Post updates by email:

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be posting on Vent for the remainder of this week.

While on my vacation back in July, I was suddenly inspired to create another blog.

No worries….I won’t be ending Vent, but I really want to start sharing some other things that I don’t feel will blend well on this blog. I want to keep this blog personal, and use the other one for something different.

I spent all of last week custom-designing a whole new template theme, which I’m very excited about!

(My god…I was up till 3am some nights!)

I’m not exactly sure when this other blog will be ready, but I would like to spend the rest of this week focusing on writing some posts, so that people will have something to read when I unveil it. I may also be transferring a few posts from this blog to the other one.

I will most happily continue to respond to all comments left here throughout the week, but if you don’t see me around your blogs, please just know that I’m a busy-bee creating something.

Thank you so much for understanding my absence this week.

And I look forward to posting again next Monday!

Have a wonderful week everyone...


  1. OOooohhhh....a creative moment!!!!

    I tend to have my creative moments with sidewalk chalk and finger paints!

    Happy creating, sir!
    And thanks for letting us know--silence woulda concerned me.

  2. Hi Ron,
    What an exciting period for you ! It is fun and stimulating to start something new.
    I'm wishing you lots of courage and see you later .
    Say Hi to Philly for me & I'll give Paris your regards ;)

  3. Enjoy your week, Ron. Will you let us know about the new blog when it's ready?

  4. How tantalizing! not even a guess as to what the other one might be...
    such a tease!

  5. OOOH, I cannot WAIT for your new blog! You know I'll be there when it's ready.
    Hey, atleast the 3am nights are for something worthwhile and not just insomnia!

    TRY to stop by my page tomorrow or sometime soon if you can, as it's my one year blogaversary and I'm hosting a giveaway. Even if you don't care to play, I would just love some comment love! :)
    Happy creating! Looking forward to your new page. Mary

  6. Morning Mel~

    ooooh....ooooh...FINGER PAINTS and SIDEWALK CHALK!!!

    I have a feeling you and I would have been Picasso and Monet in kindergarden!!

    And you're so welcome, Mel!

    Silence in the blogworld does get concerning, doesn't it?

    Much thanks for stopping by today!

    And have a FABU week, Picasso!

    Tee, hee!

  7. New things are always fun and exciting! Are you going to share the new blog with us? Good luck with that!

  8. Morning Barbara~

    Thanks, my friend!

    Yes..."creative juice" IS fun and stimulating, I totally agree!

    It's so hard to believe that I'm finding blogging and web customizing so creative...considering I never thought I'd EVER get online at all!?!?

    This just goes to prove...Never say NEVER.

    Thank you for stopping by today and for your well wishes!

    Oui, oui!

  9. Absolutely Miss Nitebyrd...

    I certainly will!

    You ladies and gents will be the first to know!

    And thank you for understanding my week break here.

    Have a wonderful week, you wild woman you!

  10. Hey Lady Sorrow!

    I know...isn't it TANTALIZING???

    I'm such a BITCH TEASE!


    That's only because I really don't know where the hell I'm even going with this new project. I just know that I need to create it and see what happens.

    Thanks for stopping by today, Sorrow!

    And thanks for being such a great pal!

    Have a GRANDE' week!

  11. Afternoon Crystal Chick~

    Thank you!

    Hey, ya know...being the "vampire" that I am...I find that I'm much more creative when everyone else is asleep. My energy seems to flow so freely, and I get very inspired.

    ooooh....your ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!


    Yes, I will stop by sometime and check out your give-a-way! How EXCITING!!

    Thank you for dropping in today, M!

    And thanks for you HAPPY wishes!

    Have a MAAAVAULOUS week!

    P.S. Hey...and don't you freaking LOVE this 70 degree weather we're having?? feels like Fall!

  12. Howdy Rhea!


    All you folks will be more than welcome to stop by!!!


    Thanks for your well wishes, Rhea!

    Really appreciate that!

    And yes...creating something new IS fun!!!

    Always great seeing ya!

    Have a SWELL week!

  13. Oooh I'm intrigued! Will you be having an opening ceremony? I love a chance to dress up. :)

  14. Well, while you are becoming the busy little bee I will buzz by to see how things are going. Have a great day and good luck on your new vent---ure.

  15. Looking forward to the new blog!

  16. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    YES, dear lady...I will have an opening ceremony with a "ribbon cutting" and everything...HA!

    I do hope you'll come and wear that Armani black gown you've been saving!

    And...they'll be lots of RED WINE too!

    Great seeing ya, Akelamalu!

    Thanks for stopping by, today!

    Enjoy your week!

  17. OMG DAVE!!!

    You ALWAYS suprise me out of the blue!!!


    You know us Libra's....we need to express our creativity regularly, and suddenly last month I was inspired.

    Creating the design for this new blog has been so much damn fun. VERY tedious...but ENJOYABLE! And I learning so much "good stuff!"

    God...I think I have a GEEK living inside me somewhere!?!?

    Maybe it comes from one of my pastlives, when I lived in GREECE...and my spirit is confusing the name with GEEK!?

    Anyway, Mr. Dave...THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by today...this makes me SO HAPPY!

    Do hope you're enjoying your little break too!

    Have a wonderful week, Dave!

  18. Hi Trixie!

    Thank you!

    And I do hope you'll stop by and visit when I FINALLY get it completed.

