...I think there are times when you JUST KNOW!! "Something" connects you to one another...and it's Kismet!

    AS always...I thank you sharing, M!

    Have a FABU Monday!!!!

    P.S. Hope Alex is doing well!

  7. Ahh, prom! Seems like a lifetime ago. It was quite a big deal wasn't it? I remember the big to-do of it all, my parents photographing every single step of the process.
    I for one, am really glad to NOT be a teenager anymore. I feel like I have a bit more perpsective on what is truely important in life now.
    If you had asked me what was important 20 years ago, I would have said friends, boys, school dances, clothes, shoes, etc, etc.
    How silly I was.
    Have a great day Ron.
    And I am all eyes if you ever want to share those photos!

  8. Morning Nicole~

    It sure WAS a big deal!

    My parents even filmed the event with an 8ml. camera!!! God only knows where the hell those are?

    So true, is pretty interesting to see how our perspectives on "important things" change, as we mature. And like you...I am SOOOOOO happy to have "been there/done that." I so totally enjoy where I'm at right now. The older I grow...the more I'm learning to accept myself, rather than change myself.

    It's a nice feeling.

    (besides...I think my hairstyle is MUCH better!!!)

    Thank you for sharing in the "flash-back" dear lady.

    Have a SWELL Monday!

  9. Prom?
    OMG the 15 year old asked me if I ever went just recently. When I pulled out my photo, I thought he was going to die, then i thought I was going to kill him.
    He said" MOM! You went to prom in a TUX???! WOW you were hot! What happened?"
    Yeah he's still breathing, and not sure he ever wants to go to prom.
    Thanks for the lunch time giggles!

  10. Afternoon Lady Sorrow~

    Dear god, always make me LAUGH!!!

    You went in a TUX??? How feaking COOL was that? And I bet you did look HOT! I honestly feel, that there's something about a woman in men's clothing that really DOES look attractive. This is why I enjoy designers who create clothing for women that looks tailored. It's very SEXY!

    However, (outside of a drag queen)put a man in a DRESS? For some reason it doesn't have the SAME effect!?!?!

    (for me...anyway!)

    Thanks so much for sharing your prom memory on this post, dear lady!

    And glad to hear your son is still breathing!

    Tee, hee!

  11. Are you sure you haven't got a photo stashed away somewhere? Have a proper look we want to see it.

    I went on a date once with someone that I didn't like just to make someone I did like jealous - how mad is that? :(

  12. I love Liz and Burt in "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf." It's a hell of a movie.

    I just loved proms. I was asked by a few guys but I said no...nicely. Um, my senior year I was going with Terry (Jodie Foster look alike) and didn't make it to the prom. I spent the night with her talking. Well...we did talk...some. God, I was so in love with her. I mean...writing her name on my note books and writing her poetry. I would draw her face scribbling in class. I had it hard for her. Our friends missed us, but hell...I just wanted to be with her. So when you said senior prom...I thought of that night with her. *sigh* It brings a sadness to me, also brings the biggest smile too. :D

    Sorry you had a lousy time...I would have gone with you if I wasn't with Jodie...I mean Terry. hehehe. I know we would have had a blast. Um, I would have asked you if you got a room. :P hehehe.

    Thanks for sharing your memory babes. Tell me, did you see that gal you liked there at the prom?

    ciao babes.

  13. I do understand!

    I didn't do the typical prom dresses..selected patterns/material and my aunt made them for me!
    The dresses were so beyond high school..alas, the dates were not.:O Both proms were with someone that the relationship was either ending or already over..but we went through the motions as all had been planed for months.

    So the dresses were great, but the dates sucked. I would have much rather gone stag so I could dance with a lot of people! Oh how I do love to dance!!
    I guess I've always had a gypsy-heart! hehehe

    I love the photos, and love you!

  14. Evening Akelamalu~

    I actually DO have a couple of photo's, but they're glued to the inside of a photo album, and I'm afraid to try and take them out, in fear of ripping them.

    (But the two photos that I used here in this post...should give you a general good HIDEOUS idea)

    tee, hee!

    Hey...I think we've all tried making someone jealous, by going out with someone else.

    (I certainly know I have)

    I'm evil!

    Great seeing ya, my friend. Thanks for sharing in the PROM NIGHTMARE!


  15. Oh wow......

    <---dated an older fella all through high school

    And had THE most knockout dress for his senior prom. Good thing my father was drunk prom night or I'da never been allowed to leave the house! Whoa....even the photos are......whoa.....
    He graduated HS, I ceased prom. College boys don't 'do' prom yaknow.. *rolling eyes*

    He became a bigshot and found miserableness.
    I became all I AM and am happier than a clam.
    Speaks volumes.....

    I remember the girl's first prom. (sober, for the record!) Ohmygosh....BAWLED my eyes--she wasn't suppose to look like that at 16.
    She was dating an older fella who's now growed up to be miserable, chasing the bigshot deal--she, on the other hand.....happier than a clam!

    Seeing the trend here? LOL
    Indeed, she IS her mother's child.......

  16. Evening Miss Jones!

    Leave it to my fellow acting buddy to LOVE "Virgina Woolf" too. It IS a wonderful film isn't it? Volatile...but wonderful all the same!

    Hey...I bet you and I would have had a freaking' BLAST!!!

    And it's funny you should have mentioned about "getting a room" because we DID...however, it was shared with several other prom we all just hanky-panky!?!

    (hey...isn't that a Madonna song?)

    I bet you and Jody Foster (I mean, Terry)...had NICE time together enjoying your own "prom." I definately think you made the right choice!!!

    You're so sweet...saying how you use to write her name on your note books! My God...I think we ALL did that!

    No...the young lady I should have taken to the prom, was never asked to go by anyone else, so she never attended.

    I think she just stayed home and partied with some of her girl friends. She loved to DRINK!

    Even though I had a lousy least it gave me something to POST about for the future...right?


    Thanks so much for sharing yourself in this post, Spiky!

    You always add a wonderful "sparkle!"

  17. Evening Dear Gypsy-Heart~

    Damn...I remember those dress patterns...Simplicity #447....Ha!

    My sister use to have to get them for her Home Ec. class!

    You know, it's funny, because I think a lot people went to the prom with dates they weren't CRAZY about! Like you was just "going through the motions."

    Hey...if you and I had known one another back then, in Florida...we could have both gone stag...and just danced all night!

    Boogie Fever!

    Thanks for stopping by, Gypsy-Heart. It's so great seeing ya back blogging. I've missed ya!

    I'll be headed your way soon!

  18. Oh, Mel...what a FANTASTIC memory you share here!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

    woo-woo! I bet you did look like a "knockout!"

    (do you STILL have the photos?)

    And I bet it was moving to see your daughter all dressed up and heading to her prom. It's like life comes "full circle" ya know?

    And your right, it is funny to see how so often the "trend" just follows.

    I bet she's a lovely lady...

    Just like her mother!

    Thanks SO MUCH for sharing, dear Mel!

    You've added MUCHO!

  19. It's seriously a shame there are no pictures of this event. However, the mental image you have painted is fabulous!! I'm loving it!

    We didn't really have a prom at my high school (a small half-boarding private school) so I feel kind of bummed out I never had one of the typical high school experiences. I just lived it though watching 90210 or something like that. lol

  20. Ron~
    I have to say, been to Scotland and seen men in Kilts (ahem Dresses for most Yanks) and Be still my beating heart!
    Men can look DAMN HOT IN A KILT!
    hows your knees looking?
    ~cheeky grin~

  21. Howdy Rhea~

    I know I told you this before, but I LOVE your new avatar!

    It's SOOOO wonderful!!!

    Like I shared, I do have photos, but the darn things are GLUED down. There's so no chance of me making a copy of them. However...I think you would be scarred for life if you DID see them...tee, hee!

    Ya, know...I've heard of certain schools that don't have prom. TRUST ME...they can be either a really good experience...or something very stressful!

    It's probably best that you experienced them through 90210...cause I'm SURE they were PICTURE PERFECT!

    Always GREAT seeing ya, Rhea!

    Thank you for your visit this evening!

  22. Good Evening Lady Sorrow Queen of Scotts~

    Tee, hee.... just gave me another good LAUGH!!!

    Hey, ya know...I NEVER thought of KILTS...but you're RIGHT!!!

    Ok...I retract my comment...

    Men CAN look HOT in a dress...

    (as per Sorrow)

    God love ya, woman!

  23. It is coming up to prom season here....I spent sunday afternoon buying 'the suit' for #3 son to wear for his prom next month.

    #1 son took his female best friend as his date

    #2 didn't take a date but had photos taken with #1 son's girlfriend's sister.....they made a handsome couple.

    #3 son isn't taking a date either.

    Proms are a fairly new thing over here. they didn't happen when I was at school in the 70s.

    In a way I am glad, I hate to think what I could have worn or if I could have got a date...I wasn't interested in the lads at my school.

  24. It is coming up to prom season here....I spent sunday afternoon buying 'the suit' for #3 son to wear for his prom next month.

    #1 son took his female best friend as his date

    #2 didn't take a date but had photos taken with #1 son's girlfriend's sister.....they made a handsome couple.

    #3 son isn't taking a date either.

    Proms are a fairly new thing over here. they didn't happen when I was at school in the 70s.

    In a way I am glad, I hate to think what I could have worn or if I could have got a date...I wasn't interested in the lads at my school.

  25. Good Evening Lady~

    So good seeing ya! Thanks for stopping by!

    WOW...I didn't realize that prom's were not always a "thing" in UK!?!, it's like getting ready for a WEDDING!!

    (with ALL the stress too!)

    I think if I had to do over...I would have just gone by myself and enjoyed being with everyone. It would seem more like one BIG party, ya know?

    So GOOD for #3 son! I'm sure he'll have a BLAST!

    Enjoy your evening, dear Lady.

  26. I didn't go to prom, but I SO wish you had photos of yours!!! Can you scan the pages with the pics glued to them?

  27. Hi Misty Dawn~ you can tell from MY prom didn't miss much from not ever going to yours!

    I mean, I guess some people have WONDERFUL experiences...unfortunately I didn't.


    Listen...maybe I will try and scan though photos IN the book...I never even though of doing that.

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    And thanks for stopping by to visit my Prom Nightmare!!!!