    You're always welcome in ALL my blog homes!

    Thanks for stopping by today. Always nice seeing ya!

  19. What????? Well, Ron dear, what the hell I am supposed to do all week while I wait for your new blog reveal??
    I guess I could clean my house or something.

    I'm just kidding.....I can't wait to see your new blog!!!

  20. Evening Nicole~

    God love ya, woman!

    You're funny!

    I've been slowly creating this new blog over the last few weeks (with compulsive TWEAKING I might add) and I just thought I'd give myself a little break from posting here to actually put something ON the blog, so it's not empty. I have some ideas cooking, and I need some free time to write them. PLUS, I'm grabbing a few posts from this blog, to fill in.

    OY VEY!

    Starting a new blog (as I'm sure you know) is so time consumming, setting everything up and all. I have a list of things to do that I keep checking off.

    Anyway...this new blog should be something different and fun for me. I'll be SURE to let you know when I unveil it! I'm taking my time with it, so it's slowly coming around.

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Nicole!

    Please feel free to email me if you want to chat.

    And have a GREAT weekend!

    P.S. it cooler there? We're having such incredible temps. here in the Philly!

  21. Hey Mr busy bee, don't forget to give your wings some rest as you buzz from one thing to the next. I'd hate for you to have to take another week off because you worked your keyboard fingers to the bone!

    Looking forward to seeing the new digs.

  22. Howdy Jeff!


    *as wings fall off*

    tee, hee!

    No...that's the whole reason for giving myself off from posting here this week. I want to pace myself.

    And I'm also not very good at multi-tasking!?!!?

    (it's a "guy thing")

    Anyway, bud...thanks so much for dropping by today, and for understanding my little break.

    Have a great week, Jeff!

  23. It is wonderful to be creating something new!


  24. Cant wait for your new blog!

  25. Good evening Dianne!

    Great to see ya!

    Yea...I've been over at the new blog all evening putting together some posts, and tweaking the template.

    DAMN...this is FUN!

    Thanks for stopping by, Dianne.

    Wishing you a wonderful week.

    P.S. And isn't this cooler weather SPECTACULAR?

  26. Howdy Nica!

    It's ALWAYS so nice to get a comment from you!

    I'll be letting everyone know when I get this other blog completed, and I hope you'll stop by for a peek!

    Thanks for dropping by this evening!

    Enjoy your week!

  27. Hey Ron, i guess we share the same thought line. Me too am busy in a similar activity. Moving away from my regular blog to the blogsite design and content filling.

    I know the excitement for designing something new. I know the required effort. Hoping to see your new site up soon :)

  28. Evening Amit!

    Hey....that's great to hear! Congrats on starting a new blogsite.

    I've only just recently started teaching myself website customizing and I LOVE it! Which is SO weird, considering I had no interest in the Internet or blogging up till about 2 years ago. I was never much of a "techie" but am finding it to be very creative!

    Please keep me posted when your new site is ready...cause I'd really enjoy checking it out!

    Lots of "good energy" to ya, Amit!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  29. Oh that sounds wonderful. To creat another That mean you have lots to share babes. hehehe.
    Youwwill let us peruse through it too...yesa?

    have a fab week sweetie. xoxox

    Ciao babes.

  30. Evening Miss Jones!

    Yes my friend, most definately!

    You wonderful ladies and gents are more than welcome to stop by once it's ready...I would love that. I will most likely be writing there only once or twice a week. It will have more of a variety of topics and be geared towards informative (and fun).

    I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now, and when I had off in July, I just decided to give it a go!

    I wanted to customize the template from scratch, which has taken me the longest to do, but I think I've got where I want it now. So now it's time to FILL the posts.

    Thanks SOOOOO much for stopping by to say hello, dear Spiky!

    Always GRAND to see ya!

    And you too....have a FAB week!

    Ciao bella

  31. I'll bet I know what you're doing right now. Just came by to say hi and see if you snuck a post in here this week. Good for you that you've resisted and are staying focused on the task at hand.

  32. Hi Jeff!


    You FUNNY man, you!

    Yes, my friend...I'm staying focused at hand by completely CHANGING the FRIGGIN' color scheme of the DAMN template AGAIN!!!!

    Shit...I've change it three times already, but THIS TIME it's keeper...I SWEAR!!!

    Now I'm searching for some clip art to add to the sidebars.

    I've already written three new posts and have another few coming.

    Actually, it's been kind of nice to be quite for a week and not blog.

    However...I DO miss all you guys and gals, and look forward to getting back and chatting on Monday.

    Thanks SO MUCH for being such a great pal and stopping by to check up on me.

    I really appreciate that, bud!

    Stop by anytime.

    Hope you're having a great week!

  33. Evening Casdok!

    GREAT seeing ya, dear lady!

    When I get the new blog completed, I'll let everyone know on Vent, so if you want, you can stop by.

    Hope you and C are doing FABULOUS, and are enjoying the rest of the summmer!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  34. That sounds wonderfully tantalizing! Don't you love it when a new passion keeps you up nights?

  35. Hi NAB!

    Welcome to Vent!

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    Nice meeting you!

    YES....I agree, creative energy always seems to strike me late at night. I'm such a VAMPIRE! Everything is quite, yet internally I feel the most energized!

    Isn't it wonderful?

    Stop by're always welcome here!

    Hope you enjoyed you weekend!